• Stable r14.0.6 4c088dc4ad


    SlavekB released this 4 years ago | 9800 commits to r14.0.x since this release

    Highlights some of the most important fixes introduced by this maintenance release.

    • Bug fixes
      • Reboot and shutdown now works with other DM (other than TDM) as long as logind is present
      • Passwords with special characters are now accepted
      • Fixed bugs with pdf handling and displaying
      • Improved TDM log file handling
      • Fixed GUI related glitches and missing icons in various places
      • Fixed annoying double notification when inserting some special removable media
      • Fixed few KOrganizer crashes
      • Fixed Kdesktop unresponsive behaviour when multiple users log into the same machine at the same time
      • Fixed support for array of object path key maps in dbus-1-tqt
      • Fixed SSL initialization for OpenSSL >= 1.1
    • Enhancements
      • Added support for safe conversion from TQString to char*
      • Added support for global LDFLAGS set at the system level
      • Several packages have been migrated to CMake build system
      • Improved GCC visibility detection in CMake builds
      • Created a CMake framework for updating translation templates
      • Added support for Weblate web based translation (yet to be officially announced)
      • Improved TDE related CMake capabilities
      • Improved support for large files detection
      • Better detection of dynamic loaded libraries location
    • Security
      • Fix security issue CVE-2018-19870
      • Fix security issue CVE-2018-19873
      • Fix security issue CVE-2018-7225
      • Fix security issue CVE-2018-20021
      • Fix security issue CVE-2018-20022

    The full version of the release notes is available on wiki.

    The complete list of bugs fixed in this release is available at these locations:

    A detailed commit change log is also available on wiki.