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Friday, August 27th 2010
Problems addressed
* Improve the error message when regenerating a corrupt index:
Show one error message for all folders on startup, instead of multiple error messages
* Possibly fix a crash when selecting or deselecting resources when the side-by-side view is active
Friday, August 20th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4332: event update mail which really is an invitation (rt#6125)
* kolab/issue4484: Send S/MIME encrypted mail to address without certificate, search for external certificate button (rt#5659)
* kolab/issue4485: Try to create a contact without writable folder; edit dialog is closed
* kolab/issue4479: Change used kontact plugins crash (Kontact::MainWindow::addPlugin at mainwindow.cpp:719) (rt#6193)
* kolab/issue4333: Renaming of a shared calendar folder failed (rt#6121)
* Add more debug output to help finding the cause of kolab/issue4498
* Regenerate the mail index earlier when finding inconsistencies in it
Friday, August 13th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4484(Improvement): Send S/MIME encrypted mail to address without certificate, search for external certificate button (rt#5659)
* kolab/issue4404: Reminder: the event entries of the events which triggered an alarm should be selected
Friday, August 5th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4203(mainly): A reminder can contain non-existing events (rt#6051)
* kolab/issue4335: D'n'D a mail attachment with the icon is not working (rt#6126)
* kolab/issue3932: Kontact should show a warning, if a user tries to accept an invitation of a past event (rt#5833)
* kolab/issue4005(improved): Attachments should open in read-only folders (rt#5915)
* Speed up changing Kolab incidences in KOrganizer by only sending one change instead of two
to the server (see kolab/issue2109)
* kolab/issue4469: (Kontact loses shared calendar folders (type changed)(rt#6174)
* Add more debug output to help finding the cause of kolab/issue4498
Friday, July 30th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4261(Mainly): Wish: Print whole day events at top of a day print (rt#6084)
* kolab/issue3974: Clicking on an ics/vcs-attachment doesn't import or display the events of the attachment (rt#5812)
* kolab/issue4429: Key selection dialog is too small. 'Abbrechen' button is cut
Friday, July 23th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4335 (partly): D'n'D a mail attachment with the icon is not working (rt#6126)
* kolab/issue3908 (partly): Mail view and print layout problem if description of attachment is to long (#5872)
* kolab/issue4455: calendar activate/deactivate handling broken
* kolab/issue4282: Adding a new event from an invitation update mail shows unnecssary message
dialog 'store/throw away' (rt#6094)
* Fixed a few crashes in KOrganizer and a crash in KMail
* Improvements in renaming calendar folders
Friday, July 16th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4447: Deleting contact from distribution list with DELETE key and Remove button
Friday, July 9th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4445: Importing a events into an existing resource and no resource activated, 1000x error messages
* kolab/issue4437: Wrong update mail (other attendees are removed) after double accepting of an event
* kolab/issue4406: Change write to read rights of a shared calendar folder, can lead to a focus problem (rt#6167)
* kolab/issue4343 (improved): Wish: global audio file for all reminder (rt#6133)
* kolab/issue4406: Change write to read rights of a shared calendar folder, can lead to a focus problem (rt#6167)
Friday, July 1st 2010
Problems addressed
* Fix crash when composing a message, when compiled with GCC >= 4.4
* When adding many incidences, don't ask which calendar to put it in, for each incidence
* kolab/issue4442: Some broken mails double themself in a sync.(rt#6183)
Friday, June 25th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4417: Resizing a one day event changes the event wrongly (rt#6064)
* kolab/issue4401(mainly): The contacts free-busy-url is not saved in the contact mail but in kde/share/apps/korganizer/freebusyurls
* kolab/issue2652: Kontact generate invalid charset declaration for attached text files
* kolab/issue4085: Wish: Mail attachments only in the header of a mail (rt#5987)
