TDE core libraries
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The TDE addressbook

The kab API is a binary interface for application developers that want to
use the users addressbook in their own applications. To use it, you have
to link the binary of your program against "", a DLL that exports
kab's functions, and to include the header file "kabapi.h" in the KDE
include directory into your sources.

The documentation of the kab API is contained in the header file
(kabapi.h), you can extract it by parsing the file with kdoc. The kab
binary source directory in the tdeutils package contains a sample program
that tries to explain some basic functions of the API. It is important
that you report any bugs you find in the API or in the rest of kab to

Since it is used in different other applications, and I cannot imagine all
the possible situations that might occur. Read the file README for some
details about the compiler environment you need to get this sources
compiled. Most of the possible problems should by now already be solved
automatically by the automake script, but you need, for example, a C++
compiler that handles templates properly.

Mirko Boehm, September 1998.