4 Commits (38188136cc426b4bb00abf6f8c7c90b4bb27c453)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Timothy Pearson 38188136cc Rename kde libraries to tde 10 years ago
samelian 87b2ea0ac1 [kdepim] cmake port for kmobile, kitchensync, and doc 11 years ago
samelian d1d1efd4b6 [kdepim] added cmake support for korn; added include path to libkdepim where is needed 11 years ago
samelian b67ece773c [kdepim]: initial cmake support for following subpackages: akregator, certmanager, kaddressbook, kalarm, kioslaves, kmail, ktnef, libemailfunctions, libkcal, libkdenetwork, libkdepim, libkmime, libkpgp, libkpimidentities, libksieve, mimelib 11 years ago