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  1. Index of software in kdeplayground-base
  2. =======================================
  3. Please add software to this index. Each entry should include the
  4. following entries:
  5. * Name:, which is the directory name
  6. * Synopsis:, which is a short description of what it does
  7. * Notes:, for key usage / applicability information (optional)
  8. * See also:, for cross references to other KDE apps/modules (optional)
  9. * URL:, for web links to required software or a home page (optional)
  10. Entries should be entirely objective.
  11. Name: datasources
  12. Synopsis: ODBC configuration tool.
  13. Notes: Requires unixODBC libraries
  14. Name: sessionapplet
  15. Synopsis: A kicker applet for management of X sessions.
  16. Name: raptor
  17. Synopsis: Raptor is a Application Utility Menu for KDE4