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Fix references to user profile directory.

Darrell Anderson 7 years ago
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doc/kooka/index.docbook View File

@@ -635,7 +635,7 @@ size of the thumbnails if you are scanning many pages from a book.
than in many other applications. Click the
<guilabel>Gallery</guilabel> tab to open a small file browser. This is
the folder <filename
class="directory">~/.kde/share/apps/ScanImages/</filename> In the
class="directory">~/.trinity/share/apps/ScanImages/</filename> In the
lower portion of the window, your current subfolder in the gallery
is shown. This is where all scanned images are first saved as
files. When starting &kooka; for the first time, you will only see the
@@ -656,7 +656,7 @@ it will retain its original format. At present,

><para>If you do not want to use this method of managing your images
in <filename
class="directory">~/.kde/share/apps/ScanImages/</filename>, you can,
class="directory">~/.trinity/share/apps/ScanImages/</filename>, you can,
of course, save them to another location. To do this,
<mousebutton>right</mousebutton> click the
image name and select <guilabel>Save</guilabel>. Choose any path

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kmrml/kmrml/mrmlsearch.cpp View File

@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
// from Konqueror and creates a query of the form
// mrml://;url2;url3;url4....
// By default, the mrml URL is mrml://localhost", but you can override that
// by editing ~/.kde/share/config/kio_mrmlrc and adding
// by editing ~/.trinity/share/config/kio_mrmlrc and adding
// [MRML Settings]
// Default URL=mrml://

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libkscan/kscandevice.h View File

@@ -331,7 +331,7 @@ public slots:

* stores the info bit in a config file for the currently connected
* scanner. For this, the config file $TDEHOME/.kde/share/config/scannerrc
* scanner. For this, the config file $TDEHOME/.trinity/share/config/scannerrc
* is opened, a group is created that identifies the scanner and the
* device where it is connected. The information is stored into that group.