TDE core libraries
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  1. dnl put here things which have to be done after all usual autoconf macros
  2. dnl have been run, but before the Makefiles are created
  3. all_includes='-I$(top_srcdir)/dcop -I$(top_srcdir)/libltdl -I$(top_srcdir)/tdefx -I$(top_builddir)/tdecore -I$(top_srcdir)/tdecore -I$(top_srcdir)/tdecore/network -I$(top_srcdir)/tdeui -I$(top_srcdir)/tdeio -I$(top_srcdir)/tdeio/tdeio -I$(top_srcdir)/tdeio/tdefile -I$(top_srcdir) $(TQT_INCLUDES) $(X_INCLUDES) $(KDE_INCLUDES) $(USER_INCLUDES)'
  4. AC_SUBST(all_includes)