TDE base libraries and programs
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What is KSysGuard?

KSysGuard, formerly known as KTop is a program to monitor various elements
of your system, or any other remote system with the KSysGuard daemon
(ksysgardd) installed. Currently the daemon has been ported to FreeBSD
and Linux with varying degrees of completion.

Notes from the author

KSysGuard, formerly known as KTop is work in progress! Although I only try
to check in reasonably stable versions, I cannot guarantee this. I
typically develop on SuSE Linux 6.x with 2.2 kernel. If your system is
different, this program might not even compile.

If you want to join this development please contact me first. Please
do *NOT* check in unsolicited code as I might am rearranging the code
and merging becomes a real headache so your code will be lost.

This does not mean that I don't appreciate your help. Especially
porting to other platforms is difficult for me. Each platform has it's
specific back-end. See the ksysguardd directory for details.

5-Jan-2000 Chris Schlaeger <>