TDE base libraries and programs
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/* vi: ts=8 sts=4 sw=4
* kate: space-indent on; indent-width 4; indent-mode cstyle;
* This file is part of the KDE project, module kdesktop.
* Copyright (C) 1999 Geert Jansen <>
* You can Freely distribute this program under the GNU Library General
* Public License. See the file "COPYING.LIB" for the exact licensing terms.
#ifndef __BGSETTINGS_H__
#define __BGSETTINGS_H__
#include <tqstringlist.h>
#include <tqcolor.h>
#include <tqvaluevector.h>
template <class TQString, class T> class TQMap;
class TDEStandardDirs;
class KSimpleConfig;
class TDEConfig;
class TQString;
class TQImage;
* A class to manipulate/read/write/list KDE desktop patterns.
* A pattern is a raster image. An entry for earch pattern is
* stored as a .desktop file in $(datadir)/kdesktop/patterns.
class KBackgroundPattern
KBackgroundPattern(TQString name=TQString::null);
void copyConfig(const KBackgroundPattern*);
TQString name() const { return m_Name; }
void load(TQString name);
void setComment(const TQString &comment);
TQString comment() const {return m_Comment; }
void setPattern(TQString file);
TQString pattern() const { return m_Pattern; }
void readSettings();
void writeSettings();
bool isAvailable();
bool isGlobal()const { return m_bReadOnly; }
bool remove();
int hash();
static TQStringList list();
void init(bool force_rw=false);
TQString fingerprint();
bool dirty, hashdirty;
bool m_bReadOnly;
int m_Hash;
TQString m_Name, m_Comment;
TQString m_Pattern, m_File;
TDEStandardDirs *m_pDirs;
KSimpleConfig *m_pConfig;
* A class to manipulate/read/write/list KDE desktop programs (a la xearth).
* A program is described by a string like:
* a_program -xres %x -yres %y -outfile %f
* Possible escape sequences:
* %x Horizontal resolution in pixels.
* %y Vertical resulution in pixels.
* %f Filename to dump to.
* An entry for each program is stored as a .desktop file in
* $(datadir)/kdesktop/programs.
class KBackgroundProgram
KBackgroundProgram(TQString name=TQString::null);
void copyConfig(const KBackgroundProgram*);
TQString name()const { return m_Name; }
void load(const TQString & name);
void setComment(const TQString &comment);
TQString comment()const { return m_Comment; }
void setCommand(const TQString &command);
TQString command()const { return m_Command; }
void setPreviewCommand(const TQString &command);
TQString previewCommand()const { return m_PreviewCommand; }
void setRefresh(int refresh);
int refresh()const { return m_Refresh; }
void setExecutable(const TQString &executable);
TQString executable()const { return m_Executable; }
void readSettings();
void writeSettings();
void update();
bool needUpdate();
int hash();
bool isAvailable();
bool isGlobal()const { return m_bReadOnly; }
bool remove();
static TQStringList list();
void init(bool force_rw=false);
TQString fingerprint();
bool dirty, hashdirty;
bool m_bReadOnly;
int m_Refresh, m_Hash, m_LastChange;
TQString m_Name, m_Command;
TQString m_PreviewCommand, m_Comment;
TQString m_Executable, m_File;
TDEStandardDirs *m_pDirs;
KSimpleConfig *m_pConfig;
* KBackgroundSettings: A class to read/write/manipulate
* KDE desktop settings.
class KBackgroundSettings
: public KBackgroundPattern,
public KBackgroundProgram
* @param drawBackgroundPerScreen if false, then all screens (in xinerama
* mode) will be treated as one big display, and the "screen" paramater
* will be ignored.
KBackgroundSettings(int desk, int screen, bool drawBackgroundPerScreen, TDEConfig *config);
void copyConfig(const KBackgroundSettings*);
bool drawBackgroundPerScreen() const { return m_bDrawBackgroundPerScreen; }
void setDrawBackgroundPerScreen(bool draw);
int desk() const { return m_Desk; }
int screen() const { return m_Screen; }
// void load(int desk, int screen, bool drawBackgroundPerScreen, bool reparseConfig=true);
void load(int desk, int screen, bool drawBackgroundPerScreen, bool reparseConfig);
void setColorA(const TQColor &color);
TQColor colorA() const { return m_ColorA; }
void setColorB(const TQColor &color);
TQColor colorB() const { return m_ColorB; }
void setProgram(TQString program);
void setPatternName(TQString pattern);
enum BackgroundMode {
Flat, Pattern, Program,
HorizontalGradient, VerticalGradient, PyramidGradient,
PipeCrossGradient, EllipticGradient, lastBackgroundMode
void setBackgroundMode(int mode);
int backgroundMode() const { return m_BackgroundMode; }
enum BlendMode {
NoBlending, FlatBlending,
HorizontalBlending, VerticalBlending, PyramidBlending,
PipeCrossBlending, EllipticBlending,
