TDE core libraries
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  1. HOWTO Make KDED Modules.
  2. KDED Modules are very similar to modules for the control center. A KDED Module
  3. is loaded when a call is made to it.
  4. A KDED Module needs to provide a factory method that creates an object that
  5. is derived from KDEDModule. The name of a factory method always starts with
  6. "create_".
  7. It also needs to provide a desktop file that defines the service provided by
  8. the module. The desktop file needs to be installed under
  9. $TDEDIR/share/services/kded/. The name of the desktop file must match with
  10. the name of the DCOP object that is implemented by the module.
  11. The desktop file needs to define the library in which the module is
  12. implemented. The name of the library always starts with kded_.
  13. The tdelibs/kded/test/ directory contains a sample implementation.