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Kopete, The KDE Messenger
Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett <>, and a cast of thousands.

Kopete is an Instant Messaging client designed to be modular and plugin based.

It requires the KDE Desktop, version 3.3 or higher.

Kopete ships with a lot of protocol plugins, supporting nine different messaging
systems. All plugins have seen numerous enhancements and bugfixes since the
last release and should bring your Kopete experience to a whole new level.

Additionally a lot of work has gone into cleaning up the core Kopete API and
GUI with several important usability-, stability- and performance-improvements.

The Kopete team consists now of several active developers, working on the
various plugins and the core API. However, Kopete wouldn't be in the shape
in which it is now without the various contributions from KDE developers
all over the world and the high-quality bug reports from active users.
Thanks to all of you for your support and your interest in Kopete!

As always, more bug reports and patches are welcome.
Please use

The Kopete main developers can be contacted on our mailing list,, and on IRC in #kopete, on
We always welcome new contributors.