Friday, June 18th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4031: sending mail to OpenPGP-only and S/MIME-only recipient sends only OpenPGP (rt#5938)
* kolab/issue4369: KMail: Pressing Cancel in untrusted certificates warning dialog doesn't cancel, but continue
* kolab/issue4411: todos alarm: configured alarm changed after opening the todo twice
* kolab/issue3726(mainly): A changed Navigator toolbars is displayed without changes after restart (rt#5805)
* kolab/issue4032: Todos summary shows no todos in offline (rt#5944)
* kolab/issue4418: details view of a large multipart/mixed mail shows empty Message-ID (rt#5842)
* kolab/issue4245: Wish: searchbar should also search for mail addresses (rt#6071)
* kolab/issue4240: Wish: Maillist icons for invitations and update mails (rt#6065)
* kolab/issue4419: Accept an invitation with set "Exchange compatible", update mail contains an untranslated
"Accepted" in the subject. (rt#5903)
* kolab/issue4407: event with attachment: png/zip attachment size changes
* kolab/issue4410: event attachment cannot be opend after restart (rt#6172)
Friday, June 11th 2010
Problems addressed
* Add a context menu for business card attachments in mails
* Remove groupwise and groupdav resources
* kolab/issue3411: kmail drag and drop (DnD) of email addresses with umlauts from reader to composer exposes encoded-word encoding
* kolab/issue4352: Wish: Reminder: horizontal slider between event list and event details (rt#6142)
* kolab/issue4414: print todos: in the result the priority and summary header overlap
* kolab/issue4413: Todos: Print, but print events is selected
* kolab/issue4408: event with attachment: textfield selection creates invitation without attachment
Friday, June 4th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4400: Composer: create distribution list adds the dist list just into the default resource
* kolab/issue4094: Scrollbar position changes, if a new mail is synced into the folder (rt#5997)
* kolab/issue3911: mail enterprise header: cannot mail to the second to address
* kolab/issue4350: Sometimes the date headers in the agenda view are grainy and doubled (rt#6140)
* kolab/issue3411(partly): kmail drag and drop (DnD) of email addresses with umlauts from reader to composer exposes
encoded-word encoding
Friday, May 28th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4365: Wish: Edit Todo: Complete button. (rt#6156)
* kolab/issue4372: Rename context menu entry "Copy Link Address" to "Copy Email Address(es)
* kolab/issue4281: Composer: create distlist, for every entry a resource chooser appears (rt#6098)
* KDE bug 238945: Crash while displaying an invitation mail
Friday, May 21th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4256: Event attendees tab, Select Addressee.. Enter Filter, empty topics are shown. (rt#6081)
* kolab/issue4340: event edit dialog: Selected attachment should be deleted with shortcut "Remove"/German "Entf"(rt#6124)
* kolab/issue4381: Imap cache corruption giving crash (SIGFPE) on each sync for email without length
* kolab/issue3963: Alarm of an recurring task doesn't pop up (rt#5891)
* kolab/issue4379: Event dialog: Added attendees of a dist list are removed, handling wrong (rt#6159)
* kolab/issue4307: D'n'D a contact to calendar/todo sidebar icon added an empty attachment
* kolab/issue4359 (mainly): Invitation, canceled at the resource dialog, but organizer gets accept mail (rt#6147)
* kolab/issue4316: Pressing Cancel in Recurrence dialog does not discard changes
* kolab/issue4093: In "enterprise" mail header CC and BCC addresses are displayed under the TO field (rt#5996)
* kolab/issue4366: Use own fonts for printing
* kolab/issue4322: Add signature to current line and linebreak (entered at wrong place (rt#6113)
* kolab/issue4264: Advanced alarm dialog of an event/a todo: Change German "Entfernen ..." into "Entfernen" (rt#6087)
* kolab/issue4286: Agenda view shows mix of long and short date format (rt#6105)
* Improve error message if renaming a shared folder failed (see kolab/issue4333)
Friday, May 7th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4315: Add attachment for event/task: Store inline should be set by default
* kolab/issue4314: Can't open attachment of an invitation mail (rt#6109)
* kolab/issue4317: Open invitation window closes, if an attachment is opened (rt#6111)
