TDE core libraries
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Note: libkab is now obsolete. Please use libtdeabc in tdelibs/tdeabc. libkab is
no longer installed. It's only needed for the conversion tool converting
libkab data to libtdeabc data.

Cornelius Schumacher, February 2002.

The TDE addressbook

This directory contains the sources for the kab API provided by "".
kab is the TDE addressbook, users usually know it by one of the applications
using the kab API, kab itselfes. But kab intends to do more, it tries to be
a central database to store personal information for as much KDE
applications as possible.

To compile this subdirectory, your C++ compiler will be stressed a little.
You need either a recent version of gcc (2.7.2 or later) or egcs (1.0.2 or
later), or another C++ compiler that supports the following things:

* error free (!) creation of template instances,
* a STL implementation that is similar to either the one provided by gcc
2.7 or the one provided by egcs/pgcc or gcc >=2.8 (HP or SGI based).

Please note that egcs / pgcc 1.0.2 creates errors in the binary when you
compile the sources using optimization level 6 (-O6). Stick to -O2, and
it should work. Note: This seems to be solved since gcc 2.95.

Since this directory provides only the kab library, you will have to
install the tdeutils package, that contains the sources for kab's binary,

Mirko Boehm, March 2000.

PS: The situation described above seems to be solved in current
distributions. All up-to-date compilers do quite well on the sources.
Mirko Boehm, Mai 2001.