27 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Timothy Pearson 391a4b2abe Fix tsak not destroying old virtual keyboards 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson f449d57ba7 Fix a few tsak glitches on hotplug 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 8d2f9ae315 Do not load virtual keyboards in tsak 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 86cc65ce51 Fix tsak corrupting input events 8 years ago
  Slávek Banko 5914fa0499 Fix unintended rename of LOCKFILE 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 23cc597c60 Rename a few build variables for overall consistency 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 3b20716d47 Fix tsak failure on repeated keyboard hotplug/remove 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 167c4cbea6 Fix tsak not working on new libudev versions 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 3770ba8520 Fix last commit 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 20d9ede028 Fix tsak crash or hang on certain hardware 8 years ago
  Slávek Banko 1b0225276c Fix tsak FTBFS 9 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 22d0a673d7 Check for tsak presence on lock engage 9 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 6cfb160836 Fix tsak housekeeping 9 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 632eda3b6c Cleanup tsak FIFOs if unable to initialize and enter running state 9 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 3f90a9b871 Fix tsak not working with PS/2 keyboards 9 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 696fe6318f Fix tdm logfile growing rapidly under certain conditions 9 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 0a661f6bb6 Rename ksocket and kcache 9 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 0a2a54a022 Add udev detection to CMake 9 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 8468d9bd5c Replicate LED status from virtual keyboards to physical keyboards 9 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 5f413b26eb Add keyboard hotplug (add/remove) support to tsak 9 years ago
  tpearson 5724164fa1 Make tsak error messages clearer 10 years ago
  tpearson ed70a0cfa0 Copy tsak in from latest git 10 years ago
  tpearson e723b237f1 Make the SAK only work on the current VT 10 years ago
  tpearson 7b1017d001 Stabilize the SAK system 10 years ago
  tpearson d9167be486 Fix tsak problems introduced in prior commit 10 years ago
  tpearson 94ee9219dd Backport of TDE GIT commit 10 years ago
  tpearson 810b411783 Add tsak 10 years ago