* kolab/issue3882: Composer: Pressing TAB in the address completion popup list doesn't change to the next addressbook
* kolab/issue4338: Toggle alarm "on" should create a 15 mins for start alarm. (rt#6131)
* kolab/issue4119: Enter a distribution list as attendee into an event, should expand the members of the dist list into
the attendee field (rt#6027)
* kolab/issue4349: Wish: remove standard event icon in the agenda view (rt#6139)
* kolab/issue4363: An event with one attendee doesn't display the organizer in preview pane
* kolab/issue4339: Small translation improvement: German "Kalender/Termin(iCS.." should be "Termin/Kalender (ICS.." (rt#6122)
* kolab/issue4331: email addresses with comma or special characters should be displayed with quotes in the mail headers (rt#6128)
* kolab/issue3999: Kontact sometimes changes from mail part to the calendar part
* kolab/issue4093(partly): In "enterprise" mail header CC and BCC addresses are displayed under the TO field (rt#5996)
* kolab/issue4351: Reminder: Focus after pressing remind me later, should be on the next event (rt#6141)
* kolab/issue4350: Sometimes the date headers in the agenda view are grainy and doubled (rt#6140)
* Add support for alias email addresses in the identity configuration
Friday, April 9th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4267: information about the alarm are missing in the event views (rt#6090)
* kolab/issue2470: Calendar: "Next Month" button doesn't change the displayed month (rt#5961)
* kolab/issue3882(partly): Composer: Pressing TAB in the address completion popup list doesn't change to the next
* kolab/issue4280: Due time "00:00" is set for no time associated todos if todo resource disabled+enabled (rt#6096)
* kolab/issue4301: calendar display for single events isn't correct
* kolab/issue2762(partly): Sometimes whole day events overlap in the view (rt#5936)
* kolab/issue4219(partly): Tasks: Copy, Select nothing, Paste of a subtask copies it as subtask
Friday, April 1st 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4270: alarm of an event with two lines shows strange half line title.(rt#6093)
* kolab/issue4271: In korganizer's resource view, creating a subresource containing a / originates a crash
* kolab/issue4268: Calendar: Black triangle shows that events are somewhere up, but the user scrolled already to 0:00 (rt#6091)
* kolab/issue4267(partly): information about the alarm are missing in the event views (rt#6090)
* kolab/issue4266: birthday resource should be named "Geburtstage" if German language is used (rt#6089)
* kolab/issue3099: Replying to stored mail crashes Kontact
* kolab/issue4284: Journal: Link Add Journal entry in the week view is not working (rt#6103)
* kolab/issue4285: The default size of the reminder should be larger (rt#6104)
* kolab/issue3469: KNotes: Deleted notes reappear
* kolab/issue4272: Sometimes it is not possible to delete a folder
* kolab/issue4248: Configure Filter dialog: Some filter conditions are not translated to German (rt#6074)
Friday, March 26th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4229: Kontact hangs when switching to calendar with incorrect interval tag in event (rt#6063)
* kolab/issue4230: Todo: alarm 0 mins vs 1 min in advanced alarm dialog
* kolab/issue4220: Calander tabular view , side-by-side tab Move an event asks for resource
* kolab/issue4064: Task with associated due time "00:00" isn't displayed in all calendar views (rt#5974)
* kolab/issue4224: event viewer dialog to small (rt#6060)
* kolab/issue4149: Search Directory Services and comma-formated names (rt#5954)
* kolab/issue3599: KNotes: Crash in KNotesResourceManager::deleteNote at resourcemanager.cpp:109
* kolab/issue4247: Composer: After removing an attachment is the focus not on the next attachment (rt#6073)
* kolab/issue4246: Not possible to add umlauts to the move message dialog (rt#6072)
* kolab/issue3902: Delete a folder while syncing leads to crash
* kolab/issue4250: Edit "Out of office" replies: Resend notification only after: days is missing (rt#6076)
* kolab/issue4249: Crash while printing a mail without preview pane (rt#6075)
* kolab/issue4142: Composer: view all fields layout and small problems (rt#6032)
* kolab/issue4012: Calender view update problem, if the same appointment is moved on the server in other folders (rt#5930)
