TDE programming language bindings
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2004-12-11 Saturday 09:01 geiseri
Added two examples to the Doxygen documentation.
2004-12-11 Saturday 07:27 geiseri
Updated Doxyfile.
2004-12-11 Saturday 07:22 geiseri
Added method throwError(...).
This method will take an error message and a type and throw a
complete exception with an error object. This object has the
following properties that can be accessed:
line - the line number the exception happened at.
sourceid - the source fragment the exception happened in.
message - the actual error message.
name - the error type.
This object can be accessed in both javascript and C++, and
will be returned as the completion object when there is an
exception in an executed script.
Moved all errors in the code to throwError()
2004-12-11 Saturday 07:15 geiseri
Use extractTQObject here because it is safer.
2004-12-11 Saturday 07:15 geiseri
Added home directory path, current path, and application directory path.
2004-12-11 Saturday 07:12 geiseri
Added more verbose documentation on how to use the part interface.
2004-12-11 Saturday 07:11 geiseri
documentation cleanup
2004-12-11 Saturday 02:25 geiseri
Actually return the line number that the error happened.
2004-12-10 Friday 13:12 geiseri
Things that are created via the widgetFactory should be owned in
javascript. So when the parent is destroyed so will the children.
2004-12-10 Friday 13:10 geiseri
Make sure the TDEActionCollection is native, it seems that
it has no parent so the GC will happily collect it.
2004-12-10 Friday 13:09 geiseri
Added registration of more proxies.
2004-12-10 Friday 13:07 geiseri
Small code cleanup.
2004-12-10 Friday 13:03 geiseri
remove some debug information
2004-12-10 Friday 13:01 geiseri
Added some debugging info for object ownership.
Moved the typeName to a pure virtual here. We already
broke BC here, and this method is in every child class.
2004-12-10 Friday 12:59 geiseri
Implemented better TQVariant to JSObject mappings. The big change here
that Javascript arrays and Javascript objects can be mapped to TQVariants
in C++. Conversions break down as follows:
TQStringList -> Array of javascript strings.
TQValueList<TQVariant> -> Array of Javascript values.
TQStringVariantMap -> Object/Array that has each TQString key as
a property, and the TQVariant is mapped to a Javascript value.
From Javascript the conversions are a little different.
All arrays that have a numeric index will be converted to
TQValueList<TQVariant> TQVariants. These can be mapped to both
TQStringList and to normal TQValueList. An example would be like this:
KJS::Value someArrayValue;
TQStringList strLst = convertToVariant(exec, someArrayValue).toStringList();
TQValueList<TQVariant> varLst
= convertToVariant( exec, someArrayValue).toList();
Now if the Javascript value is a Javascript object or a map then
the conversion will go to a TQStringVariantMap. An example of
this would be like:
KJS::Value someJSObject;
TQStringVariantMap map = convertToVariant(exec,someJSObject)
TQString someVal = map["someProp"].toString();
This is done via some testing of the array and you can trip
it up in some cases:
1) If the object is empty, or null will return an empty TQMap
2) If the object is an array that has the last element null
then a TQMap will be returned.
The first case is not much of an issue because an empty variant
is the same for all types, but the second case can cause
unexpected results.
In cases of sparse arrays the empty values will be filled in
with empty TQVariants in the TQValueList.
2004-12-10 Friday 12:42 geiseri
Changed the example to actually show off using KJSEmbed.
Example shows the following:
1) Embedding KJSEmbed.
2) Calling Javascript methods from C++.
3) Transparent mapping of custom javascript objects into TQVariant maps.
4) Adding widgets to a C++ based form from Javascript.
5) Execution of a script from outside of the main application.
2004-12-09 Thursday 23:55 geiseri
removed generated docs from cvs
2004-12-09 Thursday 15:09 geiseri
torture test for TQFrame, still fails.
2004-12-09 Thursday 15:07 geiseri
more complete test for arrays
2004-12-08 Wednesday 11:15 geiseri
Added a TQVariant slot so C++ bindings can easier get more
complex data types into the bindings.
2004-12-08 Wednesday 11:12 geiseri
Fixed some logic errors.
Throw exceptions with meaningful errors.
2004-12-08 Wednesday 11:12 geiseri
Removed debug information that was screwing with TQVariants.
2004-12-07 Tuesday 20:10 staikos
2004-12-07 Tuesday 12:02 geiseri
do not delete a TQWidget if you are painting on it, its rude
2004-12-07 Tuesday 12:01 geiseri
fix name of include
2004-12-06 Monday 14:08 geiseri
Moved to new bindings extension class.
2004-12-06 Monday 14:07 geiseri
With new API TQListViewItem objects now iterate properly.
TQListView::firstChild() and TQListView::currentSelection now work.
TQListViewItems can now iterate property.
The test now shows how to use these methods.
2004-12-06 Monday 14:04 geiseri
Moved registered bindings to their own baseclass. This API is not stable
so it is subject to change. More documentation on this will follow once
it is more solid.
2004-12-06 Monday 13:34 geiseri
Removed autogenerated docs, since the scripts now work to generate them
property on Qt only and KDE mode.
2004-12-05 Sunday 19:54 geiseri
Moved TQListViewItem and TQCheckListItem to the object registry.
2004-12-05 Sunday 19:11 geiseri
Moved bindings to the new object registry.
The new object registry allows developers to add custom types
to KJSEmbed when they embed the interpreter into their applications.
To add a binding you create the binding as binding plugin, but instead
of using the TDETrader to register the plugin, you call
JSFactory::registerOpaqueType("Name", new TypeFactory(parent,"name");
Now KJS can create your type and manipulate it. This currently supports
only opaque types, TQObject types are next once this migration is
2004-12-05 Sunday 19:08 geiseri
Throw errors on type mismatches. This causes scripts to
actually give errors where they happen vs at some random
later point.
2004-12-05 Sunday 10:12 geiseri
Test for TQFrame
2004-12-04 Saturday 17:57 geiseri
Do not delete the internal dcop client pointer, it is considered rude.
2004-12-04 Saturday 14:25 geiseri
Added TQProgressDialog to the list of creatable types.
2004-12-04 Saturday 02:34 geiseri
TQT_NO_ASCII_CAST build fix.
2004-12-04 Saturday 02:25 geiseri
Gave the KJSEmbed documentation viewer a facelift.
Runs in Qt only and KDE mode just fine.
Search is not implemented, but most browser features are.
Maybe we need to fix up the dump() output and make it
follow the current KDE color styles?
2004-12-04 Saturday 01:33 geiseri
Add TQToolBox items to the published children when comming from TQWidgetFactory
2004-12-03 Friday 21:28 geiseri
Small cleanup.
2004-12-03 Friday 21:27 geiseri
Add config to Qt only.
2004-12-03 Friday 21:27 geiseri
dont delete the builting kapplication ptr.
2004-12-03 Friday 21:25 geiseri
code cleanup.
2004-12-03 Friday 20:07 geiseri
These are no longer needed.
2004-12-03 Friday 20:06 geiseri
Added createObject method.
2004-12-03 Friday 20:06 geiseri
logic fix
2004-12-03 Friday 20:05 geiseri
Do not delete TQObjects that are managed by their parents.
2004-12-03 Friday 20:04 geiseri
Added Factory.createObject(classname,args,...) for those coming
from windows land.
2004-12-03 Friday 20:01 geiseri
Do not manage TQListView, and ListBox items as the containers will.
Had to wash this file over with AStyle, it was getting to be a mess.
2004-12-02 Thursday 22:15 geiseri
note start position
2004-12-02 Thursday 21:50 geiseri
Added TQRect::contains(...) to Rect class.
Updated game board to detect objects getting in the target.
2004-12-01 Wednesday 14:45 geiseri
make 10 items, use TQFrame for formatting.
2004-12-01 Wednesday 11:25 geiseri
added a small gameboard example
2004-12-01 Wednesday 09:58 geiseri
Added tests for TQSize, TQPoint and TQRect.
2004-12-01 Wednesday 09:58 geiseri
Added support for:
Cleanup headers in TQPen
These are all handled as value proxies so they are transparently supported
in slots, TQObject bindings, and dcop. These can be used by their variant
names of Point, Rect and Size respectivly. Also constructors are provided
for Point, Rect and Size so you can construct items in one step
var point = new Point(x,y);
var size = new Size(w,h);
var rect = new Rect(x,y,w,h);
2004-12-01 Wednesday 09:54 geiseri
Throw an exception on a handler error so the user can figure out what went wrong.
2004-12-01 Wednesday 09:54 geiseri
Added drag and drop event handlers.
2004-11-30 Tuesday 17:47 geiseri
test tdeconfig more robustly.
2004-11-30 Tuesday 12:02 geiseri
Fixed issue where config files where not reading and writing properly
When the default args where removed they would pass invalid items to
the TDEConfig methods. This would basicly cause the methods to fail
in strange and entertaining ways. Since the methods with default
args had the default args ignored before this really changes nothing
on the public API. This will someday change to an opaque proxy
though and those args will work.
2004-11-30 Tuesday 12:00 geiseri
save the max input from the dialog
2004-11-30 Tuesday 10:45 geiseri
Added support for passing TQStringList through slots. This fixed the problems with TDEConfig bindings not showing up. It should also fix the problem of not being able to pass StringLists to C++ slots that have been published to javascript.
2004-11-29 Monday 17:41 annma
add a maximum value that can be changed in config
config dialog is a bit bloated though now ;-)
2004-11-29 Monday 13:26 geiseri
Start of TQSettings support for real. Binding is complete hozed though so it probably needs to be replaced before we release the next release.
2004-11-29 Monday 13:25 geiseri
Qt only fixes
2004-11-29 Monday 13:22 geiseri
Qt only fixes.
2004-11-29 Monday 13:22 geiseri
Remove unused headers.
2004-11-29 Monday 11:14 geiseri
Update to use KJSEmbed from KDE 3.3 features.
2004-11-28 Sunday 21:38 geiseri
removed default args, they really screw up TQObject bindings.
2004-11-28 Sunday 21:32 geiseri
more qtonly config fixes
2004-11-28 Sunday 21:11 geiseri
Added some help
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:39 geiseri
added widget extraction methods to cleanup code elsewhere
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:23 geiseri
Small example application with KJSEmbed:
This is a small math drill application I wrote for my cousin this weekend. She is
having a horrible time of it in math, so I created a simple drill utility for addition and
subtraction. Basicly what it does is throws random math problems at you for a
minute. The goal is to see how many you can get correct in that time. This is loosely
based off of a very foggy memory of a math drill that I did in second grade. I
think the important message here is that KJSEmbed could be a powerful tool
that teachers who are not strong programmers could create learning tools in short
order. This particular app took me all of 45 minutes, and after three days of random
playing of the game (that and khangman) she got up to 38 questions correctly answered
in a minute up from about 25. Not sure if its earth shattering, but its an improvement.
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:14 geiseri
Test for Config.
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:13 geiseri
Splashscreen test.
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:13 geiseri
Add bindings to Qt only.
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:12 geiseri
Vain attempt to fix the TQCanvas bindings. They are no longer crashing, but they are so not implemented they don't do much yet.
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:12 geiseri
Attempt at unscrewing up this binding.
It compiles and works slightly more, but it needs a friend seriously.
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:11 geiseri
TQFrame now actually works as expected.
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:10 geiseri
Remove dead code.
Fix stupid corner case where the TQPainter would become invalid and crash kjsembed.
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:09 geiseri
Compile in Qt Only mode
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:08 geiseri
Remove dead code.
