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README.Kolab 2.3 KiB

  1. These are preliminary instructions on how to set up kdepim to work
  2. with a kolab server. It is meant to be a help for people setting
  3. up for testing. It is also meant as a list of things to set up in the
  4. upcoming Kolab setup wizard.
  5. There are the steps needed to setup the Kolab server as the primary
  6. server.
  7. KMail:
  8. 1. Set up your identity.
  9. 2. Set up a disconnected IMAP account to the server and sync it.
  10. Optional: Choose TLS and Clear text
  11. 3. Set up sending through the kolab server
  12. Optional: Choose authentication and/or TLS
  13. 4. After the first sync, enable IMAP resource folder options in
  14. Misc->Groupware and set to be subfolders of the account INBOX
  15. 5. Enable groupware functionality on the same page
  16. 6. TODO: Where is sieve setup???
  17. Note: We might want to add a KMail profile for this in addition
  18. to the kolab wizard.
  19. KAddressBook:
  20. 1. Start KDE Control Center and go to KDE Components, page KDE
  21. Resources Configuration. Choose the contact resource. Add an
  22. IMAP resource and set it to standard.
  23. Optional: Delete others or set them to readonly.
  24. 2. Start KAddressBook and add an LDAP server in the configuration
  25. with these settings:
  26. Host = "" (for example)
  27. Port = "389"
  28. Base DN = "dc=kolab,dc=kde,dc=org"
  29. TODO: Are Bind DN and password the Kolab user settings?
  30. TODO: If yes, do they make the LDAP resource writable?
  31. The scheme for the base DN is to take the parts of the fully
  32. qualified hostname of the kolab server and put ",dc=" between
  33. the parts and "dc=" in front of it. Or in Qt code:
  34. baseDN = "dc=" + hostname.replace( '.', ",dc=" );
  35. Finally check the checkbox to activate the LDAP server. Now
  36. you can search the Kolab LDAP server and get all users on the
  37. system.
  38. KOrganizer:
  39. 1. Start KDE Control Center and go to KDE Components, page KDE
  40. Resources Configuration. Choose the calendar resource. Add an
  41. IMAP resource and set it to standard.
  42. Optional: Delete others or set them to readonly.
  43. TODO: Free-Busy setup and KMail mail scheduling.
  44. KPilot:
  45. TODO
  46. KitchenSync:
  47. TODO
  48. kalarmd:
  49. TODO
  50. Kontact:
  51. General Notes:
  52. ==============
  53. Autocompletion: Works in both KMail and KOrganizer. The order of resources used for completion
  54. is as follows:
  55. 1. All available addressbook resources as seen in "kcmshell kresources", section "kabc"
  56. 2. LDAP
  57. Nothing special, AFAIK