Sword tdeio plugin
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  1. Feedback/votes for any of these are appreciated - e-mail the author.
  3. =================
  4. o The fact that you can replace the CSS file easily needs documenting
  5. o Background image is annoying
  6. o Lots of the filters are incomplete, and don't render everything
  7. correctly, especially:
  8. o footnotes
  9. o cross references
  10. o lemmas
  11. o i18n: Support for RTL text in the main page
  12. o Support for RTL modules that aren't Bibles
  13. o footnotes - not implemented at all yet
  14. o ThML cross refs - partic MHC - have tags that just specify a verse number or
  15. verse and chapter, the rest of the reference should be inferred by the context
  16. (e.g. in commentary on John 5, '2' means John 5:2). We need to get these to
  17. produce correct hrefs
  18. o Strongs and morph tags:
  19. o these won't work properly in all modules yet. In GBF, all
  20. strongs hrefs go to greekstrongs - I need to look up some docs to
  21. about the markup.
  22. o Lots of i18n issues:
  23. o Support for non-English names for Bible books
  24. o in terms of querying e.g. sword:/KJV/Genèse ??
  25. o and for displaying the book name
  26. (not sure how this will work)
  27. o Ability to choose different fonts for diferent lanugages somehow
  28. o probably by adding <span class='sword_hebrew'> </span>
  29. and using CSS, if possible
  30. o Need to investigate these issues:
  31. o reading of supplied URL - what encoding is it in?
  32. o DEFINITE bug here -- in e-mail
  33. o construction of URL for redirection, or going back
  34. to previous page - encoding issues?
  35. o add dir=RTL|LTR and lang attributes according to the user's chosen
  36. language
  37. o Bibles that don't have e.g. OT should produce an error if you request
  38. an OT verse
  39. o Luther's commentary on Galatians lists everything from Galatians -
  40. Rev in the index. Probably others similarly
  42. =========================
  43. o Make modules names case insensitive
  44. o HTML
  45. - move to XHTML strict
  46. o Style sheet
  47. - get someone to do a better design for the page
  48. o Read some config defaults from the BibleTime settings
  49. o Headings in Lexicons - use the proper name, not the user's query text
  50. o clean up/optimise lots of code according to the 'KDE mistakes' tutorial
  51. o improve docbook documentation
  52. o 'Bookmark' icon to make tdeio-sword pages appear with their own bookmark