TDE base libraries and programs
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This theme manager should handle installing, removing
and creating global visual KDE themes. It's written
from scratch, totally unrelated to the old kthememgr
which was not maintained and obsolete.

*** WARNING ***
The XML file format is still subject to change!
*** WARNING ***

(c) 2003, 2004 Lukas Tinkl <>

A KDE theme consists of:
- wallpapers or bg colors
- icons
- sounds
- color scheme
- cursor theme
- window decorations
- screensaver
- name of the widget theme
- themed apps (mainly Konqueror and Kicker)

Sample XML theme config file:
<ktheme version="1">
<author value="Me" />
<email value="" />
<homepage value="" />
<version value="0.1" />
<comment value="this is a nice theme, bla bla" />
<desktop number="0" common="true|false">
<mode id="Flat|Pattern|*Gradient" />
<color1 rgb="#123456" />
<color2 rgb="#123456" />
<blending mode="" balance="" reverse="true|false" />
<pattern name="fish" />
<wallpaper url="theme:/wallpapers/desktop/image.jpg"
mode="Centred|Tiled|CenterTiled|CentredMaxpect|TiledMaxpect|Scaled|CentredAutoFit" />
<icons name="crystalsvg" />
<event object="global|twin" name="eventname" url="theme:/sounds/file.wav" />
<colors contrast="7">
<alternateBackground rgb="#123456" object="global|twin"/>
<cursors name="theme_name" />
<wm type="builtin|custom" name="twin_lib_name">
<buttons left="M" right="HIAX" />
<border size="number" />
<wallpaper url="" />
<bgcolor rgb="#123456" />
<background url="theme:/wallpapers/panel.png" colorize="true|false" />
<!-- or -->
<transparent value="true|false" />
<widgets name="Style Name" />
<screensaver name="saver.desktop" />

Theme storage:
- a gzipped tarball, directory tree based (e.g. theme.kth)

Sample dir tree:
-- mytheme.kth
- mytheme.xml
- mytheme.preview.png
- sounds/
- wallpapers/
- konqueror/
- desktop/
- panel/

The notion of "url" here:
- local: points to an already installed file in the system
(must be a sole filename, e.g. "background.png"); this differs
according to the theme part (ie. can be different for sounds
and/or wallpapers)
- theme: relative to the root of the theme tarball or directory
(e.g. theme:/wallpapers/desktop/image.png)
- other URLs are not allowed, the file must be contained
either in the theme or in the target system