309 Commits (9b519237cac1db224cbad6d2f259ca1b59ad3306)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  tpearson 9b519237ca Disable kdelibs randr component building with outdated, incompatible xrandr versions 8 years ago
  tpearson 950edb942c Add debugging message upon libltdl dlopen() failure 8 years ago
  tpearson 378e17d1a3 Fix KHTML multi-line textboxes rendering incorrectly 8 years ago
  tpearson cb717a24c2 Rebrand version string to final 3.5.13 release 8 years ago
  tpearson 3e35e06e63 Add cr16-action-button_ok.png to kdelibs 8 years ago
  tpearson 416a551e80 Add constructor to KApplication that allows ARGB visuals to be manually disabled 8 years ago
  tpearson 0d2336ffe0 Fix kdelibs FTBFS 8 years ago
  tpearson 89e59df78f Fix findSignal failure in kio net slave 8 years ago
  tpearson d1071e2930 Add missing cr16-action-button_cancel.png icon file to kdelibs 8 years ago
  tpearson b70482d0e7 Make KPassivePopup emit a signal when a popup is hidden 8 years ago
  tpearson 715433c853 Add new system executable completion mode to kurlcompletion 8 years ago
  tpearson 80f78d20c3 Link most Trinity DSOs against the most common kdelibs libraries to compensate for linking changes in modern distributions such as Ubuntu Oneiric 8 years ago
  tpearson 2bbbd68fcb Add OpenOffice flat XML mimetypes to kdelibs 8 years ago
  tpearson 574dd72ff7 Second part of prior commit 8 years ago
  tpearson 87afb94014 Force kdelibs to search for avahi-tqt instead of avahi-qt3 8 years ago
  tpearson 47e6000a14 Keep system modal dialogs on top of all other windows 8 years ago
  tpearson 10868e2434 Prevent recursive loop if XRandR returns a warning or error message during application of settings outside of Settings Test mode 8 years ago
  tpearson 01037adf8e Part 2 of prior commit 8 years ago
  tpearson 70e11ae70b Fix broken root certificates in kdelibs kssl 8 years ago
  tpearson 5968282bc0 Fix potential crash in libkrandr if number of monitors increases after initial scan and before settings are applied 8 years ago
  tpearson b63fc7fc75 Fix krandr setting multiple displays as primary 8 years ago
  tpearson 515f9aacbe Fix incorrect /.cups/.lpoptions file path in kdelibs 9 years ago
  tpearson bd27b8e587 Split out system modal dialog header widget 9 years ago
  tpearson 05b7686a12 Add systemwide modal notification dialog to kdelibs 9 years ago
  tpearson 02c813356a Enhance libkrsync 9 years ago
  tpearson e7e6e20dfe Add libkrsync to kdelibs 9 years ago
  tpearson 5c83bfc539 Add apidox targets to kdelibs 9 years ago
  tpearson 9dc2b4d17c Fix kdelibs multiarch runtime library location failure 9 years ago
  tpearson 5b3becd0a5 Add DPMS support to libkrandr 9 years ago
  tpearson 5efcb9fb40 Fix display gamma setting crash in kdelibs 9 years ago
  tpearson 95aea7e940 Disable DCOP logging to prevent logfile pollution 9 years ago
  tpearson 09d9d0683c Fix kdelibs styles by adding PE_HeaderSectionMenu handlers to them 9 years ago
  tpearson 708dc02199 Fix a couple of graphical issues in the Asteroid widget style 9 years ago
  tpearson 7a65dcc2ed Fix up the system tray to handle embedded windows with a different X11 depth than the tray itself 9 years ago
  tpearson 2944cdf050 Fix KImageEffect blur convolution 9 years ago
  tpearson eab043fd0d Fix lack of system tray icon transparency when parent application utilizes ARGB visuals 9 years ago
  tpearson 00892b3ece Fix system tray icons when the parent application is in ARGB mode 9 years ago
  tpearson 7d5dd09ee2 Add gamma support to libkrandr 9 years ago
  tpearson 4fba678677 Stabilize fallback of display configuration 9 years ago
  tpearson 46a29a2798 Enhance libkrandr further 9 years ago
  tpearson af3a602ab3 Large improvements to libkrandr 9 years ago
  tpearson 2eb906099d Increase libkrandr functionality 9 years ago
  tpearson ec0ac5ba48 Second part of previous commit 9 years ago
  tpearson 452dc1bc85 Convert remaining references to kde3 (e.g. in paths) to trinity 9 years ago
  tpearson 25a5b3950e Fix kdetcompmgr 9 years ago
  tpearson aeddaec266 Use TDE_FULL_SESSION instead of KDE_FULL_SESSION 9 years ago
  tpearson 9a8ee04e39 Fix Asteroid widget style splitters and KDevelop tool bars 9 years ago
  tpearson 67c0fa6765 Fix kdevelop crash when used with Asteroid widget style 9 years ago
  tpearson 7f6ca4f00f Fix FTBFS when composite extension is not available 9 years ago
  tpearson ffc0e2b642 Fix potential kdelibs problems caused by C style char* casts 9 years ago