TDE graphics utilities
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Please send bug reports and feature requests to
Don't hesitate to report bugs nor hesitate to send us your wishes - it
provides valuable feedback that will help to improve future versions of
KolourPaint and you will not receive flames for reporting duplicates.
This file lists known bugs in this version that are not considered
"release critical" and are difficult to fix:
1. Flicker when zooming in/out.
3. Tool Box & Colour Box RMB ToolBar Menus do not work.
4. Image dialog spinboxes should accept Enter Key (instead of the dialog's
OK button) after the user has typed something.
Spinboxes should signal that their values have changed every time the
user changes the text (rather than after pressing Enter or clicking on
another spinbox etc.).
The need for the "Update Preview" button and the difficulty of keeping
the percentages and dimensions in sync in the Resize / Scale dialog are
manifestations of the current QSpinBox behaviour.
6. a) The undo history and document modified state are not updated during
the drawing of multi-segment shapes (Polygon, Connected Lines,
Curve). They are however updated after shapes' completion.
b) The text and brush-like tools set the document modified flag even if
user cancels the draw operation.
c) Select a region, manipulate it (e.g. move), undo - the document is
still marked as modified (because 2 commands - the create selection
and the move - were added but only one was undone).
7. Certain shapes may have the wrong size (usually only a pixel off and
only in extreme cases) e.g. an ellipse of height 1 always has a width 1
pixel less than it should be. This is a Qt bug.
8. At zoom levels that aren't multiples of 100%, parts of the image may
appear to move when the user interacts with it. Other minor redraw
glitches may also occur at such zoom levels.
9. Keyboard shortcut changes do not propagate to other KolourPaint windows
(but will propagate to future windows).
10. "File/Open Recent" entries are not updated interprocess.
11. The blinking text cursor will "disappear" if you type more text than
you can fit in a text box.
12. You cannot select only parts of the text you write.
13. Due to a workaround for a Qt bug, writing text with the foreground
colour set to transparent is incredibly slow. Write your text in
another colour and then set the foreground colour to transparent after
you've finished typing to avoid this issue.
14. The text cursor may be momentarily misrendered when scrolling the view.
17. a) Using KolourPaint on a remote X display may result in redraw errors
and pixel data corruption.
b) KolourPaint is screen depth dependent. Opening an image with a
an alpha channel and/or a depth higher than the screen and then
saving it will likely result in loss of colour information. Also,
8-bit screens are not supported at all. To reduce data loss, run
your screen at 24-bit. This bug will be addressed in a future
version of KolourPaint.
19. Read support for EPS files is extremely slow. You should not enable
the "Save Preview" dialog when saving to EPS. This is an issue with
20. Pasting a large image (esp. one that doesn't compress well as PNG)
into an image editor (not necessarily KolourPaint) running as
different process from the KolourPaint which was the source of the
image, on a sufficiently slow computer, may fail with the following
output to STDERR:
"kolourpaint: ERROR: kpMainWindow::paste() with sel without pixmap
QClipboard: timed out while sending data"
This is a Qt bug.
21. It is not always possible to copy and paste between 2 instances of
KolourPaint running different Qt versions. See
22. The Emboss, Blur and Sharpen effects give different results depending
on _both_:
a) The KDE version KolourPaint was compiled with
(due to KImageEffect not supporting strength settings for these
effects in KDE 3.0, KolourPaint repeats these effects in order to
simulate strength)
b) The KDE version KolourPaint is running under
(e.g. for the same function calls, KDE 3.2's effects are slower but
give better results than those in KDE 3.0)
23. Changing tool options while in the middle of a drawing option may
confuse KolourPaint. For instance:
a) With the brush tools, the cursor incorrectly appears.
b) With the rectangle-based tools, the temporary pixmap does not resize
when the line width increases.
25. Sometimes when you take a screenshot of a window, and then paste in a
new window, it will be greyscale. When pasting again, it will still be
greyscale. Cannot consistently reproduce. [Thurston]
26. Drawing with the keyboard is unreliable. Depending on the X server,
either holding down Enter may continually switch between drawing and
not drawing or KolourPaint may fail to detect the release of the Enter
27. InputMethod has not been tested at zoom levels other than 100%.
28. KolourPaint has not been tested against invalid or malicious clipboard
Issue with XFree86 <= 3.3.6 with the "Emulate3Buttons" Option
When drawing, clicking the left or right mouse button that did not
initiate the current operation will, in this order:
1. finalise the current drawing operation
2. attempt to paste the contents of the middle-mouse-button clipboard
instead of canceling the current drawing operation.
This is due to XFree86 sending a release notification for the button that
initiated the drawing operation, followed by a press notification for the
emulated 3rd button; instead of just a single press notification for the
button that is intended to cancel the operation. This works correctly in
XFree86 4.x with "Emulate3Buttons" on because it is harder to trigger the
emulation for the 3rd button as it is only invoked if the left and right
buttons are pressed at almost the same time.
Possible solutions:
a) Use XFree86 4.x or an X server from another vendor (e.g.
b) Press Escape in KolourPaint to cancel the current drawing operation
instead of using the problematic click method described above.
c) Disable "Emulate3Buttons".