• Stable r14.0.12 39f929a6da


    SlavekB released this 11 months ago | 840 commits to r14.0.x since this release

    Highlights some of the most important fixes introduced by this maintenance release.

    • New applications

      • Polkit-agent-tde – a D-Bus service that provides a TDE based polkit authentication agent
      • Polkit-tqt – a library that lets developers use the PolicyKit API through a nice TQt-styled interface
      • tdemarkdown part – an embeddable lightweight markdown document viewer
    • Enhancements

      • Some improvements on Konsole terminal emulation
      • Quanta: improved support for complex characters/dead keys in VPL editor
      • KSSL: added Let's Encrypt certificates support
      • Kxkb: systray label can now have a transparent background
      • Konsole: added real transparency checkbox option
      • Quanta: added support for HTML 5
      • Sip4-tqt: initial support for python 3
      • Tdebase: added dispwin (Argyll) support to set the ICC profile
      • Translation updates (thanks to all translators)
      • Several packages have been migrated to CMake build system
      • Dropped automake build system for various packages
      • Continued overall look polishing
    • Bug fixes

      • Fixed timeout on dbus' service startup response on first call
      • Fixed hanging of system on shutdown caused by conflicts between tdm and plymouth
      • Added support for Poppler >= 21.11
      • TCC: make sure correct encoding is used for editing bashrc (affects gtk-qt-engine)
      • Fixed issue with ICEAuthority ownership stealing when programs were run using tdesu in a user session
      • KMail: redirecting messages now uses the default account
      • Amarok: fixed default scoring script error caused by using a feature deprecated in latest Ruby version
      • Kaffeine: fixed detection of libdvdcss
      • Kexi: added support for postgresql 12 and later
    • Distro support

      • Gentoo: several improvements and addition to supported ebuilds
      • Debian: dropped Jessie
      • Ubuntu: dropped Trusty (14.04), added Jammy (22.04).
    • Additional info for developers/packagers

      • Minimum required version of CMake raised to 3.1
      • c++11 features are now allowed in the code base
      • cmake-trinity: added TQT_CMAKE_DIR variable, for installing and importing exported CMake targets for TQt dependent libraries
      • cmake-trinity: added ability to specify necessary CXX features

    The full version of the release notes is available at wiki.

    The full list of changes is available at these locations (please note that the two lists complement each others, they are not duplicates):