15 Commits (c3809fce15f966296c57961f0f4cf508b9b06dd4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  samelian c3809fce15 [kdegraphics/kview] initial cmake support 9 years ago
  tpearson 6803a8bb7f Fix a number of runtime object identification problems which led to an even larger array of minor glitches 9 years ago
  tpearson 507b8d4250 Link cmake directory to Trinity modifiable shared cmake SVN folder 10 years ago
  tpearson 65627278ad Autodetect old fribidi header file 10 years ago
  tpearson d34b0133bf More compilation fixes 10 years ago
  tpearson f94d01fbad Compilation fix 10 years ago
  tpearson eba47f8f06 TQt conversion 10 years ago
  tpearson c7e8736c69 Fixed compilation with new fribidi version 10 years ago
  tpearson 96af4fae72 Automake fixes 10 years ago
  tpearson 19a5732ce2 Redirect externals to svn://anonsvn instead of svn+ssh:// (Closes bug 222920) 10 years ago
  tpearson 153bf11f19 Repaired kdvi compilation with gcc4.x+ 10 years ago
  tpearson 6f6eb6ae3e Repaired handling of SVG item insert 10 years ago
  tpearson 56a45f537a Redirect admin directories to Trinity-specific "svn+ssh://svn.kde.org/home/kde/branches/trinity/kde-common/admin" directory 10 years ago
  tpearson 9116c29739 * kpdf page rotate options 10 years ago
  toma 47d455dd55 Copy the KDE 3.5 branch to branches/trinity for new KDE 3.5 features. 10 years ago