Friday, March 19th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4207: alarm time textfield in advanced alarm dialog should be 5-digits (rt#6055)
* kolab/issue4200: Reminder date sorting doesn't recognize different month (rt#6047)
* kolab/issue4215: Events ending at 00h appear in the wrong day in day-view
* kolab/issue4054(needs to patch tdelibs, see issue): Umlauts and sending contacts problem (rt#5956)
* kolab/issue4060: Wish: Auto-spellchecking: action to add new suggestion in context menu (rt#5969)
* kolab/issue4224: event viewer dialog to small (rt#6060)
* kolab/issue4218: Tasks: Copy to of a recurring event forgets the recurrence
* kolab/issue4225: small month view: selected weekend days and holidays should be colored red in blue (rt#6061)
* kolab/issue4194(partly): Task without starttime should have default alarm type "before the end" (rt#6045)
Friday, March 12th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4195: Copy+Paste of a todo with recurrence should not change the enddate (rt#6046)
* kolab/issue4192: Wish: Rename German "Start" into "Beginn" in a event advanced alarm dialog (rt#6043)
* kolab/issue3706: copy+ paste of an appointment in the monthview creates the appointment at a wrong time (rt#6042)
* kolab/issue4194: Task without starttime should have default alarm type "before the end" (rt#6045)
* kolab/issue4109: Task with recurrence: Starttime not saved (rt#6019)
* kolab/issue3963: Alarm of an recurring task doesn't pop up (rt#5891)
* kolab/issue4066: Quota warning color coming later than server warning dialog (rt#5955)
* kolab/issue4098: Cannot import "archived" mails into local folders
* kolab/issue3596: Display a special text instead of a Toltec binary invitation email (rt#5766)
* kolab/issue4203: A reminder can contain non-existing events.(rt#6051)
* kolab/issue4201: Spellchecking in composer:RMB->suggestion deletes wrong word (rt#6050)
* kolab/issue4187: Crash while switching between signed and unsigned mail (rt#5980)
Friday, March 5th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4102: Wish: type of attendee of an event should be displayed in the small event pane (rt#6004)
* kolab/issue4105: Three warning dialogs appears, if I try to create a todo and have deactivated the Task resources
* kolab/issue4107: In workweek mode clicking on the month pane week number selects whole week (rt#6013)
* kolab/issue1765: In parallel calender view there is no need to ask in which resource folder a new event should get. (rt#5816)
* kolab/issue4110: Task with recurrence: due of a selected task in calendar doesn't match the right date (rt#6020)
* kolab/issue4118(partly): Wish: next/previous week buttons in the small month pane (rt#6024)
* kolab/issue3874: Calendar Timeline View: Resize and deactive and activate of a calendar resource changes the duration of
the event to 15 mins
* kolab/issue4066(partly): Quota warning color coming later than server warning dialog (rt#5955)
* kolab/issue2277: Usability problem with "enterprise headers" airmail icon
* kolab/issue4177: A hidden reminder dialog should reappear, if a new alarm is triggered
* kolab/issue4181: Wish: an additional column "folder" in the todos list in the todo component
* kolab/issue4142(partly): Add some tooltips to KMail's composer
* kolab/issue4096: User with write access to a calendar folder should be able to change the events
(even if he isnot the organizer) (rt#5999)
* kolab/issue4148: New event, attendee dialog: entry with comma format should stay in comma format in the attendee pane (rt#6035)
* kolab/issue4128: side-by-side view: scrollbar slider too small
Friday, February 26th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4055: Workweek after restart is today and next 4 days (rt#5958)
* kolab/issue4053: reminder of an event with recurrence shows wrong date (rt#5953)
* kolab/issue4112: Event/Task conflict dialog is too difficult (rt#6009)
* kolab/issue4060: Wish: Auto-spellchecking: action to add new suggestion in context menu (rt#5969)
* When recovering a written message after a crash, don't delete the autosave file immediatley, to avoid data
loss in case KMail crashes again before the next autosave is triggered
Friday, February 19th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4105: (partly) Three warning dialogs appears, if I try to create an event and have deactivated
the Task resources.
