TDE base libraries and programs
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TDESU: A KDE front end for `su'.

What is it?

KDE su is a graphical front end to the Unix `su' utility. It allows you
to run programs as another user by entering their password.
It is _not_ a setuid root program, it runs completely unprivileged.
The system's program `su' is used for acquiring privileges.


$ tdesu -h
$ tdesu -c konsole

Please see the HTML documentation!

Notes and Acknowledgements:

Credits go to Pietro Iglio. He was the original author of KDE su
(until version 0.3). I was writing a similar program when I
found out that KDE su already existed. We decided to merge our
projects and that I would continue with it.

If you find any bug of have a suggestion, feel free to contact me
at <>.


KDE su comes under the "Artistic License". See the file LICENSE.readme
for the exact terms.

Alan Eldridge 2002/10/12 <>