TDE core libraries
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  1. The TDE addressbook
  2. ================================================================================
  3. If you want kab to be extended, please send a mail to me. Also
  4. contact me if you want to comment some of the features mentioned
  5. below. Send the mail to
  6. Thanks.
  7. PS: I am still looking for volunteers who try writing the import filters.
  8. Most often I do not have the different other addressbook programs myselfes.
  9. PS1: This TODO list deals with tasks to add to the TDE addressbook
  10. library. If you want the application to be extended, read tdeutils/kab/TODO.
  11. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. ° [done] change mail addresses to an unlimited list with selection before
  13. sending an email
  14. ° [done] allow user to add custom fields
  15. ° [partly implemented] a searchable keyword field
  16. ° automatic menus for kmail and ktalk -> a matter of the applications
  17. ° [done for HTML in KDE 1.1] add export methods
  18. ° [done, even more flexible]
  19. enhance the telephone numbers section, using home/work/...,
  20. fixed/mobile, and so on
  21. ° [done] some functions in the main display, like clickable parts
  22. (email/talk addresses, possibly telephony support?),
  23. ° [done] IMPORTANT: Possibility to use different files and, most important,
  24. common addressbooks for different people.
  25. ° add "Nick name" field (after KDE 2.0)
  26. ° improve speed of database indexing
  27. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. Mirko Boehm, June 2000.