* kolab/issue1765: (partly) In parallel calender view there is no need to ask in which resource folder a new event
should get (rt#5816)
* kolab/issue4117: Reminder: Preselected "remind me later" time should always be 5 mins (rt#6017)
* kolab/issue3597: Event reminder of a deleted event appears (rt#6010)
* kolab/issue4108: Reminder option "remind me later" should work even if the user closed the session (rt#6016)
* kolab/issue4125: (mainly) Event with recurrence: Changing attendee of one event, changes it for every event (rt#6029)
* kolab/issue2079: Search for mails: Cannot create a new search if an old search is selected
* kolab/issue4056: calendar month view: It is not visible in the big calendar, which day is selected in the
small month calendar (rt#5960)
* kolab/issue4053: (partly) reminder of an event with recurrence shows wrong date (rt#5953)
* kolab/issue4145: Calendar: month view/agenda view inconsistence with events with recurrence
* kolab/issue4147: Event/Task conflict dialog "Take Both" should be default (rt#6009)
Friday, February 12th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4059: After deactivating of a calendar the small monthview is not updated (rt#5966)
* kolab/issue2656: Wrong scale is shown, if the calendar component is selected (rt#5916)
* kolab/issue3835: Edit in the Reminder dialog doesn't work after restart of KDE
* kolab/issue4090: Wish:Mail: Double click on mail in search dialog should open the mail in a window (rt#5992)
* kolab/issue4066(partly): Change the default value for the close to quota threshold to 80%
* kolab/issue4039: Size of an embedded event attachment is too small
* kolab/issue4057: Attach file: if filedialog default directory doesn't exit, it should use the home directory
of the user as default (rt#5962)
* kolab/issue4097: Wish for an option: reply should always quote the whole mail (rt#5995)
* kolab/issue4089: Composer: double click on a word should select the word and not additional spaces,
brackets etc (rt#5991)
* kolab/issue2524: KMail: message window shows backslash for quoted-pairs
* Don't crash when using menu item Action->Show after deselecting an incidence
Friday, February 5th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue1765: In parallel calender view there is no need to ask in which resource folder a new
event should get. (rt#5816)
* kolab/issue4072: too small window: kleopatra: German export secret key (rt#5848)
* kolab/issue4054: Umlauts and sending contacts problem (rt#5956)
* kolab/issue4076: Mail: search for whole message cannot handle umlauts (rt#5979)
* kolab/issue3817: Wish: New choices for the option KMail->Misc->Folder->When entering a folder (rt#5857)
* kolab/issue4081: Use of many kmail subwindows can lead to crash (KMFolder::open) (rt#5854)
* kolab/issue4052: copy+paste of an appointment in side-by-side view creates the appointment at a
wrong time. (rt#5951)
* kolab/issue4084: Overwriting of an address in the To/CC/BCC field of a composer doesnt work with "Paste"
of a copied address (rt#5988)
* In the archiving dialog, disable the Ok button if the wrong folder or no file is selected
* Add a warning when trying to use the current folder as expiry target
* Don't allow deleting 'no content' IMAP folders
* Don't write out the unused revision field to the XML of events
* Remove unmaintained Scalix and featureplan support
Friday, January 29th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4044: Wish: Mail window should close after pressing on reply/forward (rt#5945)
* kolab/issue4043: extended alarm: Own reminder dialog text is ignored
* kolab/issue4053: reminder of an event with recurrence shows wrong date (rt#5953)
* kolab/issue3989: Calendar: Attendee names with comma are handled wrongly (rt#5899)
* kolab/issue4058: German translation of "No Suggestions" of the auto spellchecking is missing (rt#5964)
Friday, January 22th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue4004: calendar prints should contain a print date (rt#5927)
* kolab/issue4033: calendar print: week-schedule big time numbers didn't fit the border
* kolab/issue3901: Result of printing a day seems to be broken
* kolab/issue4036: calendar print: tasks are wrongly printed
* kolab/issue4038: After deletion of an event the small monthview is not updated
* kolab/issue3805: Sometimes at the Mail save dialog no filename is created from the subject (rt#5851)
* kolab/issue3989: Calendar: Attendee names with comma are handled wrongly (rt#5899)
* kolab/issue1783: Invitation gets lost, if no Kalender resource is activated
* kolab/issue4042: minutes field in the extended alarm dialog has a problem
