TDE System Settings – easy to use control center
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  1. Save to real config files.
  2. Module Help link
  3. Module Default/Reset link
  4. Use tabs
  5. View Menu should list of all modules
  6. Remove "module" string
  7. Fix connection
  8. config icon sizes
  9. command line option to open in new window
  10. Modules
  11. -lilo _has_ to be spead up
  12. -Date & Time icon should have a Clock
  13. -Samba needs a new icon
  14. -Remote needs a new icon
  15. Search
  16. -Make search smaller and on the right
  17. -Grep docs?
  18. -Tie into tdeconfigXT somehow?
  19. -Look at Spotlight
  20. -Task oriented?