TDE base libraries and programs
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  1. Q: On my SuSE system, KDE su does not compile. I get an error that some Qt
  2. header files cannot be found.
  3. A: Install the package qtcompat.
  4. Q: Is KDE su safe?
  5. A: No program is 100% safe. However, KDE su is not setuid root and it
  6. handles the password you enter with great care so it should be safe
  7. enough.
  8. Q: How safe is password keeping?
  9. A: Enabling password keeping is less secure that disabling it. However, the
  10. scheme tdesu uses to keep passwords prevents everyone (including you, the
  11. user) from accessing them. Please see the HTML documentation for a full
  12. description of this scheme.
  13. Q: Can I execute tty applications with tdesu?
  14. A: No. TTY application will probably never be supported. Use the Unix su for
  15. those.
  16. NOTE: As of version 0.94, tty _output_ _only_ is supported with the `-t'
  17. switch. This disables password keeping, though.
  18. Q: What systems does KDE su support?
  19. A: Tested are:
  20. * Linux 2.x (Redhat 6.x, Mandrake "Cooker", Debian potato, SuSE 6.1)
  21. * Solaris 7 (intel)
  22. * FreeBSD 3.2 (intel, w/ egcs 1.1.2)
  23. It will probably work on more systems but I cannot test that.
  24. Q: Why doesn't it support every system that is out there.
  25. A: KDE su needs to setup a pty/tty pair for communicating with `su'. This is
  26. because some `su' implementations refuse to read a password from stdin if
  27. that is not a tty. Setting up a pty/tty pair is not completely portable.
  28. Q: A good debug tip?
  29. A: If tdesu doesn't fire up your application, use the '-t' switch.
  30. This way, you'll get terminal output. Maybe there is something wrong with
  31. the program you're trying to run.
  32. Q: I always get the warning: "Terminal output not available on non-terminal".
  33. A: Maybe you're not logged on from a terminal but probably you're using
  34. UNIX98 pty's without glibc 2.1 (Linux). The glibc 2.0 ttyname() function
  35. incorrectly reports that UNIX98 slave pty's are no tty's.
  36. Q: Why not use DCOP for the communications with the daemon?
  37. A: KDE su needs one instance of the daemon per host, instead of per desktop
  38. session.