TDE core libraries
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  1. konq_run / krun should determine the mimetype by actually
  2. getting the contents of the URL. It should then put the slave
  3. on hold and tell the job-scheduler which request the
  4. slave is currently handling. (Status: implemented in konq_run)
  5. Now krun/konq_run should determine which client should process the
  6. result of the request.
  7. * When the client belongs to the same process, no action needs to be
  8. taken. When a new job is created for the request which is on hold the
  9. existing slave will be re-used and the request resumed.
  10. (Status: implemented)
  11. * When the client is an external process, the on-hold-slave should be
  12. removed from the job-scheduler and should connect itself with
  13. tdelauncher. This is hard because it must ensure that the external
  14. program does not request the slave before it has been transfered to
  15. tdelauncher. (Status: to be done)
  16. * When a slave is on hold but not used for a certain period of time,
  17. or, when another slave is put on hold, the slave should be killed.
  18. (Status: almost done)
  19. =====
  20. The slave must emit "mimetype" during a GET before the first data is send.
  21. It may wait with sending "mimetype" until it has enough data to
  22. determine the mimetype, but it should not pass any data along before it has
  23. send the mimetype.
  24. Currently only http _always_ sends a mimetype.