2287 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  TDE Gitea 0b26624646 Reset submodule main/tdebase/cmake to latest HEAD 13 hours ago
  Slávek Banko 5fb2d99322
Switch all submodules to https. 14 hours ago
  Chris b783ac1db5 Fix wrong KSysGuard description. 4 days ago
  François Andriot db1e25b1fe
Prefer TIRPC detection over search for rpc/rpc.h header. 4 days ago
  Chris 354cfa3a08 Improve filepreviews settings icon. 1 week ago
  Chris 515f9a0cbb Improve NSPlugins settings icon and German translation. 1 week ago
  Slávek Banko ed93cf0e08
ksmserver: Use the IceAuthFileName() function 1 week ago
  Chris 49084ebc64 Fix KSysGuard name in about dialog. 1 week ago
  Chris 6e60a7451c Fix Kicker name in about dialog. 4 weeks ago
  Chris fd28e91a8c Improve KCMPerformance name. 1 month ago
  Chris d608ffa7d1 Fix German translation. 1 month ago
  Chris 6e363d1737 Improve edit as root servicemenu entry. 1 month ago
  Chris 9ed5c38859 Fix KSysGuard desktop file. 1 month ago
  Chris 5eae51da89 Improve German KCM translation. 1 month ago
  Chris adad93babb Improve tree view meaning in KSysGuard. 1 month ago
  Chris a5c5c20c56 Streamline Privacy module with the rest. 1 month ago
  Chris f1047361d3 Quick fix for the BG translation entry. 1 month ago
  Emanoil Kotsev 06acf10c0b Bulgarian translations for hwmanager.desktop 1 month ago
  Michele Calgaro 664189c3b1 Added Italian translations for device manager (this relates to the previous commit). 1 month ago
  Chris a8528d0066 Streamline device manager naming scheme. 2 months ago
  Chris c06244f4f1 Streamline Color Profile module with the rest. 1 month ago
  Chris 3ada37e849 Streamline Kicker components with the rest. 1 month ago
  Chris c03c2112f3 Add go to autostart icon in Konqueror. 1 month ago
  Chris 944b0f3c11 Fix German translation of lanbrowser. 1 month ago
  Chris e76437d235 Fix wrong translations for TDM config module. 1 month ago
  Chris 3609c61eb7 Streamline KFM components with the rest. 1 month ago
  Chris da2733151c Quick fix for missing KMenuedit icon. 1 month ago
  Chris 80ab4d2e40 Fix German translation of previous commit. 1 month ago
  Chris 45f848f6d2 Streamline device monitor naming scheme. 2 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 752183c265 Added IT translation for 'mycomputer'. This relates to previous commit. 1 month ago
  Chris 1e9234674c Fix wrong computer icon translations. 2 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 9eeca1f182 Added Italian translations for TCC kcmfun module (this relates to the previous commit). 1 month ago
  Chris 38c5bf6816 Fix TCC modules in German and other languages. 2 months ago
  Chris 0a32a51059 Fix and streamline German and other translations in TCC. 2 months ago
  Slávek Banko 0543cfa020
Delete files that appear to have never been used 2 months ago
  Slávek Banko 4c973218eb
Fix installation of files from previous commit. 2 months ago
  Chris b1beb320c9 Fix device information submenu in TCC. 2 months ago
  Chris 866114688f Fix TDEPrint and rename it to printers, to be consistent. 2 months ago
  Slávek Banko f785a06a61
Fix wrong language code for Czech translations related to the Trash. 2 months ago
  Chris 5f3f0c0651 Fix and translate German device icon names. 2 months ago
  Slávek Banko 1862630022
Fix CMakeL10n rules for ksysguard. 2 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 55c6f8d5f2
Renamed mimetype fonts/package to application/vnd.tde.fontspackage. This 2 months ago
  Michele Calgaro ca0e89b385
Removed .lsm files. lsm database is outdated and unmaintained. 3 months ago
  Slávek Banko b9d818d1be
Rename translation catalog for tdehwdevicetray. 3 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 969a048cd6
Fixed tdehwdevicetray autostart enable/disable functionality. This 3 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 47234bdbd2
Kate docbook: updated section related to General options. 3 months ago
  Michele Calgaro 9599fe5451
Kate: added checkbox to select whether to display the session name on the 3 months ago
  OBATA Akio 027c45db6f Change to use arc4random_buf(3) if available 3 months ago
  OBATA Akio 60e5e37455 Fix test(1) portability 3 months ago
  OBATA Akio 2a88ec3c02 Revive NetBSD support 8 months ago