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  1. /** @mainpage Framework for Trinity Graphical Components
  2. This library implements the framework for Trinity parts, which are
  3. elaborate widgets with a user-interface defined in terms of actions
  4. (menu items, toolbar icons). See KParts::Part.
  5. The library also provides a framework for applications that want to
  6. use parts. Such applications need to inherit their main window
  7. from KParts::MainWindow and provide a so-called shell GUI,
  8. which provides a basic skeleton GUI with part-independent functionality/actions.
  9. Some KParts applications won't be specific to a given part, but expect
  10. to be able to embed, for instance, all types of viewers out there. For this
  11. the basic functionality of any viewer has been implemented in
  12. KParts::ReadOnlyPart, which viewer-like parts should inherit from.
  13. The same applies to KParts::ReadWritePart, which is for editor-like parts.
  14. You can add actions to an existing KParts app from "outside", defining
  15. the code for those actions in a shared library. This mechanism is
  16. obviously called plugins, and implemented by KParts::Plugin.
  17. For a complete, and very simple, example of how to use KParts to display
  18. any kind of file (i.e. making a generic viewer), see the documentation for
  19. KParts::ComponentFactory::createPartInstanceFromQuery.
  20. @authors
  21. Simon Hausmann \<\><br>
  22. David Faure \<\><br>
  23. Kurt Granroth \<\><br>
  24. Michael Koch \<\>
  25. @maintainers
  26. [Unknown/None]
  27. @licenses
  28. @lgpl
  29. */
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