• Stable r14.0.7 65df61399e


    SlavekB released this 3 years ago | 8118 commits to r14.0.x since this release

    Highlights some of the most important fixes introduced by this maintenance release.

    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed some SAK related bugs
      • Fixed TLS support in recent distros
      • Clean up links to non functional old websites
      • Fixed several FTBFS caused by newer library versions
      • Fixed annoying crashes in TDevelop
    • Enhancements
      • Several packages have been migrated to CMake build system
      • General polishing of TDE look and brand
      • Several translation updates
      • Better support for XDG standard
      • Improved detection of ruby version
      • Added support for a new location of the ICEauthority file
      • Added support for recent versions of libpqxx
      • Added support for MySQL 8.x
      • Added initial support for DilOS builds
      • Added initial support for build with musl libc
      • Added support for build with LibreSSL
      • Restored both AIM and MSN protocols in kopete
      • Revived NetBSD support for various packages
    • Security
      • CVE-2019-14744: Prevent arbitrary code execution from .desktop files
      • CVE-2018-19872: Fix crash in tqimage for certain malformed ppm image files

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