TDE core libraries
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  1. - KSSLServer class needs to be written (in a separate lib!!) so that an app
  2. can act as an SSL server.
  3. - The certificate factory is not done. This is needed to generate personal
  4. certificates (self signed) for users.
  5. This should be a separate app I guess, and can include a CA signer even.
  6. - KDE4 - fix constness and reference arguments
  7. - CRL support (not much left to do?)
  8. - Code checking for OCX.
  9. - KSSLD should emit dcop signals to tell people when things change
  10. - <keygen> is not working.
  11. - Namespace it all to TDEIO::SSL:: in KDE4
  12. - Remove SSLv2
  13. - Fix ksslcalist and any code that uses subject/issuer name as provided by
  14. openssl since this is broken by design. Use MD5 sum for indexing the database
  15. instead