Enable working with Qt Only mode.
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:08 geiseri
Change this so the Config bindings handle all the dirty work. This
removes a very strange misbehavior with the Config object when
used with scripts.
Started adding support for TQSettings in Qt Only mode, but its disabled for now.
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:07 geiseri
Change this so the Config bindings handle all the dirty work. This
removes a very strange misbehavior with the Config object when
used with scripts.
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:06 geiseri
TQSplashScreen works again, the object was there but the bindings where not.
General code cleanup.
Made the factory throw some exceptions instead of just warnings. This will
allow developers to actually be able to debug their scripts with a nondebug
version of KJSEmbed.
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:03 geiseri
Clean up old debug messages.
2004-11-28 Sunday 20:00 geiseri
Clean up code.
Remove old debug messages.
2004-11-28 Sunday 19:59 geiseri
Throw a real exception on a slot error so the script actually knows what the heck went wrong.
Remove some debug messages that no longer make sense.
2004-11-28 Sunday 19:57 geiseri
Add bindings to Qt only compile
2004-11-24 Wednesday 19:49 geiseri
there is suck and there is this, temporary fix until we can get a better solution.
2004-11-24 Wednesday 17:00 geiseri
sync with zack's tree, builds but sucks
2004-11-24 Wednesday 16:59 geiseri
sync with zack's tree, isnt building yet
2004-11-24 Wednesday 16:58 geiseri
cleanup dead code
2004-11-24 Wednesday 11:37 geiseri
Removed the copy operator and clone functions. They are never called, and if they
where they would not function as one would expect.
Check for void types in the destructor. This should keep anyone from trying
to delete a void *.
2004-11-24 Wednesday 01:59 staikos
TQT_NO_COMPAT fix (untested, but at least it compiles now):
int match ( const TQString & str, int index = 0, int * len = 0, bool indexIsStart = TRUE ) const (obsolete)
int search ( const TQString & str, int offset = 0, CaretMode caretMode = CaretAtZero ) const
2004-11-24 Wednesday 01:36 geiseri
remove debug information
2004-11-24 Wednesday 01:28 geiseri
fixed example
2004-11-24 Wednesday 01:21 geiseri
globals is now gone.
2004-11-24 Wednesday 01:21 geiseri
toNative fixes
2004-11-24 Wednesday 01:20 geiseri
added missing include
2004-11-24 Wednesday 01:19 geiseri
symbol visibility can work in KDE land now too.
2004-11-24 Wednesday 01:02 geiseri
toNative<> fixes.
2004-11-24 Wednesday 00:54 geiseri
More memory management fun:
1) Removed the any object, it basicly was useless for
managing pointers.
2) Changed the opaque proxy to handle the pointers
internally. Based heavily on boost::any but focuses on
pointers only.
3) Things to note now that KJS is actually managing
memory. If you create a TQObject binding but do not store
it anywhere and let it go out of scope the GC WILL delete
it. This may cause some unwanted side effects, so
please keep track of your objects.
4) Fixed some casting problems that was causing the
TQCanvas bindings not to work. They have not been completely
solved yet but they are at least not crashing anymore.
There are still a few crashes, but these should be easier to
track down now that we have more clear ownership roles.
2004-11-23 Tuesday 18:06 staikos
warn the users
2004-11-23 Tuesday 11:51 geiseri
Clarified the object ownership symantics. This changes the interface a bit so instead of a boolean there is now an enum. Also the create methods in the factory will automaticly give ownership of pointers created by the factory to KJSEmbed. Any external proxies created will be owned by the object that creates it. To change ownership you now use the method JSProxy::setOwner() and JSProxy::owner() to read it.
2004-11-23 Tuesday 11:44 geiseri
do not screw up dlls
2004-11-23 Tuesday 11:44 geiseri
header cleanup
2004-11-23 Tuesday 11:43 geiseri
Share symbol visibility with GCC
2004-11-22 Monday 01:27 zrusin
We should have a law preventing Ian/Rich from creating Makefile's ;)
2004-11-19 Friday 21:16 bmeyer
Terminal=0 -> Terminal=false
Added missing ; to Categories
2004-11-08 Monday 10:12 geiseri
Qt Events now work on windows.
GC works on win32.
NOTE on win32: the standard in/out/err will crash if you do not have
matching Qt debug and KJSEmbed debug libs. So if you have a nondebug
build of Qt NEVER build a debug version of TQJSEmbed. Gold star for
MS on this one.
2004-10-03 Sunday 23:25 zrusin
fixing build
2004-09-23 Thursday 15:51 mlaurent
CVS_SILENT TQString(i18n(...)) -> i18n(...)
2004-09-01 Wednesday 20:47 geiseri
more include fixes
2004-09-01 Wednesday 20:43 geiseri
one more fix
2004-09-01 Wednesday 20:42 geiseri
i just cant get enough of autohell...
2004-09-01 Wednesday 20:36 geiseri
added qtonly project files.
2004-09-01 Wednesday 20:31 geiseri
More updates from qtonly version to bring it in sync with KDE version
2004-09-01 Wednesday 20:11 geiseri
More updates from qtonly version to bring it in sync with KDE version
2004-09-01 Wednesday 20:03 geiseri
move to plain boost::any. need to move the deletion of the pointers to the opaque proxies themselves.
2004-09-01 Wednesday 19:58 geiseri
More updates from qtonly version to bring it in sync with KDE version
2004-09-01 Wednesday 19:52 geiseri
for some reason vc7 gets confused on casting...
2004-09-01 Wednesday 19:50 geiseri
qtonly fixes to the globals methods.
2004-09-01 Wednesday 19:49 geiseri
More updates from qtonly version to bring it in sync with KDE version
2004-09-01 Wednesday 19:00 geiseri
start merging win32 changes
2004-09-01 Wednesday 10:32 geiseri
gc test
2004-08-25 Wednesday 11:07 geiseri
Introduced any object to remove the void* in opaque proxy.
Introduced the concept of pointer ownership, this api is not yet stable though.
2004-08-20 Friday 16:10 geiseri
doesnt anyone compile this anymore?
2004-08-16 Monday 19:44 geiseri
mumble mumble, didnt this compile at one time...
2004-08-16 Monday 09:28 geiseri
Qt only changes merged into KJSEmbed.
2004-08-16 Monday 09:27 geiseri
Qt only fixes merged back into KJSEmbed.
2004-08-16 Monday 09:22 geiseri
more robust exception handling. soon backtraces.
2004-08-16 Monday 09:22 geiseri
attempt at custom signatures.
2004-08-16 Monday 09:13 geiseri
Added KFileItem bindings for doing directory listviews with KFile.
2004-08-16 Monday 08:54 geiseri
Update dcop test.
2004-08-16 Monday 08:52 geiseri
moved methods to slots, since when this becomes a nonQt binding the properties will break.
2004-08-16 Monday 08:51 geiseri
Added iconset bindings.
2004-08-16 Monday 08:48 geiseri
Reorganization of the bindings here to make Qt/KDE separation easier.
2004-08-16 Monday 08:46 geiseri
TQWidget and TQObject extraction helper functions.
2004-08-16 Monday 08:45 geiseri
TQComboBox and TQPopup menu fixes.
2004-07-14 Wednesday 04:31 binner
2004-06-21 Monday 14:58 binner
CVS_SILENT No punctuation in command line descriptions
2004-06-21 Monday 06:17 binner
CVS_SILENT i18n style guide fixes
2004-06-20 Sunday 18:51 rich
- Added a missing doc file and the test program for qcanvas.
2004-06-20 Sunday 18:49 rich
- Improvements to the bindingwizard.
- Start of bindings for TQCanvasXX. These might need to be disabled for the
3.3 release but they're a good stress test of the code.
- Update docs.
- Added support for TQPoint to jsbinding methods.
2004-06-18 Friday 19:44 rich
- Added newlines to the documentation to make the html sources more readable.
2004-06-18 Friday 19:33 rich
- Update docs
2004-06-18 Friday 19:27 rich
- Added support for the TQStringList parameter argument of the KParts
constructors. For now, this can only be used with the full 5 argument
forms of the factory's part construction methods. Added the test script
from Koos, though it can't be used without an accompanying applet!
2004-06-18 Friday 18:51 rich
- Updated the qtbindings using the bindwizard. The problems identified in
#83427 and my own TQListView testing turned out to be caused by a stupid
logic error in the code generated by the XSL. Basically, I forgot that
enum values start at 0 even if they're being automagically generated.
2004-06-18 Friday 17:34 rich
- Reverted the updated TQComboBox bindings. Looks like I need to do some
more work on making the XSL binding generator work with the custom
bindings code.
- Added a test case so I don't break this again.
2004-06-12 Saturday 23:03 rich
- Update docs
2004-06-12 Saturday 22:53 rich
- Added support for a couple of new types to the extractXX() methods.
- Major improvements to the binding wizard.
2004-06-12 Saturday 20:51 rich
- Added action for launching ksnapshot.
2004-06-12 Saturday 20:49 rich
- Reverted update of the TQListViewItem bindings as it broke things.
2004-06-11 Friday 20:52 rich
- Handling for slots with signatures xx( const TQTime &) and xx( TQWidget *).
2004-06-11 Friday 19:03 rich
- Added a way for non-konq users to view the changelog.
2004-06-11 Friday 18:45 rich
- Disable compilation of the embedding example. This example wasn't
written to support compilation with the library (something which
needs addressing). Bug #83020, Bug #82991.
- Added the missing for the qt-only build.
2004-06-06 Sunday 20:58 rich
- Fixes to make qt-only mode work with the latest changes.
2004-06-06 Sunday 20:42 rich
- Forgot to add the implementation.
2004-06-06 Sunday 20:40 rich
- Added support for TQCheckListItem.
- Regenerated qtbindings using the wizard.
2004-06-06 Sunday 19:37 rich
- Added support for signals and slots with signature func(const TQTime &)
including support for handling them from scripts.
- Added a check for exceptions occurring in event handlers.
2004-06-06 Sunday 19:03 rich
- Added a few missing files.
2004-06-06 Sunday 19:00 rich
- Updated documentation.
2004-06-06 Sunday 18:44 rich
- Added a binding for the Qt namespace class. This gives scripts access to
important constants such as the alignment flags.
- Added an accessor for the KPropertiesDialog of a URL to NetAccess.
- Minor fix to the binding wizard to support classes that provide no methods.
- Added partially complete cropping tool to imunge, along with support for
showing the file's properties dialog.
2004-06-06 Sunday 18:10 rich
CVS_SILENT fix ignores
2004-06-05 Saturday 22:07 rich
- JSObjectProxy now reuses the same JSObjectEventProxy no matter how many
event handlers there are.
2004-06-04 Friday 22:06 rich
- Added an example script that provides a documentation browser for the
qt-only build.
2004-06-04 Friday 21:31 rich
- Added a script that makes building the qt-only kjsembed easy. All you
need to do is ./setup_qtonly in a clean checkout of kjsembed.
- Fixed some minor issues with types that only showed up because the
qt-only tree uses an unusual set of header files. (it's nice that this
development has the side effect of making some rare bugs visible).
- Added a minimal command line for the qt-only build. You can see that
things are working by running tests/test_stdio.js. Note that this test
script is one of the kde build scripts which shows how easy it should
be to migrate between the two.
2004-06-04 Friday 18:52 geiseri
Resolve conflicts.
2004-05-28 Friday 22:10 rich
- Updated js reference documentation.
2004-05-28 Friday 22:06 rich
- Removing docs.
2004-05-28 Friday 21:08 rich
- Improved the documentation generation.
2004-05-28 Friday 19:55 rich
- Ensure we always use our debug area in our kdDebug() calls.
2004-05-28 Friday 19:51 rich
- JS exceptions that occur when a js function has been invoked by a signal
are now reported and cleaned up properly.
2004-05-28 Friday 19:15 rich
- Fixed the problem of the time property of a TQTimeEdit returning -1. This
in fact turned out to be a general problem that affects all TQTime
properties and was happening because you can't create a Date object in js
with just a time in it.
2004-05-27 Thursday 21:05 rich
- Added the missing mirror() method to the image binding.
- Added missing icons to imunge.
2004-05-27 Thursday 17:41 rich
- Added support for passing opaque types as arguments to slots. This is a big
win and turned out to be pretty simple once I tracked down a logic error
that caused any subsequent args to be ignored. This would all be perfect
except for the minor flaw that it doesn't work.
- Improvements to imunge.
- Made it work again after I broke it.
- Added support for a bunch more effects.
- Shows the filename in the status bar.
- Added an accessor to the TDEConfig wrapper that lets you obtain an opaque
pointer to the TDEConfig object.
- Updated class docs
2004-05-20 Thursday 20:24 rich
- Improved the Imunge example code by splitting the image effect handling into
a standalone file. In addition, I added support to the GUI for several
additional effects and added a toolbar that makes it easy to invoke them.
2004-05-19 Wednesday 21:24 geiseri
Added the ability to query if a function is available.
2004-05-19 Wednesday 21:17 rich
- Added support for the selectedItem() method of TQListView then converted the
docviewer example to use TQListView.
2004-05-19 Wednesday 20:10 rich
- Modified the imunge demo to avoid hard-coding the path to the ui.rc file I
use here.
2004-05-19 Wednesday 20:08 rich
- Added support for creating system tray icons from scripts using
KSystemTray, and an example that shows how this can be used.
2004-05-19 Wednesday 18:54 rich
- Fixed a couple of naming errors in TQProcess's signals that resulted from
the conversion from TDEProcess.
2004-05-19 Wednesday 18:31 rich
- Missed this in the last commit.
2004-05-19 Wednesday 18:29 rich
- Added a new directory for the Qt bindings. This means that these bindings
can now be made available for the qtonly version of kjsembed. This also
greatly simplifies the structure of the code (basically it's what I should
have done initially).
2004-05-19 Wednesday 18:02 rich
Added something for testing
2004-05-19 Wednesday 16:55 rich
- Added the first bit of an image manipulation app for kde (using
KImageEffect). The app is implemented in javascript.
2004-05-17 Monday 14:52 geiseri
added the java test applet
2004-05-17 Monday 14:52 geiseri
I added a test for the args stuff. Is this correct code?
2004-05-13 Thursday 12:36 geiseri
Test for slots that use pixmaps
2004-05-13 Thursday 12:35 geiseri
Qt wants the real thing, not cheap immitations.
Fixed TQPixmaps in slots.
2004-05-07 Friday 17:13 geiseri
Added tests to the make file.
2004-05-07 Friday 17:10 geiseri
Added the C++ based tests used to develop the new part code for manipulating the script engine.
These need to be refactored, but I hate CPPUnit too much to use that here.
2004-05-05 Wednesday 23:51 geiseri
Const cleanups
Fixed accidental memory leak
Added the following methods to make access of TQVariant based objects
void putVariant( const TQString &valueName, const TQVariant &value);
TQVariant getVariant( const TQString &valueName ) const;
Started an implementation of a scope walker so the added methods
will work beyond the global scope. Not reliable yet, so its not used.
2004-05-05 Wednesday 22:26 geiseri
Added the following functions to the part for embedders to enjoy:
KJS::Value getValue( const TQString &valueName );
KJS::Value callMethod(const TQString &methodName, KJS::List &args);
void putValue( const TQString &valueName, const KJS::Value &value);
Rich I have tests, but they require being compiled. We need a C++ tests
directory at this point i think to show off what we are up to.
2004-05-04 Tuesday 19:52 rich
- Update class reference
2004-05-04 Tuesday 19:50 rich
- Improved the argument handling of kjscmd so that it will automatically
invoke the console if there is no script to run. It will also call exec
implicitly in this situation, though not if there is a script to invoke
so the exec() call in the graphical scripts is still required.
- Added a directory for a standard library of javascript utilities and put
the command line prompt script in it - other reusable scripts and objects
will follow. Scripts installed in this location will be found automatically
by the include(...) method.
- Added an option to kjscmd to tell it to invoke the cmdprompt script from
the standard library.
- Updated the man page to reflect these changes.
2004-05-03 Monday 21:21 rich
- Added support for a few TDEHTMLPart method to the custom bindings.
- Added a simple example of embedding the engine. This will be used
by the embedding tutorial i'm working on. The example is based on
the KDevelop template for a non-parts KDE app and embeds the
interpreter. It then offers an action to show the js console, and
a word count action that is implemented in js.
2004-04-30 Friday 20:53 rich
- Improved binding wizard.
2004-04-30 Friday 20:27 rich
- Extended the range of types supported by the XSL stylesheet to allow TQFile
and TQFrame to be wrapped. Added the generated wrappers to the build.
2004-04-30 Friday 19:36 rich
- Integrated the constructor bindings into the binding wizard and added a hack
that only enables the first method we see with a given name, meaning that
only the first version of overloaded methods can be used. This change means
that the TQComboBox binding is now generated directly from the Qt header file
using the wizard.
2004-04-30 Friday 17:38 rich
- Started rolling the code for instantiating bound objects into the wizard.
I accidentally deleted the stylesheet it uses to index the classes, so i'm
adding that to the repository now too so I don't have to write it a third
2004-04-29 Thursday 21:11 rich
- Improved the command line tool.
2004-04-29 Thursday 20:37 rich
- Further steps towards a GUI for binding generation. The wizard pages are now
split up into functions and it uses an LED to provide feedback when it's
running doxygen. There's still a way to go, but this is slowly approaching
release quality.
2004-04-29 Thursday 20:34 rich
- Update class reference
2004-04-29 Thursday 20:33 rich
- Update class reference.
2004-04-29 Thursday 18:57 rich
- More updates to the binding generation wizard.
- Added support for the flush method to textstreams.
- Added a script that provides an interactive command line prompt.
2004-04-23 Friday 22:19 rich
Added the start of a wizard that will make creating bindings for a set of
C++ classes a point-and-click process.
2004-04-23 Friday 18:47 geiseri
Added event support for:
Based all events off the default handler so interited
properties are preserved.
2004-04-23 Friday 15:57 geiseri
move to TQProcess.
2004-04-23 Friday 15:20 rich
Update to qt-only support
2004-04-23 Friday 10:57 geiseri
added some of my things i want to see.
2004-04-22 Thursday 20:33 rich
Update changelog.
Allow C++ doc pages to link to each other in the docviewer.
2004-04-22 Thursday 20:27 rich
Improvements to the docviewer.
2004-04-22 Thursday 20:17 geiseri
remove printfs
2004-04-22 Thursday 20:01 geiseri
since im trapped in the basement here, i figured id fix
the appname patch rich commited. Rich friends dont
let friends use C string crap ;)
2004-04-22 Thursday 18:27 rich
Changed the behaviour of kjscmd so that it uses the name of the script as
the name of the instance it uses. This means that scripts can now have their
own config files etc.
2004-04-22 Thursday 17:33 geiseri
Added extractTQPalette
Added extractTQStrList
2004-04-22 Thursday 16:57 rich
Added support for Ian's new string munging functions to the XSL binding
2004-04-22 Thursday 15:07 geiseri
Normalized the size and color extraction.
Added TQRect helper function.
2004-04-22 Thursday 15:03 geiseri
Normalize extraction helper function so its easier to use with
the bindings generator.
2004-04-22 Thursday 12:59 geiseri
remove noise...
2004-04-22 Thursday 12:58 geiseri
Found out javascripts month index starts at 0.
Fixed validation test, and code
Added ability to handle date, datetime, and time in slots
Added ability to call slots that use datetime, date, and time.
2004-04-22 Thursday 10:01 geiseri
added test for dealing with time in slots
2004-04-22 Thursday 09:17 geiseri
Rich I really dont like this one bit.
Added a few more slot signatures.
Way more effort than its worth, we need to rethink how this all ties
2004-04-21 Wednesday 23:10 geiseri
There is a moral here... untested code is buggy code.
2004-04-21 Wednesday 22:17 geiseri
Added transparent mapping between Javascript dates and Qt's dates
2004-04-21 Wednesday 16:09 geiseri
forgot to add the one i really wanted to. Now we can map a string array to a TQVariant properly.
2004-04-21 Wednesday 15:48 geiseri
Added the ability to convert from JS Arrays to stringlists. Rich to use this
code follow what i did in qcombobox_imp.cpp. Its a oneliner and Hari says
its the most maintainable way to do it... Learned more about KJS than I ever
did today. Hari I owe you a beer, or 3, and john, you owe me your first born.
2004-04-19 Monday 11:53 geiseri
fixed TQBoxLayouts. might want to backport
2004-04-16 Friday 21:51 rich
We can now build kjsembed without needing KDE! There is tidying up needed,
but it builds ok.
2004-04-16 Friday 19:47 rich
More work on making a qt only build possible. This build mode doesn't work
yet, but the standard mode is unaffected by the changes.
Tidied up the header file inclusion in various places which makes life simpler
and should also speed up compilation.
2004-04-15 Thursday 20:19 rich
More work towards a qt-only build
2004-04-15 Thursday 18:53 rich
Began adding support for Qt-only builds.
Explained to Ian's copyrights that the year is now 2004.
2004-04-13 Tuesday 12:08 geiseri
Added DCOPClient::isApplicationRegistered(...)
Added validation test for it.
2004-04-13 Tuesday 11:10 geiseri
Test for clobbering return values of dcoprefs call.
The fixed dcopref code... yay validation tests...
2004-04-12 Monday 17:48 geiseri
DCOPRefs now work correctly as return values from javascript
dcop interfaces.
2004-04-12 Monday 16:53 geiseri
Added testcase for pixmaps.
Fixed no object type returned bug.
Dcop interfaces now work for more cases.
2004-04-12 Monday 16:28 geiseri
test case to show off problems calling void functions in dcop interfaces.
2004-04-12 Monday 13:08 geiseri
Fixed an issue with dcop interfaces where only the first
argument was being read.
2004-04-12 Monday 10:11 geiseri
Added ktempfile support.
2004-04-12 Monday 10:11 geiseri
Added ability to invert pixels on the painter.
2004-04-12 Monday 10:10 geiseri
More spacing and formatting fixes... soon my cvs will be in sync.
2004-04-12 Monday 10:09 geiseri
Added support for the command shell(...).
Added ksimple process ( a blocking shell process that returns the output)
I dont like where this is going, but ideally in cvs we can work this out.
The goal is to get a function that allows us to do the following:
var response = shell( 'ps -aux' );
prinln( response );
So we can run simple shell commands and get a response back.
Suggestions welcome.
2004-04-12 Monday 10:05 geiseri
Formatting and spacing.
2004-04-12 Monday 10:03 geiseri
Formatting and spacing cleanups.
2004-04-12 Monday 10:02 geiseri
Added support for dcopstart (like the shell command line version).
Added tests for dcopreferences.
2004-04-12 Monday 10:00 geiseri
Added support for TQProcess as a bindings plugin.
Exposed API identical to TQProcess.
2004-04-10 Saturday 20:40 rich
Added support for the setSpacing method of TQHBox.
Converted the docviewer example to use the TDEHTML streaming API and made it
work properly.
2004-04-10 Saturday 17:24 rich
Fix link to livedata example.
2004-04-09 Friday 21:26 rich
Added support for streaming data to a KPart, and an example of doing so. This
means you no longer need to have a temporary file to display stuff in tdehtml.
2004-04-09 Friday 20:22 rich
Added an example of how to embed several parts in one scripts GUI.
2004-04-09 Friday 19:34 rich
Added some methods that should allow us to have a unified interface to the
proxy types in future. This change is the first step towards an understanding
of inheritence. The first win of the change is that the code now understands
that KXMLGUIClient's are not necessarily TQWidgets.
2004-04-09 Friday 17:52 rich
Added proper support for TQComboBox. This binding was generated automagically
using the xsl stuff in the tools dir, but I had to disable 4 methods to work
around missing support for method overloading. There's also an example.
2004-04-09 Friday 16:39 rich
Added support for loading read-write parts, and an example showing how it's
2004-04-09 Friday 15:32 rich
- Made it so the man page gets installed.
- Fixed some unused variable warnings.
2004-04-08 Thursday 09:52 geiseri
Oh this is an annoying one. For some reason I thought I could trust
TQVariants to tell me what type they where. It seems that in the
instance of TQString vs TQCString this is not the case, so I am now
doing this correctly and using the dcop functions type signature to
get the correct types. This fixes a few courious bugs I was chasing
after in dcop. I am trying to backport this fix now.
2004-04-07 Wednesday 19:38 rich
Fix missing exec call found by David Joham.
2004-04-04 Sunday 19:33 rich
Added a man page for kjscmd
2004-03-25 Thursday 19:48 geiseri
Added the ability to expose child widgets as properties of a loaded UI file.
This will allow one to import a UI file and then transparently address
each of the UI elements via their name as given in the UI file.
2004-03-25 Thursday 19:16 geiseri
this moved a few days ago.
2004-03-25 Thursday 19:12 rich
Added an accessor to let the imp specify its factory.
2004-03-23 Tuesday 10:06 geiseri
Moved the mimetype for javascripts to the tdelibs mimetypes.
Removed useless feilds per davids advice.
Matches the format.
2004-03-22 Monday 20:29 geiseri
hack to make javascripts open here with tdevelop.
2004-03-17 Wednesday 11:48 faure
Lazy loading - don't slow down the loading of every TDEHTMLPart in Konqueror.
OKayed by Rich.
2004-03-05 Friday 16:29 jowenn
wrong warning
2004-03-04 Thursday 17:52 jowenn
don't crash on slots having uint parameters. I could put it into a function, but I don't like my hack at all. I would appreciate, if somebody comes up with a better solution.
2004-02-29 Sunday 12:54 jowenn
support for plugin based decorating of qobject derived return values from slots. If somebody has a problem with that, please let me know, I'll fork the code than, since i need it for kate scripting. the jsproxy behaves really bad for slots with default values and overloaded methods. From what I see they should get numbered, but they aren't
2004-02-29 Sunday 05:35 jowenn
It's not nice, for each proxy implementation one TQGuardedPtr. :( I hope Qt's next generation smart pointer will be more lightweight. Why a qguardedptr?
If you do the following in kjscmd it would crash without guardedptr
var k=new TDEMainWindow();;
var k1=new TDEMainWindow();
---> close k1 with the mouse
k1.hide(); or;
====> Crash
2004-02-16 Monday 02:42 geiseri
Small code consolidation. No real functional changes, just cleaner code.
2004-02-16 Monday 01:28 geiseri
Added missing Brush type conversion.
2004-02-16 Monday 01:09 geiseri
Added signatures for:
void slot_color( const TQColor &color );
void slot_point( const TQPoint &point );
void slot_rect( const TQRect &rec );
void slot_size( const TQSize &size );
void slot_pixmap( const TQPixmap &pix );
void slot_url( const KURL &url );
void slot_intint( int , int );
void slot_intbool( int , bool );
void slot_intintint( int , int , int );
This should cover almost every signal that we can handle with
native types in KJSEmbed. Thanks Adam Treat from the C# stuff
for the hints... now to streamline this junk.
2004-02-12 Thursday 14:51 geiseri
Added an example of how RSSService can be interacted with
using DCOPRefs and dcop signals.
2004-02-12 Thursday 14:51 geiseri
Fixed an issue where dcoprefs would not be marshalled
2004-02-11 Wednesday 19:02 rich
Fixed a problem with non-mainwindow xmlgui clients not getting the
actionCollection() method.
2004-02-11 Wednesday 17:19 rich
Backport: Better fix for the crash when there is no actioncollection.
2004-02-11 Wednesday 17:15 rich
Better fix for the crash when there is no actioncollection.
2004-02-11 Wednesday 17:12 rich
Fix a crash when there is no actioncollection.
2004-02-11 Wednesday 14:33 staikos
backport crash fix
2004-02-11 Wednesday 10:18 staikos
don't krash
2004-02-09 Monday 13:41 rich
Disable the KJS embed console plugin.
2004-02-01 Sunday 19:45 geiseri
helps if you can actually create the little buggers too.
2004-02-01 Sunday 19:44 geiseri
added support for dcoprefs. the test assumes that your
running the dcoprss service though. to run the dcop test
$kjscmd dcop.js
2004-01-20 Tuesday 19:49 staikos
No you really can't, Ian. :-) This fixes KJSEmbed from crashing all over the
place and I consider it a KJSEmbed showstopper pending review by Rich. Without
this patch I can't run space invaders.
2004-01-20 Tuesday 19:48 staikos
For some reason [perhaps old admin/? don't think so...] at least one of my
machines insists on generating moc for these even though it's commented out.
2004-01-15 Thursday 01:35 geiseri
oh how i hate to merge xml files...
2004-01-14 Wednesday 14:51 zander
Fix some bad layed-out button -- GUI problems
2004-01-11 Sunday 08:41 geiseri
forgot to commit the image test.
2004-01-11 Sunday 02:08 geiseri
use imagefx plugin.
2004-01-11 Sunday 02:08 geiseri
reflect the changes to use include.
2004-01-11 Sunday 02:06 geiseri
import was taken so include seems to work better for loading script libraries into kjsembed.
2004-01-11 Sunday 01:27 geiseri
updat to ImageFX
2004-01-10 Saturday 21:35 rich
- A first cut at specifying the public classes and generating their
documentation. Internal documentation (for people working on the code can be
created with doxygen Doxyfile-Internal).
2004-01-10 Saturday 20:38 rich
- Added a hook for future bc virtuals.
2004-01-10 Saturday 20:12 rich
- Fixed buffer overrun in argument handling.
- Updated docs.
2004-01-10 Saturday 20:10 geiseri
Use new image effects code.
Works like a charm ;)
2004-01-10 Saturday 20:04 geiseri
This is the ImageFX plugin. It provides a wrapper arround KImageEffect and can be dynamicly
loaded at runtime.
To activate:
var imgfx = new ImageFX();
To use:
var img = imgfx.blend(color, img, 0.25);
All methods mirror their KImageEffects counterparts in function signatures.
2004-01-10 Saturday 20:00 geiseri
Step 2. Remove Image effects from the Image Bindings
2004-01-10 Saturday 19:48 rich
- Added the unlisted demos to the index page.
2004-01-10 Saturday 19:45 geiseri
Step 1 in conversion of ImageEffects to a plugin.
2004-01-10 Saturday 19:25 rich
- Fixed support for TQChildEvent. It now has a type specific conversion
function rather than falling back to the generic one. Without this change,
it is pretty useless as you can't access anything or even distinguish
between insert and remove events.
The new code splits the childEvent() handler into two methods
childInsertEvent() and childRemoveEvent(). The code is disabled for now
behind the ENABLE_CHILDEVENTS define because there seem to be some problems
with reentrancy. This problem occurs if the callback is invoked because
kjsembed created an object.
- Added my coverage checking scripts to the tools directory. These aren't
exactly the best, but they give an idea of which classes need adding.
- Removed hard-coded list length from the event type <-> handler name map.
- Commented out some unused args.
- Updated TODO list.
2004-01-10 Saturday 14:33 rich
- Add exception example
2004-01-10 Saturday 14:23 rich
- Throw an exception when we fail to create a plugin too.
2004-01-10 Saturday 14:11 geiseri
change the enums to work as they do, not as we hoped ;)
2004-01-10 Saturday 14:09 geiseri
update the test
2004-01-10 Saturday 01:50 geiseri
buttonmaker cleanup and moved to kjsuic
2004-01-10 Saturday 01:45 geiseri
more changes to handle containers properly
2004-01-10 Saturday 00:28 geiseri
some docs, and a minor cleanup to make it even cooler
2004-01-10 Saturday 00:19 geiseri
This is a really simple class that simplifies dealing with UI files.
It basicly wraps the loadUI function and autocreates an object for the
main form, and presents the objects as properties.
2004-01-07 Wednesday 11:46 geiseri
EnvelopeMaker example for KJSEmbed:
This example will create postscript files for #10 Envelopes from a simple form.
It will generate compliant postnet barcodes. Im not sure if this works outside
of the united states, but it works here. It also is a nice example of how KJSEmbed
can be used to build simple one off apps for your company.
2004-01-02 Friday 23:27 geiseri
more exploration of how this works
2004-01-02 Friday 16:34 aseigo
exec the application so something actually happens
2004-01-02 Friday 16:31 geiseri
added some examples to test bumpmap code.
2004-01-02 Friday 16:31 geiseri
fixed some minor issues with the bump map stuff
2004-01-02 Friday 16:30 geiseri
Added abillity to set image mask correctly now.
2004-01-02 Friday 01:41 zrusin
This is a huge present for geiseri. Fixing the biggest problem he had
with his buttonmaker demo.
2004-01-01 Thursday 02:23 geiseri
Removed the extra JSProxy argument from the convertToValue() function.
All types should now be a ValueProxy, or a OpaqueProxy.
2003-12-31 Wednesday 11:54 geiseri
use new TQPixmap code
2003-12-31 Wednesday 11:12 geiseri
updated todo list
2003-12-31 Wednesday 11:11 geiseri
missing include
2003-12-31 Wednesday 11:10 geiseri
Moved Pen -> ValueProxy
Moved Painter -> OpaqueProxy
Moved Pixmap -> ValueProxy
Fixed Pen and Pixmap handleing in the bindings
Simplified Pixmap and Pen hadeling more
Updated button maker to use new pillbox code
2003-12-30 Tuesday 14:23 geiseri
move buttonmaker.js to new TQPainter stuff
2003-12-30 Tuesday 14:17 geiseri
more for the pillbox test, we can paint directly on widgets now
2003-12-30 Tuesday 13:37 geiseri
desktop file
2003-12-30 Tuesday 13:37 geiseri
Added test for pillbox generation
package script to make ButtonMaker installed as a real app.
2003-12-30 Tuesday 13:24 geiseri
compile the correct file.
2003-12-30 Tuesday 11:41 geiseri
compile the listview bindings...
2003-12-30 Tuesday 11:07 rich
- Oops
2003-12-30 Tuesday 10:56 geiseri
moved arg extraction code to slotutils
converted TQPainter bindings to Opaque Proxy... it has issues still, but pending
TQPixmaps conversion they cannot all be fixed yet.
added arg extraction methods to simplify the code
2003-12-29 Monday 16:08 rich
- Added a test program for the qlistview.
2003-12-29 Monday 16:08 rich
- Added the binding for TQListViewItem and the latest xsl templates.
2003-12-28 Sunday 21:22 rich
- Massive improvements to the binding generation tool. It can now create
usable code!!! To prove this, I've added a new binding to the builtins
directory for TQDir. This binding was generated directly from the qdir.h
header file using the scripts in the tools directory. There is a simple test
program in the test directory.
2003-12-28 Sunday 17:56 rich
- More work on the bindings generator.
2003-12-28 Sunday 15:55 rich
- More work towards automating the bindings process. It's getting there!
2003-12-28 Sunday 08:49 larkang
2003-12-28 Sunday 08:43 larkang
Some srcdir!=builddir fixes
Ok'd by Richard Dale
2003-12-22 Monday 10:11 wildfox
Fix invalid kjscmd sources, use /usr/bin/env kjscmd everywhere and chmod +x the right .js files
2003-12-22 Monday 07:57 cartman
CVS_SILENT Add a GenericName. Use konsole icon as the app already uses it in title.
2003-12-21 Sunday 19:05 geiseri
Changes to the plugins to autoregister... more later once i get a real network connection.
2003-12-20 Saturday 22:42 zrusin
Fixing makefiles and a path. The makefile's in kjsembed need cleaning up, Coolo? :)
2003-12-20 Saturday 21:40 rich
- Added a gray button template
2003-12-20 Saturday 21:08 rich
- Added buttonmaker to the index page of the demos.
2003-12-20 Saturday 20:48 rich
- Fix warning caused by attempting to overwrite the x and y properties of the
2003-12-20 Saturday 20:43 rich
- Added support for command line args to the button maker. It will now read
the first argument and use that as the text. I also improved the defaults
including making it attempt to load the default button image on startup.
2003-12-20 Saturday 19:57 rich
- Added keyboard shortcuts to buttonmaker
2003-12-18 Thursday 17:19 geiseri
start of docs for this class, since an example will be in order.
2003-12-18 Thursday 17:15 geiseri
Added support for adding bindings via KParts Plugins.
I have tested ValueProxy and OpaqueProxy plugins and those work perfectly.
TQObject based plugins are mostly working, but enums seem broken.
The plugin interface is pretty thin right now, because I dont think we need
a heck of alot to bootstrap the process of adding a binding.
This is a start, I feel we need to ship 3.2 with this since we need a way to
add bindings later without rebuilding kjsembed. This also allows us to get
arround messy instances where we may or may not want to have custom
bindings to interfaces that are in KDE but may not make sense to be built
into KJSEmbed.
This api is subject to change as we kick it arround and clean it up, but so far
it seems to work for my tests.
2003-12-18 Thursday 14:00 geiseri
more clear idea of what happend when calling this slot.
2003-12-18 Thursday 13:58 geiseri
Brush bindings to make the painter more fun.
2003-12-18 Thursday 02:23 geiseri
maby even save the file too...
2003-12-18 Thursday 02:14 geiseri
used the text box stuff to center the image.
2003-12-18 Thursday 02:02 geiseri
a nice button for testing.
2003-12-18 Thursday 01:49 geiseri
This might not be the right place for it, but we need a good way to get
the bounding boxes of text drawn on the painter with the current font
metrics. Ideally we can move this later when we bind TQFontMetrics?
2003-12-17 Wednesday 23:37 geiseri
Added a neat demo applet to show off KJSEmbed. Its only a start, but a
very good example of how KJSEmbed can do pretty powerful things in less
than 100 Lines of code.
2003-12-17 Wednesday 18:50 geiseri
painter fixes to change the font.
2003-12-17 Wednesday 18:12 geiseri
group single arg members together
2003-12-17 Wednesday 18:10 geiseri
Added ability to connect Qt signals to KJS Slots that have a single TQFont or TQColor.
Not as cool as I would have liked, but I guess its okay.
2003-12-16 Tuesday 18:21 geiseri
cleaned up the Image headers
2003-12-16 Tuesday 18:21 geiseri
Moved DCOPClient code into a OpaqueProxy class. This put it all
into one place. The big issue now is that until Pixmap is moved
to a ValueProxy it will crash KJSEmbed when you pass pixmaps
over DCOP.
2003-12-16 Tuesday 18:17 geiseri
fixed test to reflect the real DCOP api
2003-12-16 Tuesday 14:11 rich
- Fix imagegallery script for exceptions.
2003-12-16 Tuesday 14:01 rich
- Fixed for new names of System.
2003-12-16 Tuesday 12:51 geiseri
properties -> methods
2003-12-16 Tuesday 12:32 geiseri
move properties -> methods
2003-12-16 Tuesday 12:29 geiseri
make sure tables can stay in sync
2003-12-16 Tuesday 12:23 geiseri
comment out unused functions for now
2003-12-16 Tuesday 12:05 rich
- Fix image code.
2003-12-16 Tuesday 11:42 geiseri
Start of move from opaque proxy to valueproxy
Cleanup in Image to make it easier to follow.
2003-12-15 Monday 19:40 rich
- Removed moc reference from ImageImp - it's not a TQObject anymore.
- Fixed a crash when the factory is asked for an invalid part.
2003-12-15 Monday 18:35 rich
- Improved the code of the image binding:
- Changed the name from Image to ImageImp as now that it doesn't use
TQObject, this class only handles the methods.
- Added support for the enums from KImageEffect. The output of the test
program should now be upside down.
- Added a second parameter to the save() method that specifies the format to
save in.
- Made all the constants defined in enums read-only. This means scripts can no
longer corrupt the API (at least in this fashion).
2003-12-15 Monday 17:06 rich
- Fixed the new image binding support so it works for the test program I've
added. I expect there is more work to be done to make this work nicely with
the property support, but you can load, transform and save files again.
2003-12-14 Sunday 12:36 geiseri
Fixed the Image stuff so it will at least load.
Came to the conclusion that there is all wrong, and we should revert
back to the TQObject bindings. The current implimentation makes
no sense for how the Image binding is suppose to operate.
Maby we really wanted a JSValueProxy?
Rich please review this and let me know your thoughts.
2003-12-14 Sunday 11:02 geiseri
Attempt at activating the Image bindings.
2003-12-14 Sunday 10:45 rich
- const fix for gcc 3.3.
2003-12-14 Sunday 10:39 rich
- Minor fixups.
2003-12-14 Sunday 10:23 rich
- Add pen bindings
2003-12-14 Sunday 10:08 rich
- Started adding the framework needed to allow custom value types to become
first class citizens.
- Replaced the NewTQObject method of the factory with NewInstance which
supports the creation of instances of any type.
- Added support for event types to the opaque proxy.
2003-12-12 Friday 23:58 geiseri
removed old kdDebug statements and moved the ones that made
sense to kdWarning.
2003-12-12 Friday 23:56 geiseri
half of the move from TQObject binding to JSProxyImp
rich this needs to be enabled, i was unsure of how to activate
also am i correct in assuming that properties will no longer work for
Image now that we are using a non TQObject binding?
2003-12-12 Friday 17:10 rich
- Moved the registration of the global objects so it is handled inside the
JSBuiltins class rather than the part.
2003-12-12 Friday 17:03 rich
- oops 2
2003-12-12 Friday 17:02 rich
- oops
2003-12-12 Friday 16:49 geiseri
example to show failure in enums on slots
2003-12-12 Friday 16:48 geiseri
more fixes for enum values.
2003-12-12 Friday 15:18 rich
- Replaced the TQObject wrapper for TQTextStream with a native binding
class. This reduces the overhead of this binding, and allows more
flexibility in the API we present to scripts. The new binding provides the
same API to scripts as the old one, except that the current() and
setCurrent() methods have been removed as they are redundant.
This binding is the first one to be based on the JSOpaqueProxy class, but
this will in future be a common approach to wrapping non-TQObject classes.
- Made a few methods of the factory that were previously protected have
private access. These methods are only useful internally, so there is no
reason to make them visible to users.
- Renamed -> System.stdin to avoid nameclash with the in operator
and made corresponding changes to the other stdio streams.
2003-12-10 Wednesday 21:05 rich
- Major rewrite of the documentation generator script. The new version is a
lot cleaner and uses JS exceptions to handle problems rather than having
a hard-coded list of trouble-some classes. This change also makes a single
function responsible for the page template. The docs have also gained a
bunch of new index pages.
2003-12-09 Tuesday 20:42 geiseri
example for message boxes.
2003-12-09 Tuesday 20:40 geiseri
Added support for:
promp(textMessage, [inputDefault]);
Added examples of the message boxes.
i18n sorta works but may get removed if i cannot get it to work reliably.
2003-12-08 Monday 18:22 rich
- Fix for gcc 2.95.
2003-12-08 Monday 17:53 rich
- Don't use -no-undefined as this now requires libkjsembed.
2003-12-08 Monday 17:16 rich
- Fix for --noexec -> --exec change.
2003-12-07 Sunday 21:00 geiseri
Added a neat demo to show off event handling, and how generally awesome
kjsembed is.
Classic Space Invaders:
<- go left
-> go right
<space> fire
click mouse to fire.
Have fun.
2003-12-07 Sunday 20:59 geiseri
Fixed some small confusion on the event mapper.
2003-12-07 Sunday 13:19 geiseri
We can now grab windows. Not sure how you get the winID yet though.
2003-12-06 Saturday 21:21 geiseri
Reflect namechange from Dcop -> DCOPClient.
2003-12-06 Saturday 20:59 geiseri
Added ability to connect dcop signals to kjs dcop slots.
Added example to show this off.
Removed a few compiler warnings.
2003-12-05 Friday 18:13 geiseri
reflect a name change in the dcop client object.
2003-12-05 Friday 18:12 geiseri
The ability to export a JS Method to a dcop interface now works.
use DCOPInterface.publish("returnType signaure(ArgType)");
as the format for publishing an interface. The rest is transparent
to the user.
2003-12-05 Friday 15:19 rich
- Add a d pointer.
2003-12-04 Thursday 20:54 rich
- Moved call to custombindings to a standalone method that encapsulates the
qobject handling.
- Added warnings for unsupported methods that are defined in the
custombindings enum.
- Fix warning in resources.cpp.
2003-12-04 Thursday 18:35 rich
- Changed the inline version methods to non-inline. This means that the
concept behind these methods might actually work!
2003-12-04 Thursday 18:33 rich
- Update js class reference.
2003-12-03 Wednesday 20:57 rich
- Fixed a whole bunch of examples to call application.exec() themselves now
that kjscmd no longer does this automatically.
- Moved call that adds custom object bindings into the factory.
- Changed the default context Object for the parts execute methods to be the
global object of the interpreter, and changed the default global object to
be the one defined in libkjs.
- Added a new optinal argument to the runFile() method of the part (and the
load() method it is bound to) that allows you to specify the context object
for the executed script.
- Removed the virtual for the overloaded version of the part's execute()
- Made the part add its own binding to the interpreter instead of getting
kjscmd to do it, this means that the methods will be available when the code
is embedded in apps as well as standalone.
- Simplified the API for publishing objects.
- Changed the publish() method to use the Object prototype.
- Simplified the addObject() method by using the factory properly.
- Renamed the publish() method to addObject() making the API
self-consistent (and made the code match).
- Fixed the design.h docs for the above.
- Removed the createProxy() method that takes no context from the factory, and
replaced by making the context default to 0 on the overloaded
implementation. In many cases we were using because there was no sane
context to choose which indicates that the previous API was poor.
2003-12-03 Wednesday 17:47 rich
- Oops. Finish removing self binding class.
2003-12-03 Wednesday 17:39 rich
- Changed the default behaviour of kjscmd to /not/ call the exec() method of
the application. This method has available to scripts for some time now, and
the old behaviour forced scripts that called exec() themselves to include
convoluted work arounds.
- Removed the mainwin option from kjscmd as scripts can now handle this
- Modified dumpCompletion() to use convertToValue().
- Removed the SelfBinding class as it is now unused.
2003-11-30 Sunday 23:32 geiseri
Merged CVS with local changes.
2003-11-30 Sunday 23:31 geiseri
Added test that agrivates odd bug where "this" gets trashed.
2003-11-30 Sunday 23:31 geiseri
Added TQStringList -> KJS Array support.
Added TQPen -> Bindings::Pen support.
2003-11-30 Sunday 23:30 geiseri
Added DCOP remoteFunctions, remoteInterfaces,
remoteObjects, registeredApplication.
2003-11-28 Friday 20:30 rich
- More work on using XSLT to generate the bindings. The code present at the
moment goes some way towards allowing us to move automatically from
doxygen's xml output mode to a set of JS bindings.
2003-11-28 Friday 04:27 coolo
tdebindings relying on tdesdk? Next century perhaps
2003-11-27 Thursday 21:05 rich
- Added some basic support for TQScrollView illustrated by the imagetweak
example, which will become more feature-full in future.
- Added the very incomplete beginning of support for generating bindings from
doxygen's xml output.
2003-11-27 Thursday 19:43 rich
- Moved the TODO list from the top-level directory to the docs directory.
2003-11-27 Thursday 19:34 rich
- Moved the methods that wrap events into a standalone class
JSEventUtils. This class is not used directly, instead there is now an
additional createProxy() method in the JSFactory.
This change is a step towards adding some custom methods to enable us to
provide support for all the methods of the event classes, rather than just
the data members.
2003-11-22 Saturday 23:20 geiseri
Moved the dcop call and send into the custom bindings.
Rich im not sure if this is the correct location for these, but
they currently work.
Added a demo to show off the new dcop stuff, requires
KWeatherService from tdetoys to be running, since i dont
know how to start a service from KJSEmbed yet.
2003-11-22 Saturday 01:49 geiseri
Added variable length args to K/TQListView.
Added ability to handle Strings vs Pixmaps correctly.
Added native method for grabWidget on TQWidget, this
may get moved to Pixmap when i figure out how to handle
a widget pointer.
2003-11-22 Saturday 00:54 geiseri
Make the compiler a little quieter by commenting out unused args in functions.
2003-11-21 Friday 20:13 rich
- Moved the native binding classes in builtins from the KJSEmbed::Bindings
namespace to the KJSEmbed::BuiltIns namespaces. Moved JSProxyImp from the
KJSEmbed::Bindings namespace to the KJSEmbed namespace.
- Minor cleanups to SAX handling that make the code a bit easier to follow.
2003-11-21 Friday 17:22 rich
- Update the demo to work properly with the changes made to the names of the
widgets in the console a few weeks ago.
2003-11-20 Thursday 20:04 rich
- Renamed the 'global' object to 'Global' for consistency with web browsers.
- Fixed some minor documentation error in the new builtin objects Ian added
(they're not TQObject wrappers!).
- Added basic support for loading files via the SAX api, a callback based
mechanism for processing XML. The implementation is far from complete, but
it is enough to let you load some XML without hastle. You can use the api by
calling saxLoadFile( Object, String ) which takes as parameters, the object
implementing the callbacks and the name of the file to be loaded.
The callback methods that are currently working are:
Boolean startDocument()
Boolean endDocument()
Boolean startElement( namespaceURI, localName, qName )
- note that the attrs argument is missing.
Boolean endElement( namespaceURI, localName, qName )
Boolean characters( chars )
For a more detailed look at what's going on with all this, check out the
example in docs/examples/sax.
2003-11-20 Thursday 16:50 geiseri
update the Todos so we know where we stand... still have to go back and check what is done.
2003-11-20 Thursday 01:13 geiseri
Fixed the index to show the actual functions.
2003-11-20 Thursday 01:04 geiseri
update readme
2003-11-20 Thursday 01:03 geiseri
merge with changes from head.
2003-11-20 Thursday 01:02 geiseri
Added a completion object for the KDevelop KJSEmbed support.
You can expose this via KJSEmbed's console via the raw() function
that behaves just like dump() only it returns an array instead
of a string.
2003-11-19 Wednesday 21:55 geiseri
Updated docs to reflect the latest API. These where generated with build-docs.js. Its starting to look like this might not be the best place to keep this stuff since we can now autogenerate it almost completely. Maby this will be the last update.
2003-11-19 Wednesday 21:53 geiseri
updated build-docs.js so that it now generates almost exactly what does... only about 50x faster
2003-11-19 Wednesday 14:47 geiseri
This is a sucky fix, but it works... this function really needs a clean up
all these arrays screaming to be put out of their misery...
any takers ;)
2003-11-19 Wednesday 00:58 geiseri
Added support for TDEIconLoader and KStdDirs so we can find junk in KDE.
Exposed :
findResource, addResourceType, kde_default,
addResourceDir, findResourceDir, saveLocation,
makeDir, exists, realPath
BarIcon, DesktopIcon, SmallIcon, MainBarIcon, UserIcon
2003-11-19 Wednesday 00:53 geiseri
Updated docs for latest code in cvs. Has new StdDirs and StdIcons stuff.
Added SQL docs.
2003-11-18 Tuesday 19:02 rich
- Fixed the image fun example. You can now pass pens around.
2003-11-18 Tuesday 18:16 rich
- Minor change to debug output and an increase in the maximum number of args
to slots.
2003-11-17 Monday 19:20 rich
- Added a mention of the scribble demo
2003-11-16 Sunday 02:23 geiseri
yay we can now populate a TDEListView from an SQL query... maby we need to put in a better demo app ;)
2003-11-16 Sunday 02:04 geiseri
hrmmm it seems that implantTQVariant dosent work as i thought it should. it seems once that is fixed things may
work a bit better.
2003-11-16 Sunday 01:36 geiseri
Fixed the TQPainter crash, it seems i had a booliean mistake
Added TQVariant insertion support for DCOP... this still crashes, but gets further.
2003-11-14 Friday 22:48 rich
- Fixed a problem in StdDialog where the bindings were returning strings that
told you 'this is null' rather than the real null value when the file
dialogs were cancelled. This error caused bad behaviour in the xmlgui demo.
- Improved the type handling of the JSFactory class.
- The mapping between typenames and proxy types now supports all the proxy
types. This is essential if we are to support creation of non-TQObject
proxies properly.
- Removed the 'special case' code that handled identification of classes
supported by TQWidgetFactory.
- You can now remove support for particular classes by calling addType() and
specifying the proxy type TypeInvalid. I'm not sure how useful this is,
but we may as well allow it since it is trivial to implement.
- Split the code that adds the types into one method for each type of
- Added some new JS methods to the Factory:
- isSupported(String)
Returns true iff the specified type is supported by the factory.
- types()
Returns an array naming all the types supported by the factory. This
list includes objects which can be wrapped but not created unlike the
constructors method.
- The methods now use TQString rather than TQCString to avoid needing lots of
charset conversions as these are an expensive operation.
- Added a new method addObjectTypes() that is responsible for telling the
factory about all the TQObject types it knows about that do not have any
sort of custom bindings. The list of currently unsupported types was
created by the scripts and data files in docs/examples/coverage/.
- The readFile() method now throws an exception when the file cannot be
2003-11-14 Friday 18:40 rich
- Fixed the imageviewer example.
- It now loads the image specified on the command line rather than
hard-coding the name.
- Restructured the code so the water color operation is a function.
- Changed the code so it no longer uses return outside of a function (this
is invalid js and causes a warning from the interpreter). Instead, we use
throw which lets us send a message up the call stack to whatever invoked
us. This is a nice technique as it means things will work properly both
standalone, when we're called from another script and when we're called
by something that embeds the kjsembed part.
- Added a new binding to the System class that lets you call exit. This is
needed because the kjscmd tool is currently calls exec() automatically. It's
a band-aid rather than a real fix, but it will give us time to decide on the
best solution to the problem.
- System.exit() Exits with the status code 0
- System.exit(Number) Exits with the status code specified.
- Added support for the TQLayout classes TQHBoxLayout and TQVBoxLayout. In
addition to the slots and properties, the following custom bindings are
available for box layouts:
- addWidget
- addSpacing
- addStretch
- addLayout
The creation code is current ifdef'd out as there are some problems, but the
methods are available to layouts created elsewhere.
2003-11-14 Friday 06:08 faure
CVS_SILENT -I.. should be before all_includes
2003-11-11 Tuesday 19:27 geiseri
yay more crashing test cases :)
2003-11-10 Monday 23:33 geiseri
nice little test to crash dcop with :)
2003-11-10 Monday 23:12 geiseri
fixes for dcop so it actually gets to the point of crashing, added a pen type
2003-11-10 Monday 23:11 geiseri
Yay we can now officially do SQL queries... we really need a SQL cursor though to make it
realy useful.
2003-11-10 Monday 23:10 geiseri
Tried to get further, you can now set a pixmap, still cannot change it, no clue why...
Added a pen type, it wont marshall properly, more type fun rich :)
we crash when you do a drawText() it seems the qstring's dptr goes invalid... yeah thats cool
2003-11-10 Monday 23:09 geiseri
Fixed a few things, we can now attach, and call commands, but now im getting the same issue we
have in painter. Things crash when reading a TQString that has been passed in... not sure why
rich you have ideas?
2003-11-01 Saturday 11:34 rich
- Attempt to fix problem with geiseri's SQL code.
2003-10-30 Thursday 20:20 rich
- Moved the factory method implementations from JSBuiltInImp to
JSFactoryImp. The previous location was a mistake and made no sense at all.
- Fixed the handling of KParts - the object was being registered incorrectly
which meant things were totally borked.
2003-10-30 Thursday 20:01 staniek
retval fixed
2003-10-30 Thursday 19:29 rich
- Split the JSValueProxy into two in order to solve the problem that TQObject
wrapper classes were broken by the increasing type-safety of the code.
- JSValueProxy now handles variant proxies and nothing else.
- JSOpaqueProxy takes over the handling of opaque pointer proxies.
- Fixed the slot return code to fall back to the opaque type if the return
type is a pointer, but is not known by the factory as a TQObject.
- convertToValue() now returns Undefined() for invalid TQVariant values and
unsupported types. This prevents scripts incorrectly reporting that the
method was successfull.
- NOTE: These changes have fixed the problems that were occuring with TQObject
wrapper types.
2003-10-30 Thursday 17:57 rich
- Made the remaining methods use the new naming code made possible by the
InternalFunctionImp code. This means that all the methods implemented in
native code now behave properly. The new code for adding the methods to
their parent objects is table driven which should make it easier to
maintain (or at least so I hope).
The methods that are wrappers for slots still need to be changed to use the
new code properly.
- Removed the old ChangeLog stub (the real thing is in the docs directory).
- Added d pointers to anything that didn't have one.
- Removed the remaining createImp() methods because since the code was
refactored to remove the misuse of the part's imp they're a unnecessary
blight on the API.
- Removed some TODO items that have been implemented.
2003-10-29 Wednesday 19:32 rich
- Changed the base class of JSProxyImp from ObjectImp to the newly public
InternalFunctionImp (the internal here refers to the fact they are native
code rather than JS). This change fixes the problem that scripts could not
properly inspect the methods (for example instanceof was broken). The
InternalFunctionImp constructor requires an ExecState, so a few incidental
changes were required to accomodate this.
NOTE: This change requires the patch to KJS that I just committed.
- Added some missing d pointers.
- Improvements to doc comments.
2003-10-24 Friday 21:30 rich
- Added a new class JSBuiltInImp that implements the bindings for the methods
defined by JSBuiltIn. Moved the code for these bindings out of the part imp
into the new class.
- Minor cleanups to the initialisation of the builtins.
- Improved class docs.
- Made a couple more methods return exceptions instead of Null on
errors. These error types need to be centralised somewhere, perhaps in the
JSBuiltIn class.
2003-10-24 Friday 20:13 rich
- Added some properties to the KPart that let scripts query the version of
KJSEmbed they are running in.
- Improvements to the XMLActionClient class.
- Removed the XMLActionRunner member from the kpart because the default
runner is now an opaque class and you can do what you need via the
- Fixed a potential crash in XMLActionClient (caused by the bad choice of
semantics when changing the runner).
- The actions are now deleted with the action client, this prevents a crash
when an action that was left behind is invoked.
- Added a copy constructor to XMLActionScript to ensure the semantics are
2003-10-24 Friday 19:01 rich
- Added a new class JSFactoryImp which implements the constructors for
JSFactory. This is rather better than stuffing all this stuff into
KJSEmbedPartImp as we did before.
- Renamed some of the public classes to add the js name prefix.
- factory.h/.cpp -> jsfactory.h/.cpp
- securitypolicy.h/.cpp -> jssecuritypolicy.h/.cpp
- Moved JSProxyImp into its own file.
- Moved the handling of JSBuiltIn from the factory to the part. This change
makes the logic make more sense, and removes a couple of methods that only
existed to work around the previous location in the factory.
2003-10-23 Thursday 19:26 rich
- Started moving the builtin objects out of the factory and into a standalone
class JSBuiltIn. The part will ultimately be responsible for managing the
JSBuiltIn class which should simplify the factory (useful when we have
multiple factories).
NOTE: Access to the TQObject-based wrapper objects is broken at the
moment. This is a known issue and is being addressed, but as things are being
restructured a bit fixing it will have to wait so I don't have to do it twice.
2003-10-18 Saturday 19:43 rich
- Began adding support for non-TQObject ptr types.
- The part no longer inherits XMLActionRunner, instead there's an internal
class that binds the two together. This makes the class hierarchy a lot
cleaner and reduces the linking between the xml action handling and kjsembed
which are really fairly distinct. Possibly this separation should go even
further and the part should avoid automatically creating an XMLActionClient
now that scripts can do this themselves.
- Made some of the methods of the factory object take 'const TQString &' rather
than 'TQString'.
- Reworked the handling of the JSFactory object. The factory is now a propery
of the kpart rather than being global. This means that applications can have
multiple active parts, each with their own factory. This change has required
changes throughout KJSEmbed:
- Changes to allow the static js objects to know which factory they should
be using.
- Changes to the proxies so they know which part they use rather than just
which interpreter. This has required changes all over the place, but
better now than later.
2003-10-18 Saturday 16:16 geiseri
imageviewer with nifty watercolor effect now.
2003-10-18 Saturday 15:32 geiseri
More updates to the SQL support. Changed the name to make it more clear
that it was SQL. Still cannot get SqlDatabase.exec() to return a real
query, even thought the database says its all good.
2003-10-17 Friday 21:52 rich
- Removed the createSubProxy() method of JSObjectProxy and made the JSFactory
take over this operation completely.
- Made a create() method in the factory that returns a pre-wrapped
object. This method also throws a JS exception if creation fails instead of
needing the client to check the return value.
- Removed support for the create() method that early scripts used to
instantiate things, now you must always use new to create objects. This
method was only ever introduced because I hadn't figured out how to define
proper constructors, so no one should really miss it.
2003-10-17 Friday 17:50 rich
- Moved the kjsconsole plugin into its own directory. This has been requested
by people working on a couple of apps that would like to use the code. This
is a good idea anyway because it makes the separation between the core of
kjsembed and the clients clearer.
- Fixed a few unused parameter warnings.
2003-10-17 Friday 17:26 rich
- Moved builtins to a new directory. This isn't really needed yet, by doing it
now we avoid lots of pain later.
- Improved support for TQTimer.
- You now have access to the start(), stop() and isActive() methods.
- Added an example that uses the new timer support.
2003-10-17 Friday 10:57 rich
- Removed kpublished as it is unnecessary and seems to be unmaintained.
2003-10-11 Saturday 20:05 rich
- Extended the code for dumping slots so the output includes the return type.
- Added a debug area (80001) to the list in tdecore and changed all the debug
messages to use it.
- Added the ability to tell the factory that particular class names are
qobjects and made the creation code call it when it creates an object that
is an instance of an unsupported class. Note that this code does not
understand namespaces, so you need to explicitly qualify everything for it
to work properly.
- Changed the addConstructors method of the factory up so that it uses the
fully qualified names for the bindings classes.
- Changed the jscript() method of the console widget to use the qualified
name for the part.
2003-10-11 Saturday 16:26 rich
- Fixed code for implanting Qt types in unsupported signatures. The code was
ignoring the index of the parameter.
- Improved slot parameter support.
- Abort on the first unsuppored type so we don't waste time if we're already
- If the parameter type is a pointer and the passed value is a proxy we now
pass the value to the slot. Hopefully this will work for both
JSObjectProxy values and for opaque values.
- If the parameter type is supported by TQVariant and the passed value is a
proxy we should now support that too.
2003-10-11 Saturday 15:32 rich
- Began to add some flesh to the JSProxy class.
- Added a bunch of methods to handle the type conversions and tests
cleanly. Used these to centralise a whole bunch of down-casts making the
rest of the code a lot more readable.
- Added an implant method for proxy classes. This method will make it possible
to pass TQObjects, opaque values and unsupported variant types as parameters
to slots.
2003-10-09 Thursday 21:14 rich
- Made the arguments passed around during slot invocation a lot simpler. We
now pass around the slotimpl itself rather than all of the members it holds.
2003-10-09 Thursday 20:41 rich
- Did some tidying up of the slot handling code.
- Removed unused JSObjectProxyImp constructor.
- Lots of work on handling slots that return pointers. Slots that return types
supported by TQWidgetFactory now work, adding support for the other TQObject
types will be pretty simple at this point. The code really needs to be a lot
more generic - rather than asking the factory if the object is a TQObject, it
should be asking the factory if there is a wrapper available for the class.
- Did most of the grunt work required to handle slot pointer return types
properly. At the time we bind a slot we extract the return type from the
metaobject, the classname we obtain is stored in the slot binding
- Extended the slot invocation stuff to use the addition information about
the return type we've now stored.
2003-10-08 Wednesday 20:37 rich
- Added some notes to the TODO file that show how we can extract the return
type of a slot that returns an object from the metainfo.
- Tidied up and documented the console widget class.
- Removed the clear button Ian added. I really don't think this fits very
well as it removes the correspondence with a normal console. I've added an
access to for the hbox that arranges the entry fields to make it possible
for client class to do this sort of thing themselves if they feel it is
needed. This accessor also lets you use the console widget in a
non-interactive fashion as you can hide the entire entry section.
- Initialised proc to 0 and made the child handling slots back into slots so
that the process invocation code will work properly.
- Changed the names of the child objects to be lower-case for consistency
with everything else.
- Moved the popup title out of the d pointer object since we're not
retaining b/c for kjsembed this release.
- Set both large and small WM icons.
- Updated result handling code to use the facilities the part provides now.
2003-10-02 Thursday 02:11 geiseri
added the abilty to clear the cmd line with a button... not sure if i like this operation yet.... maby clear
should clear the log, and when you execute a command the line should get cleared. going to play with this for a
2003-10-02 Thursday 02:01 geiseri
Added support for the javascript mime type.
Added desktop file so clicking on a js script will execute it... NOTE: im not happy about this but i cannot
figure out how to get it to open in a text editor when its chmod -x and kjscmd when its +x... ideall this will
be fixed in the next few days or ill disable the kjscmd desktop file.
2003-09-28 Sunday 13:30 geiseri
start of port ob build-docs.js to kjs
2003-09-27 Saturday 20:37 geiseri
updated the docs to reflect the new members
2003-09-19 Friday 19:58 rich
- Improved the System class API:
- Added new method bool writeFile( filename, text ).
- Renamed System.stdin etc. to, System.out and System.err.
- Fixed examples for the new names.
- Started adding support for classes. The first stage here has been to add
(somewhat messy) support for associating enum values with the correct
type. This means that rather than having to reference these values via the
class instance, you can say things like:
var f = new TQFrame();
f.frameShape = TQFrame.WinPanel | TQFrame.Sunken;
It is important to note that with the current code, the enum values are not
available until after the first instance of the specified type has been
- Moved EventType back into the cpp class as it is only used internally.
2003-09-18 Thursday 19:35 rich
- Added a new class JSProxy to be a baseclass for JSValueProxy and
- Moved the event handler mapping code into a standalone class JSEventMapper
which will be its final location. Added various methods etc. to make this
work with everything else.
- Added a new example that creates a complete KDE mainwindow with all the
standard menus and toolbar using the KStdAction bindings and XMLGUI. This
example also shows how you can wire a TDEAction to a JS function using the
slot support by adding proper support for the file open action.
2003-09-18 Thursday 18:36 mueller
unbreak compilation. I wonder why I waste time on fixing it if the
fixes get reverted anyway.
2003-09-18 Thursday 16:58 rich
- Fix geiseri's code from last night.
- Fix to work properly.
2003-09-18 Thursday 15:48 rich
- Minor updates
2003-09-17 Wednesday 22:13 geiseri
workarround for Qt bug where moc cannot handle ',' any more...
2003-09-17 Wednesday 21:38 geiseri
crackrock EVERYWHERE! im going to bed...
2003-09-17 Wednesday 21:33 geiseri
god dammnit, i obviously cannot code anymore this evening...
2003-09-17 Wednesday 21:09 geiseri
Added start of bindings for a TDEConfig object.
this is mostly untested, but it compiles so we can start to debug it.
2003-09-17 Wednesday 01:43 geiseri
im sure rich really dosent want credit for this sucker ;)
2003-09-17 Wednesday 01:41 geiseri
Added SQL Database and Query bindings.
Known issue is with Database::exec(); This returns a Qt SQL Query. I added what I thought was the
correct constructor to Query() so that we could handle it from JS, but it keeps responding that the query
is a null type. Rich what is the correct way to handle these types? Once this is resolved we can start
on the more advanced SQL features.
2003-09-17 Wednesday 01:37 geiseri
Added demo of SQL features. We can now connect to the database, but there are some issues with the
2003-09-16 Tuesday 01:26 geiseri
Added support for TQMovie so we can spice up our boring GUIs...
2003-09-15 Monday 22:52 geiseri
fixed Painter::drawText to really draw text
void drawArc( ... );
void drawPie( ... );
void drawPixmap ( ... );
void drawImage ( ... );
void drawTiledPixmap ( ... );
void scale ( ... );
void shear ( ... );
void rotate ( ... );
void translate ( ... );
to Painter
2003-09-15 Monday 20:18 geiseri
changed image viewer to apply some effects.
2003-09-15 Monday 20:17 geiseri
Moved image_imp from a TQImage * to a TQImage value.
Added image effect members to pixmap_imp
Added image effect members to image_imp
These need more testing but just a simple test seems to pass and look good.
2003-09-15 Monday 19:07 rich
- Added 3 new methods to the KPart that provide access to the defined
constructors. These replace the dumpConstructors() function in
jsbindings.h which has been now been removed.
TQStringList constructorNames() const;
KJS::Value constructors() const;
KJS::List constructorList() const;
- Moved some methods of the part so they are no longer slots since it
seems that returning non-ptr, non-variant types like KJS::Object
through a slot isn't going to work due to limitations in moc. The
same limitations apply to properties unfortunately.
- Added more debug info.
2003-09-15 Monday 17:04 geiseri
Added support for the following events:
TQKeyEvent, TQWheelEvent, TQFocusEvent, TQPaintEvent, TQMoveEvent
TQResizeEvent, TQCloseEvent, TQShowEvent, TQHideEvent, and TQIMEvent.
These need to be tested and it should be noted funcitons that return void, are not currently implemented.
2003-09-14 Sunday 18:18 rich
- The events are now defined using an array, this makes it much easier
to maintain and to add support for new event handlers.
- Added a binding to TQApplication::exec(). If this works ok, I think I
should probably make no-exec mode the default and leave the decision
entirely up to the script. This would mean I'd need to add a -exec
option to allow you to use the console widget with non-graphical
- Various clean ups.
- Added support for the TQObject className() method to the object
proxy, and an extra method superClassName() that queries the
- Note that I'm still working on the 'no default value' problem.
2003-09-11 Thursday 18:30 rich
- Rename the new factory to avoid the reserved word.
2003-09-11 Thursday 05:45 rich
- Doh, forgot the code
2003-09-10 Wednesday 20:20 rich
- Added support for some more of the TQMouseEvent class.
- Fixed some of the TDEMainWindow method bindings which were totally
broken. These bugs explain why a number of things I was trying to
write never worked.
- Added a binding to KStdAction. This lets you create instances of any
of the standard KDE actions from scripts. For example, you can write
the following:
var act = StdAction.quit( recv, slot, parent, name );
Note that at the moment the receiver and slot cannot be a JS object
and method, they must be a slot defined in C++.
- Added an example to docs/examples/actions/
2003-09-06 Saturday 17:36 rich
- Added getParentNode() to the DOM api.
- Added implementation of KJS::Identifer::qstring().
- Added the JSObjectEventProxy class. This class forwards Qt events to
javascript handler methods. This means you can now write scripts
that handle events!
The basic method it uses is to install an event filter for the
target of the JSObjectProxy it is created for and test if any events
the target receives should be forwarded using a bit array. If the
event needs forwarding it looks up the name of the handler and calls
it, if not then processing occurs as normal.
The creation of the event proxy is handled by the object proxy which
overrides the set property handling in ObjectImp to detect when a
script assigns to a method that is an eventhandler. The event proxy
is created the first time this happens (and is deleted when the last
handler is removed).
In order to implement the scheme described, there needs to be a
both a mapping between handler names and TQEvent::Type, and a mapping
between the type and the handler. The first is used to determine
if assigning to a property should cause any event types to be
forwarded (and which types they are), the second lets the event
filter know which js method it should call.
In addition to supporting the standard event handlers needed to
write Qt/KDE wrappers, this code is intended to support weird
compatibility stuff like kaxul. :-) This requirement means we need
to allow for the possibility of custom event types, events mapping
to custom handler names, and also custom signatures in event
handlers. The same difficulties occur when support for custom
TQEvents is considered. This side of things is very much a work in
At the moment both mappings are stored in the factory object, but
I'm not convinced this should be their real location. If anyone has
any thoughts on this, then please let me know. The other big
question is the time at which names should be resolved to
(hopefully) callable objects.
2003-09-03 Wednesday 17:02 rich
- Added bindings to KColorDialog and KPropertiesDialog to StdDialog.
- Moved StdDialog binding code from the factory to the class itself.
- Added support for creating TQScrollView and TQCanvasView widgets.
- Added support for TDEMainWindow::createGUI().
2003-08-27 Wednesday 18:37 rich
- Fixed tree example (I added a sh-style comment) and added a better
demo ui file.
2003-08-27 Wednesday 18:24 rich
- Added binding to isWidgetType().
- Added an example that generates a graphical tree of the TQWidget
- Fixed const warning in convertToValue(). Various other irritating
const fixes.
- Added support for enums! This means that you can now use enums that
have been declared using Q_ENUM in scripts. The enums are published
as properties of the object itself for now, rather than the class
(this will be fixed). This means that for now you do things like
f = new TQFrame();
f.frameShape = f.Panel;
- Added a new demo 'frame' that illustrates TQFrame and enum support.
2003-08-27 Wednesday 14:30 geiseri
made the slot invoke a little smarter. we now have both the old and new methods to keep everyone happy.
2003-08-26 Tuesday 20:10 rich
- Moved code for adding custom functions to the corresponding imp
- Added context information to convertToValue() so that we can ensure
the security policy is followed. Without this change, proxies that
are created by this method will revert to the default policy. This
fixes the security hole I referred to earlier.
- Added a binding to JSValueProxy that returns the name of the
contained type.
- Added a new native binding StdDialog that will provide an easy way
to access the common KDE dialogs. This class is far from complete at
the moment.
2003-08-21 Thursday 19:45 rich
- Added a factory method for proxies that are explicitly published.
- Renamed some ExecState params called 'state' to 'exec' for
consistency and reordered some method args for the same reason.
- Moved the JS method load() out of the factory object and into the
global namespace.
- Added an example showing how to write scripts that span multiple
source files.
2003-08-21 Thursday 18:36 rich
- Modified the JSFactory class so that it is no longer used via static
method calls. These changes have been made so that host applications
can define custom factories. There are more changes to come in this
area, so please don't use on it yet.
- Moved creation of sub-proxies to the factory.
- Something seems to have broken the listview example. I'm not sure if
it is one of my changes, or if it's the generic slot support geiseri
2003-08-18 Monday 23:48 geiseri
Variable length slots now work for the currently known types. Things seem
to pass the old tests, and some new dcop tests now pass. TQVariants still
need to be handled. I leave for my flight in 17hours so im not optimistic
ill get in one more commit. Rich please dont try to clean this up yet, as
ill probibly work on it before i get net access on thursday.
2003-08-18 Monday 23:46 geiseri
Make this work with Qt 3.2... not sure if this has bad side effects yet,
please test.
2003-08-18 Monday 15:40 rich
- Added a new example that illustrates support for TDEListView.
- JSValueProxy instances that contain a TQVariant can now be converted
back to TQVariant.
- Moved JSValueProxy out of the Bindings namespace.
- Added a new example that tests the support for opaque values.
- Did a bit of work on the Painter binding, still doesn't work
though. :-(
- Added support for opening files (ro/rw) a TextStream is returned.
(currently commented out as it is flawed).
2003-08-18 Monday 13:39 geiseri
it helps rich to debug it if he has the same code.
2003-08-17 Sunday 11:46 rich
- Added a new class JSValueProxy which provides an opaque binding to
either a TQVariant or a void pointer.
- Extended the property handling code to automatically generate opaque
bindings for unknown types.
- Added a new method Factory.widgets() that returns a list of the
widgets supported by TQWidgetFactory.
- Added support for pointer slot return values.
2003-08-16 Saturday 18:33 rich
- Moved the implementations of the custom methods (ie. those that are
not slots) to their own class.
- Documentation
- Made the built-in objects use the default Object prototype for their
2003-08-16 Saturday 17:16 rich
- Added some more doc comments.
- Added support for slot signatures needed by NetAccess:
slot(const KURL&,const TQString&)
slot(const TQString&,const KURL&)
2003-08-16 Saturday 16:48 rich
- Minor cleanups of the kpublished code.
- Cleaned up the factory's create methods. There is now one for each
type of object created.
- Fixed NetAccess (I was too enthusiastic in converting stuff to
2003-08-16 Saturday 15:52 rich
- Modify TDEIO::NetAccess binding to use KURLs now we support the 2
argument variant.
2003-08-16 Saturday 15:42 rich
- Added support for slots that take 2 kurls.
2003-08-16 Saturday 15:01 jowenn
A modified dcopidl* toolchain for restricting which slots should be published to kjsembed. It's quite generic from the idea, so it should be usable with any other script language too. It's a first try/begin though, so it doesn't do much yet except for the test also committed I hope to get signal restrictions to work too and fix some compatibility problems with Qt's moc
2003-08-16 Saturday 14:41 rich
- Added support for a 4 argument for of createROPart() to allow you to
specify custom constraints for the TDETrader query.
2003-08-16 Saturday 13:48 zrusin
Fix implicit casts.
2003-08-15 Friday 19:53 rich
Update changelog and docs
2003-08-15 Friday 19:46 rich
- Ensure we add the args array to the application object even when it
is empty.
- Improved the readonlypart demo to be proper browser (ie. make links
- Improved factory creation code.
2003-08-15 Friday 18:45 rich
- Added support for creating read-only KParts.
- Added an example that displays the KDE homepage in a TDEHTMLPart. This
example also shows the use of the main window bindings.
2003-08-15 Friday 18:08 zrusin
Use new instead of app.create and a few path fixes.
2003-08-15 Friday 17:55 zrusin
Make the new call work with NetAccess
2003-08-15 Friday 17:49 rich
- Added compatibility with KDE 3.1 so I can actually use this stuff!
- Minor cleanups to the examples.
2003-08-15 Friday 09:13 zrusin
Don't crash when creating widgets/dialogs from ui files (and use more
sensible way of detecting kjscmd)
2003-08-15 Friday 04:59 zrusin
Adding TDEIO::NetAccess binding. So now from within scripts you can do:
var net = application.create( 'NetAccess', 'net' ); '', '~/logo.jpg' );
To download anything you want. It be cool if one could disable the progress
dialog for netaccess.
2003-08-14 Thursday 22:00 rich
- Added some more slot signatures:
- slot(const TQString &,uint)
- slot(const TQString &, bool)
- slot(int,const TQColor &)
- slot(int,int,int,int,int)
- slot(const TQPixmap&)
- slot(const TQRect&,bool)
- slot(const TQString&,bool)
- slot(const TQString&,bool,bool)
- slot(const TQString&,int,int)
- slot(int,const TQColor&,bool)
- slot(int,const TQColor&)
- slot(int,int,float,float)
- slot(const TQString&,bool,bool,bool)
- Added a utility method for getting the TQWidget in a proxy.
- Added support for TQPixmap properties.
- Added imageviewer example.
2003-08-14 Thursday 19:07 zrusin
Yeah, real funny
2003-08-14 Thursday 19:02 zrusin
Correct makefile for a static lib.
2003-08-14 Thursday 18:02 rich
- It helps if we actually make the TQString,TQString slots available to
the JS interpreter...
2003-08-14 Thursday 17:57 rich
- Added a JS prefix to a couple of classes.
- Added support for slots with 2 string arguments
2003-08-14 Thursday 14:39 rich
- Add support for the full loadui command including the connector.
2003-08-14 Thursday 14:16 rich
- Make kawil happy by fixing the parent argument to loadui.
2003-08-13 Wednesday 15:58 zrusin
Adding bindings as a subdir dir. Fixing the non-working implicit cast of
TQString to const char* to make it compile.
Rich are sure the bindings lib should be installable shared lib, and not
a static, non-installable one?
2003-08-12 Tuesday 18:06 rich
2003-08-12 Tuesday 18:03 rich
Moved to bindings/