TDE base libraries and programs
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Michele Calgaro 3822225bbb
QT_NO_* -> TQT_NO_* renaming.
11 months ago
CMakeLists.txt Remove a couple of cmake FIXMEs 6 years ago QT_NO_* -> TQT_NO_* renaming. 11 months ago Copy the KDE 3.5 branch to branches/trinity for new KDE 3.5 features. 9 years ago
konqy_preload.desktop Update XDG information in support of bug report 892. 7 years ago
konqy_preloader.desktop Fix ServiceTypes, ExcludeServiceTypes, and DocPath desktop file entries to match XDG specifications 5 years ago Rename common header files for consistency with class renaming 6 years ago
preloader.h Trinity Qt initial conversion 9 years ago