TDE programming language bindings
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- Split up and group java classes into sub packages such as 'org.trinitydesktop.koala.tdeparts',
and 'org.trinitydesktop.koala.tdecore'.
- Split up shared libs into smaller sub-libraries for faster loading, or write
a 'tdejavainit' process in the style of tdeinit (could be a child of tdeinit?).
It would need to load all the shared libs, have a JVM ready to roll straight
into the main() method of the main class, and then fork() on demand...
- Integrate java apps with the TDE menu system, so they can be invoked just like C++ ones.
- Find any missing, but important callbacks (similar to TDEMainWindow::queryClose()).
Add the callbacks to the relevant C++ 'JBridge..' classes, so java sub-classes
can override them.
- Port the code to a nifty PDA running embedded Qt/Linux. Remove any X11 specific methods.