Friday, January 15th 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3790: Crash in KMReaderWin::parseMsg at kmreaderwin.cpp:1609
* kolab/issue4013: Make KMail-Archive format input the default (rt#5817)
* kolab/issue3903: Kontact hangs when switching to calendar side-by-side view (rt#5870)
* kolab/issue3986: event/todo recurrence option should be consistent (rt#5900)
* kolab/issue4027: Kontact crahes if store event attachment inline (rt#5941)
* kolab/issue3813: reccuring events show wrong dates (rt#5855)
* kolab/issue4015: Archiving file selector does not keep the suggested file name when changing the directory (rt#5817)
* kolab/issue4026: mail will be printed with wrong header, if it is printed from a mail window (rt#5935)
* kolab/issue4014(partial): Better Archiving zip -> tar.bz2 default (rt#5817)
* kolab/issue4029: Save a attachment of a mail from the composer: no filename (rt#5940)
* kolab/issue4030: The filename of an UTF-16 text attachment is displayed wrongly (rt#5942)
* Fix regression in KMail: Subfolders were never created in the mbox format, even when requested
* In KMail, disable some actions that are not applicable to read-only folders
* Allow to select read-only folders when archiving
* Don't crash when attempting to archive a folder without selecting a file name
Friday, January 1st 2010
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3988: Calendar: update mail of a changed attendee asked to reply (rt#5899)
* kolab/issue3929: Contacts: The user can add a distribution list to itself
* kolab/issue3747: Archiving function has a memory leak
* kolab/issue4000: A user rejects a delegation, the delegator cannot react on this
* kolab/issue3948: Show a 'record' button if the organizer is *not* expecting an rsvp (rt#5879)
* kolab/issue3740: Selection jumps after deleting an attachment from an email
* kolab/issue3959: In side-by-side view without Marcus Bains line is the seperator displaced (rt#5912)
* Fix email address spoofing by not allowing BIDI control characters in the display name
Friday, December 18th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3964(partial): An attendee of an event is not informed about his role or status in the event (rt#5893)
* kolab/issue3994: The calendar/event view configuration dialog is too wide
* kolab/issue3934: Reply of mail with signature removes the signature (rt#5887)
* kolab/issue3973: Improvement of the German calendar import menu texts (rt#5812)
* kolab/issue3961: Mail attachment of a task should be persistent (rt#5915)
* kolab/issue4003: Crash after copying a mail to a quota full OnlineIMAP inbox
* Fix priorities of todos stored on the Kolab server not being remembered properly after a restart
Friday, December 11th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3985: Typos in German dialog "Ungültige E-Mail-Adresse" (rt#5898)
* kolab/issue3972: Event print order will be wrong, if recurring and single events are mixed. (rt#5914)
* kolab/issue3964(partial): An attendee of an event is not informed about his role or status in the event (rt#5893)
* kolab/issue3961: Mail attachment of a task should be persistent (rt#5915)
* Fix translation problem in the archiving function
Friday, December 4th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3805: Sometimes at the Mail save dialog no filename is created from the subject (rt#5851)
* kolab/issue3928: Insert signature at cursor position: Two additional empty lines added (rt#5880)
* kolab/issue3971: Users dislike the "Cannot edit attachment" error message (rt#5908)
* kolab/issue3948: Show a 'record' button if the organizer is *not* expecting an rsvp (rt#5879)
* kolab/issue3984: New filter "*.*" for the save mail as dialog (rt#5896)
* kolab/issue3813: reccuring events show wrong dates (rt#5855)
Friday, November 27th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3747: Better archiving function for a branch (subtree) of folders (rt#5817)
* kolab/issue3098: OnlineIMAP, sometimes Mail body no longer shown -> Crash
* kolab/issue3969(partial): two offline warning windows - that might overlap and lock (rt#5917)
* kolab/issue3978: Forwarding some emails with an embedded email as text loses some of the text (rt#5919)
* kolab/issue3955: Kontact automaticly sends a mail to all attendees of an event without confirm
* kolab/issue3958(partial): Copy action on the address of an open mail doesn't work (rt#5911)
* kolab/issue3957: Improvement of German text in conditionally accepted events (rt#5905)
Friday, November 13th 2009
Problems addressed
* Work on the archiving function (kolab/issue3747).
Friday, November 6th 2009
Problems addressed
* Work on the archiving function (kolab/issue3747). Disabled from the GUI at the moment,
until it is completed.
