182 Commits (master)

Autor SHA1 Nachricht Datum
  Slávek Banko 42f3a62161
Simplify CMake rules for desktop file translations. vor 1 Monat
  Slávek Banko 158b6e1152
Use private linking for exported CMake targets. vor 2 Monaten
  Slávek Banko 080c061b15
For templates from CMake, use the TDE CMAKE TEMPLATES variable. vor 2 Monaten
  Slávek Banko 4b7a4e1736
Desktop file translations: vor 2 Monaten
  Slávek Banko c2b90055a5
Drop explicit dependencies on dcopidl and dcopidl2cpp, vor 2 Monaten
  Michele Calgaro 9cd27dbaa3
Fixed tde branding of services in tdebuildsycoca. This was creating old vor 4 Monaten
  Michele Calgaro 8b8f5064f7
Security: remove support for $(...) in KRun which could have allowed vor 5 Monaten
  Michele Calgaro e5256a1bd6 Removed beagle related code. vor 6 Monaten
  Slávek Banko 017a50624b
Improve folder icons on the speedbar. vor 6 Monaten
  Michele Calgaro aa98dbfe80
Removed explicit usage of the 'register' keyword. vor 6 Monaten
  Michele Calgaro de79e754fa
Make sure XDG folders are created prior to their usage. vor 6 Monaten
  Michele Calgaro 394c9f5c0e
Improved support for XDG folders without requiring xdg-user-dirs to be installed. vor 6 Monaten
  Matías Fonzo c2adce2e13
Redirect some headers noticed by the compiler vor 6 Monaten
  Matías Fonzo aa9b9581a9
Fix LibreSSL detection at tdeio/kssl/ vor 6 Monaten
  François Andriot a6bbb9e7bc
Fix missing return values in kopenssl. vor 8 Monaten
  Michele Calgaro 8b66a5759a
Fixed type in LIBRESSL usage. This relates to a comment made on issue #28. vor 10 Monaten
  Slávek Banko a2ad929640
Fix SSL initialization for OpenSSL >= 1.1. vor 11 Monaten
  Michele Calgaro d3119bb794
Fixed missing update of mime comment in refreshed KFileItem. This vor 1 Jahr
  Chris 0e071064b9 Fix remaining brandings in tdelibs and adopt to modern age. vor 1 Jahr
  Michele Calgaro aaaf378033
Adjusted to use new TQStringVariantMap type. vor 1 Jahr
  Michele Calgaro 352c8f6a21
Adjusted to latest TQVariant::TQVariant(bool) function. vor 1 Jahr
  Mavridis Philippe 86fea6f5c5 Added some checks in KSSL (in TDEIO) to correctly recognize LibreSSL (which is a fork of OpenSSL 1.0.1b) vor 1 Jahr
  Slávek Banko 8a859540c3
Use system libdir when searching for dynamically loaded libraries. vor 1 Jahr
  Slávek Banko 43609c8a21
Fix SSL initialization for OpenSSL >= 1.1. vor 1 Jahr
  Slávek Banko ebf0115af1
Use common test for large files support. vor 1 Jahr
  OBATA Akio 08b7645468 Change to always build and install KACL vor 1 Jahr
  Michele Calgaro 6b3ce66088
Fixed access to TDE wallets created before R14.0.6 that uses special non-ascii characters in their password. vor 1 Jahr
  Emanoil Kotsev cfb7075fa2
Fixed problem with access to tdewallet caused by commit 6ec26d85. vor 1 Jahr
  Slávek Banko e532d9345d Add CMakeL10n rules. vor 1 Jahr
  Slávek Banko 0e892bc700
Deleted blank line at the beginning of the file. vor 1 Jahr
  Michele Calgaro 6ec26d859b
KPasswordEdit::password() now returns a TQString instead of a const char *. This relates to bug 2961. vor 1 Jahr
  Michele Calgaro 2e0398f755
QT_NO_* -> TQT_NO_* renaming. vor 1 Jahr
  Michele Calgaro 8d88f31f74
  Michele Calgaro 8d07cff840
qt -> tqt conversion: vor 1 Jahr
  Michele Calgaro 89389861b3
qt -> tqt conversion: vor 1 Jahr
  Michele Calgaro 2518c29202
qt -> tqt conversion: vor 1 Jahr
  Michele Calgaro 0c5985ae03
LIB_QT -> LIB_TQT conversion to align to updated admin module vor 1 Jahr
  Slávek Banko a3b86c2690 Fix security issue CVE-2017-6410 vor 2 Jahren
  Slávek Banko aa83c86cd3 Fix bug reports link in about dialog vor 2 Jahren
  Michele Calgaro c18840c76f Fix previous commit typo. vor 2 Jahren
  Michele Calgaro bcdfbb95e9 Fixed service lookup in KOpenWithDlg. Default is now to lookup by vor 2 Jahren
  Slávek Banko 45cf7d13eb KSSL: Set hostname in TLSext to enable SNI support vor 3 Jahren
  Slávek Banko adb9d9d2b0 KSSL: Use TLS_client_method instead of TLSv1_client_method vor 3 Jahren
  Michele Calgaro 05bcfa76fc Fixed code for tdefiledialog which caused the problem explained in bug vor 3 Jahren
  Michele Calgaro 00051ff7dd Reverted commit 53e36f6d (master), c8ff908d (r14.0.x) vor 3 Jahren
  Slávek Banko df203a23f4 testing: Run tests that use DCOP in a temporary home vor 3 Jahren
  Slávek Banko 4d3d8d8653 testing: run tdeio/kmimetypetest with temporary profile vor 3 Jahren
  Alexander Golubev ed74769bfa tdeio: add tests vor 3 Jahren
  Alexander Golubev f54496a1f2 tdeio/kmimemagic: remove MAGIC_CONTINUE flag vor 3 Jahren
  Slávek Banko e1861cb681 Added support for OpenSSL 1.1 vor 3 Jahren