TDE core libraries
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  6. <p>(If you use source tarballs, you can skip "make -f Makefile.cvs" and
  7. should use "make distclean" instead of "make cvs-clean")
  8. <p><h3>What you need</h3>
  9. <p>Make sure you get the following stuff from CVS:
  10. <p><ul><li>qt-copy (This is qt-3.3.2)
  11. <li>arts
  12. <li>tdelibs
  13. <li>tdebase (strongly recommended but not strictly necessary)
  14. <li>any other package you are interested in
  15. </ul>
  16. <p>It is important that you compile AND INSTALL the above packages in the
  17. above order.
  18. <p>Further you will need GNU make, autoconf 2.52, automake 1.5 and
  19. a working C++ compiler (eg. gcc 2.95.2)
  20. <p><h3>Preparations</h3>
  21. <p>Before you start you must decide two things:
  22. <p>1) Where do you want to have Qt installed? Qt is a bit lame in that it
  23. basically installs itself in its own source-tree, but symlinks are your
  24. friend. E.g you could link /usr/local/lib/qt3 to where you keep your Qt
  25. source. Qt libs then end up in /usr/local/lib/qt3/lib.
  26. <p>2) Where do you want to have KDE installed. A good candidate is /usr/local/kde
  27. <p>Make sure you do (if using sh, ksh, or bash):
  28. <pre>export TDEDIR=/usr/local/kde</pre>
  29. <p>With csh or tcsh the following is more appropriate:
  30. <pre>setenv TDEDIR /usr/local/kde</pre>
  31. <p>Now you want to make sure that Qt and KDE libraries are picked up correctly.
  32. <p>On systems that respond to environment variables something similar to the
  33. following is appropriate:
  34. <p>export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$TDEDIR/lib:$QTDIR/lib
  35. <p>On systems whose diety of choice is ldconfig, try:
  36. <pre>ldconfig -m $TDEDIR/lib
  37. ldconfig -m $QTDIR/lib</pre>
  38. <p>You probably also want to add $TDEDIR/bin and $QTDIR/bin to your path.
  39. <p>See for tips about setting up
  40. KDE 3.0 next to KDE 2.x.
  41. <p><h3>Preparing CVS modules</h3>
  42. <p>
  43. All KDE modules require an "admin" sub-directory. You can create it by
  44. making a symbolic link from kde-common/admin, make sure to check out the
  45. kde-common module.
  46. <p>
  47. Example:<br>
  48. <pre>
  49. cd tdelibs
  50. ln -s ../kde-common/admin
  51. </pre>
  52. <p><h3>Compiling</h3>
  53. <p>The magic sequence to compile &amp; install a package is:
  54. <pre>gmake -f Makefile.cvs
  55. ./configure --enable-debug
  56. gmake
  57. gmake install </pre>
  58. <p>(On Linux, GNU make is the default make, and gmake in the above commands
  59. can be replaced with make).
  60. <p>For Qt the magic sequence is:
  61. <pre>./configure -debug -shared -qt-gif -thread -sm -system-zlib -system-libpng -system-jpeg
  62. make</pre>
  63. <p><h3>Common problems</h3>
  64. <p>One of the biggest problems is picking up the correct version of Qt,
  65. especially if your system has more version of Qt installed. Be aware
  66. that information about library paths gets saved in the "config.cache"
  67. file, "" as well as "Makefile" files. So it can be that after
  68. some struggle to get QTDIR/TDEDIR setup correctly your setup is actually
  69. correct, but old -incorrect- settings are still lying around.
  70. <p>The best thing to do in such a case is to do a "make cvs-clean". This
  71. removes all files which aren't stored in CVS. You can then start all over
  72. again with "makefile -f Makefile.cvs". Make sure you don't have any important
  73. files lying around in your source tree any more, they will be deleted!
  74. <p><h3>Problems?</h3>
  75. <p>See <a href=""></a> for common build problems and their solution.
  76. <p>If you encounter _LINK_ problems you are probably doing something wrong.
  77. Do a "make cvs-clean" and start from scratch, usually this solves the problem.
  78. <p>If you encounter missing include files, especially if the files start with
  79. a 'q', you probably have not setup your QTDIR correct or have the wrong
  80. version of Qt.
  81. <p>If you encounter compile errors after updating from CVS, check whether you
  82. need to update tdelibs as well. If the problems persists, wait a few hours,
  83. usually compile errors are fixed shortly after they have been introduced.
  84. <p>If you still have problems read the mailinglist and/or
  85. post your problem there. You can subscribe by sending mail to
  86. with "subscribe" in the subject.
  87. <p>Have fun!
  88. <p>Cheers,<br>
  89. Waldo Bastian<br>
  91. </body>
  92. </html>