TDE network applications
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GaduGadu is primarily used and created for Poles, but it does not mean that it
cannot be used by anyone else. There is only one small issue, by design
protocol uses cp1250 encoding. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about
that, as it's needed to maintain compatibility with the Windows client, which
is the only one supported (and created) by the creators of gadu-gadu - sms-
express company.

Gadu-Gadu plugin uses libgadu. If it's not avaliable in the system,
it will automaticaly switch to it's copy in /protocols/gadu/lib (v1.5).

Following describes what to do if you still want to use external library version:

You can download libgadu (part of ekg package) from,
This should be version 1.5 (release candidate or stable), please stick with version
1.5 if possible. Author of libgadu/ekg does not keep any compatibility between
minor releases. It should support protocol version 6.0 by default.

You have to download the ekg communicator package
(which is a gadugadu client for the console).
To install from sources, run:

./configure --enable-shared --disable-static --enable-dynamic --with-pthread --prefix=/usr
(and as root)
make install.

It is also available pre-packaged, e.g. for debian unstable, by default as
libgadu2 (binary) and libgadu-dev (development).
In order to compile kopete from sources, including the gadu-gadu plugin you
will need the libgadu headers and libraries installed and set up in your

Please refer INSTALL for information about building kopete from sources.

If you're looking for more information, please refer to
and read the FAQ .

If you have found an error in kopete, or in the gadu-gadu plugin
- please use the kde bug tracking system at

Grzegorz Jaskiewicz aka Kain/K4
gj AT pointblue DOT com DOT pl