TDE programming language bindings
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You will find here the XPart technology, as implemented by Simon Haussman,
Mathias Ettrich and Lars Knoll. Basically, XPart allows out of process
embedding. For more information, see:

Currently XPart is more a proof of concept than a stabilized and maintained
technology. The only application using it is kmozilla, which makes the
Gecko html/browser (the one of mozilla) available as a kpart.

The technology is not used enough to guarantee that the current state is the
best, so it might develop it further. Understand by that, that
_binary compatibility might not be kept between releases_ .

But don't be afraid by that. XPart is a very promising technology and the api
looks good for the moment. We do not plan any change.

If you are developing something with XPart, please make yourself known to the
kde development mailing lists, so that we can help you and get feedback. I'm
working on a xpart notepad to show how to develop a xpart editor component.
This editor will be committed after the 2.1 release though. I am also working
on making vim available as a xpart/kpart component.

Philippe Fremy <>