TDE core libraries
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October 10, 1998:
I started writing a dialog base class that in future all dialogs
will be derived from. It is suited with already-connected standard
buttons (OK, Apply, Cancel) and some nice visual features (outer
and inner frame, a common background pixmap for the frames) and
with ready-to-use geometry management. Hopefully providing cute
dialogs will became easier now.
The new dialogs that use this common base class have a main widget
they manage inside their inner frame. I usually create this widgets
with qtarch.
And I started to write the NEWS file :-)
October 24, 1998:
You may click on the email address in the about dialog to send me an
email now.
November 4, 1998:
Did you ever wonder that the "Edit email address" dialog was nearly
unusable? If you did, you should have a look at it. It has been
improved to be more intuitive.
The bug that prevented you from storing something in the country
fields has been removed now.
The dialog for editing the entry is now resized more properly.
November 22, 1998:
You may now click on the URL or email address that is displayed in
the business card, both are interactive now.