TDE programming language bindings
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#!/usr/bin/env python
# This is an example of a DCOP serving application written in Python, using
# the dcoppython KDE bindings.
# something goes wrong if you don't import pcop first.
# Have to do this till I find out why...
import pcop
import pydcop
class ParrotObject(pydcop.DCOPServerObject):
"""DCOP server object"""
def __init__(self, id='parrot'):
pydcop.DCOPServerObject.__init__(self, id)
# DCOP needs types, so we need to initialise the object with the methods that
# it's going to provide.
self.setMethods( [
('int age()', self.get_age),
('void setAge(int)', self.set_age),
('TQString squawk(TQString)', self.squawk),
# set up object variables
self.parrot_age = 7
def get_age(self):
return self.parrot_age
def set_age(self,age):
self.parrot_age = age
def squawk(self, what_to_squawk):
return "This parrot, %i months old, squawks: %s" % (self.parrot_age, what_to_squawk)
appid = pydcop.registerAs('petshop')
print "Server: %s starting" % appid
parrot = ParrotObject()
another_parrot = ParrotObject('polly')
# Enter event loop
while 1: