TDE programming language bindings
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In this file:

* Notes for end users
* Notes for developers

Notes for end users

You only need this package when something else requires it.

Notes for developers

This package contains:
+ working:
* dcopperl: DCOP bindings for Perl
* kjsembed: javascript scripting support library for TDE applications
* tdejava: TDE bindings for Java JNI to use Qt/TDE classes with Java
* korundum: TDE bindings for ruby
* python: a copy of SIP/pyQt/pyTDE bindings from
* qtjava: Qt bindings for Java JNI to use Qt/TDE classes with Java
* qtruby: Qt bindings for Ruby
* smoke: Language independent library for Qt and TDE bindings. Used by QtRuby
and PerlQt.
* kalyptus: a header parser and bindings generator for Qt/TDE. Used for
Smoke, Java, C# and KSVG bindings generation at present.
* dcoppython: DCOP bindings for Python

+ possibly broken:
* dcopc: DCOP bindings for C
* dcopjava: DCOP bindings for JAVA
* xparts: allows you to embed non-TDE apps as a KPart

+ broken:
* qtsharp: C# bindings for Qt (badly broken after qtc removal)