IntensityBlending, SaturateBlending, ContrastBlending,
HueShiftBlending, lastBlendMode
void setBlendMode(int mode);
int blendMode() const { return m_BlendMode; }
void setReverseBlending(bool value);
bool reverseBlending() const { return m_ReverseBlending; }
void setCrossFadeBg(bool value);
bool crossFadeBg() const { return m_CrossFadeBg; }
void setBlendBalance(int value);
int blendBalance() const { return m_BlendBalance; }
void setWallpaper(TQString name);
TQString wallpaper() const { return m_Wallpaper; }
enum WallpaperMode {
NoWallpaper, Centred, Tiled, CenterTiled, CentredMaxpect, TiledMaxpect,
Scaled, CentredAutoFit, ScaleAndCrop, lastWallpaperMode
void setWallpaperMode(int mode);
int wallpaperMode() const { return m_WallpaperMode; }
void setWallpaperList(TQStringList);
TQStringList wallpaperList() const;
TQStringList wallpaperFiles() const;
void setWallpaperChangeInterval(int);
int wallpaperChangeInterval() const { return m_Interval; }
enum MultiMode {
NoMulti, InOrder, Random, NoMultiRandom
void setMultiWallpaperMode(int mode);
int multiWallpaperMode() const { return m_MultiMode; }
enum MinOptDepth {
AlwaysOpt, Opt16bpp, Opt15bpp, NeverOpt };
void setMinOptimizationDepth( int mode );
int minOptimizationDepth() const { return m_MinOptimizationDepth; }
bool optimize() const;
void setUseShm( bool use );
bool useShm() const { return m_bShm; }
void changeWallpaper(bool init=false);
void updateWallpaperFiles();
void randomizeWallpaperFiles();
TQString currentWallpaper() const;
* @return true if the currentWallpaper has changed
bool discardCurrentWallpaper();
int lastWallpaperChange() const { return m_LastChange; }
bool needWallpaperChange();
void readSettings(bool reparse=false);
void writeSettings();
TQString configGroupName() const;
int hash();
TQString fingerprint();
void setEnabled( const bool enable );
bool enabled() const { return m_bEnabled; }
void updateHash();
bool dirty;
bool hashdirty;
int m_Screen, m_Desk, m_Hash;
TQColor m_ColorA, defColorA;
TQColor m_ColorB, defColorB;
TQString m_Wallpaper;
TQStringList m_WallpaperList, m_WallpaperFiles;
int m_BackgroundMode, defBackgroundMode;
int m_WallpaperMode, defWallpaperMode;
int m_BlendMode, defBlendMode;
int m_BlendBalance, defBlendBalance;
bool m_ReverseBlending, defReverseBlending;
bool m_CrossFadeBg, defCrossFadeBg;
int m_MinOptimizationDepth;
bool m_bShm;
bool m_bDrawBackgroundPerScreen;
int m_MultiMode, defMultiMode;
int m_Interval, m_LastChange;
int m_CurrentWallpaper;
TQString m_CurrentWallpaperName;
TDEConfig *m_pConfig;
TDEStandardDirs *m_pDirs;
bool m_bDeleteConfig;
bool m_bEnabled;
TQMap<TQString,int> m_BMMap;
TQMap<TQString,int> m_WMMap;
TQMap<TQString,int> m_MMMap;
TQMap<TQString,int> m_BlMMap;
char *m_BMRevMap[16];
char *m_WMRevMap[16];
char *m_MMRevMap[16];
char *m_BlMRevMap[16];
* A class to read/modify the global desktop background settings.
class TDEGlobalBackgroundSettings
TDEGlobalBackgroundSettings(TDEConfig *config);
TQString deskName(int desk);
//void setDeskName(int desk, TQString name);
int cacheSize() { return m_CacheSize; }
void setCacheSize(int size);
bool drawBackgroundPerScreen(int desk) const;
void setDrawBackgroundPerScreen(int desk, bool perScreen);
bool limitCache() { return m_bLimitCache; }
void setLimitCache(bool limit);
bool commonScreenBackground() { return m_bCommonScreen; }
void setCommonScreenBackground(bool common);
bool commonDeskBackground() { return m_bCommonDesk; }
void setCommonDeskBackground(bool common);
bool dockPanel() { return m_bDock; }
void setDockPanel(bool dock);
bool exportBackground() {return m_bExport; }
void setExportBackground(bool _export);
void setTextColor(TQColor _color);
TQColor textColor() const { return m_TextColor; }
void setTextBackgroundColor(TQColor _color);
TQColor textBackgroundColor() const { return m_TextBackgroundColor; }
void setShadowEnabled(bool enabled);
bool shadowEnabled() const { return m_shadowEnabled; }
void setTextLines(int lines);
int textLines() const { return m_textLines; }
void setTextWidth(int width);
int textWidth() const { return m_textWidth; }
void readSettings();
void writeSettings();
TDEConfig* getConfig() { return m_pConfig; }
bool dirty;
bool m_bCommonDesk;
bool m_bCommonScreen;
bool m_bDock;
bool m_bLimitCache, m_bExport;
int m_CacheSize;
TQStringList m_Names;
TQColor m_TextColor;
TQColor m_TextBackgroundColor;
bool m_shadowEnabled;
int m_textLines;
int m_textWidth;
TDEConfig *m_pConfig;
bool m_bDeleteConfig;
TQValueVector<bool> m_bDrawBackgroundPerScreen; // m_bDrawBackgroundPerScreen[desk]
#endif // __BGSETTINGS_H__