TDE network applications
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  1. if test -z "$LIB_SLP"; then
  2. echo ""
  3. echo "You're missing OpenSLP, or the OpenSLP devel package."
  4. echo "Browsing in krfb and krdc will not be possible."
  5. echo "If you want browsing support in krfb, you should consider"
  6. echo "installing it. "
  7. echo "Have a look at or find a binary"
  8. echo "package for your platform."
  9. echo ""
  10. all_tests=bad
  11. fi
  12. if test "$have_ssl" != yes; then
  13. echo ""
  14. echo "You're missing openSSL, or your version is too old (before 0.9.5a)."
  15. echo "krdc will not be compiled. If you want to use krdc, you should consider"
  16. echo "installing or upgrading it."
  17. echo "Have a look at, or find a binary package for"
  18. echo "your platform."
  19. echo ""
  20. all_tests=bad
  21. fi
  22. if test -z "$COMPILE_GADU"; then
  23. echo ""
  24. echo "You're missing libgadu or the libgadu development package."
  25. echo "Kopete's Gadu-Gadu plugin will not be compiled."
  26. echo "If you want Gadu-Gadu, a Polish messaging protocol, support in Kopete"
  27. echo "you can download it from or find a binary"
  28. echo "package for your platform."
  29. echo "You can find more information in ./kopete/protocols/gadu/README.gadu ."
  30. echo ""
  31. all_tests=bad
  32. fi
  33. if test "X$have_libidn" = Xno; then
  34. echo ""
  35. echo "You're missing libidn or the libidn development package"
  36. echo "Kopete's Jabber plugin will not be compiled."
  37. echo "If you want Jabber support in Kopete, You can download libidn from"
  38. echo " or find a binary package"
  39. echo "for your platform."
  40. all_tests=bad
  41. fi
  42. if test "x$with_xmms" = xcheck && test -z "$XMMS_LIBS"; then
  43. echo ""
  44. echo "You're missing the XMMS libraries, or the libxmms development package."
  45. echo "Without libxmms Kopete's NowListening plugin won't be able to talk to"
  46. echo "the XMMS music player. If you want Kopete's NowListening plugin to"
  47. echo "support XMMS, have a look at or find a"
  48. echo "binary package for your system."
  49. echo ""
  50. all_tests=bad
  51. fi
  52. if test "x$with_wifi" = xcheck && test "$kde_libiw_installed" = "no"; then
  53. echo ""
  54. echo "You're missing the wireless tools libraries, or the wireless tools"
  55. echo "header files. Without these, KWiFiManager and the kwireless applet"
  56. echo "will not be compiled. You are unable to monitor wireless LAN"
  57. echo "connections without these. If you want wireless LAN support enabled,"
  58. echo "have a look at "
  59. echo ""
  60. echo "or find a binary package for your system."
  61. echo ""
  62. all_tests=bad
  63. fi