TDE base libraries and programs
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  1. - make small programms to print the files and other data better
  2. - printing text
  3. - you can enable for example syntaxhighlighting
  4. - printing pictures (I think that can go than to the tdegraphics package)
  5. - set the position of the picture on the site and something like that
  6. - printing html (homepges)
  7. - print the html code like for the textprinting
  8. - print the html file like it was parsed with tdehtml
  9. - printing TeX documents with a action on the TeX source
  10. - I don't know at the moment options for that
  11. - ...
  12. and something like that ;)
  13. If we have small programms for that printing things we have no longer the question
  14. from kprinter to convert the text/picture or not.
  15. If somebody ont to add some other things to this TODO list we can make step by step
  16. a compleate list of parser for printing. ;)