Friday, October 30th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3923(partial): Save as of an attachment of an invitation crashes kontact
* kolab/issue3930: time on the Marcus Bains line doesn't change
* kolab/issue3908(partial): Mail view and print layout problem if description of attachment is to long (rt#5872)
* kolab/issue3926: Start khelpcenter instead of webbrowser help: from the introduction/welcome screen (rt#5881)
* kolab/issue3481: Keep current email in front after saving an attachment (rt#5746)
* kolab/issue3098: OnlineIMAP, sometimes Mail body no longer shown -> Crash
Monday, October 26th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3065: Crash in KOAgendaItem::paintEvent
* kolab/issue3902: Delete a folder while syncing leads to crash
* kolab/issue3903: Kontact hangs when switching to calendar view (rt#5870)
* kolab/issue3908 (partial): Mail view and print layout problem if description of attachment is to long (rt#5872)
* kolab/issue3807: Reminder: None of the buttons should be the default (rt#5845)
* kolab/issue3809: Reminder: sorting in look&feel of kontact (rt#5846)
* kolab/issue3813: reccuring events show wrong dates (rt#5855)
* kolab/issue3922: Decline an updated event throws error message
* kolab/issue3864: An invitation of a long event shows a wrong duration.
* kolab/issue3926 (partial): Start khelpcenter instead of webbrowser help: from the introduction/welcome screen (rt#5881)
* kolab/issue3880: Calendar: In an update mail the end time of an event is wrongly translated with the "Beginn"
* Don't check for forgotten attachments in invitation mails
* Better context-aware messages when asking to send mail for adding/changing/removing invitations
Friday, October 9th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3899: Selecting of an event and try to print the day of the event leads to crash
* kolab/issue1499: using the result of an ldap query from the address selection dialog for setting folder
rights might fail (rt#5298)
* kolab/issue3900: confirm dialog will be empty, if a contact without email address is added from the lookup
* kolab/issue3667: attachment icon is missing in use with OL/toltec (rt#5786)
Friday, October 2th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3783: SMIME encrypted and signed mail: Audit log dialog contains ???? at the bottom
* kolab/issue3823: mimetreeviewer doesn't show structure of forward-as-attachment message #n where #n > 1
* kolab/issue3889: Kontact crahes if opening/changing calendar view (rt#5868)
* kolab/issue3867: Save S/MIME encrypted mails unencrypted after reading them
* Also use new icons in the special dates summary, for birthday, anniversary and holiday
Friday, September 25th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3806: The sorting of mails in the mailview changes after opening a configuration dialog (rt#5852)
* kolab/issue3182: Replies to invitations always sent with default outgoing transport
* kolab/issue3876: regression: New Message To: doesn't fill in To: field in composer
Friday, September 18th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2974: Anniversary event has broken title
* kolab/issue3865: Crash while syncing, automatic event archival enabled, in EventArchiver::archiveIncidences
* kolab/issue3853: Crash after renaming a folder
* kolab/issue2069: Kontact rewrites custom folder types
* kolab/issue3830: Mail: Setting option properties->share unread state with all users on an inbox doesn't have an effect
* Add new KOrganizer icons for anniversary, birthday, holiday and special occassion
Friday, September 11th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3853: Crash after renaming a folder
* kolab/issue3836: Saved auditlog contains some strange xml text
* kolab/issue3833: Mails will vanish, if a folder is renamed
* kolab/issue3837: Reproducible crash when (not) decrypting s/mime message
* kolab/issue3577: [regression] S/MIME opaque signed and encrypted email without smime-type parameter suboptimal display
* kolab/issue3855: [regression] S/MIME opaque signed and encrypted email suboptimal display
* kolab/issue3831: Forward inline: the header of the forwarded msg doesn't contain the CC
field and the time after the date (rt#5862)
* Fix copying of an URL from KMail, which was a recent regression
Monday, September 7th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3816: event view: some topics miss the colon after the topic name (rt#5855)
* kolab/issue3788: Calendar: A default for the reminder option should be configurable (rt#5841)
* kolab/issue3827: Address completion ldap, missing results from some sources (rt#5853)
* kolab/issue3799: Freebusy authentication dialog appears in the background
* kolab/issue3803: Reply-to field in composer has unused "..." button
* Fix crash when completing LDAP addresses
* Don't print "CC:" and "BCC:" in the enterprise header.
Friday, August 28th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3359: LDAP Search result not coming in later, if user typed too fast in email completion (rt#5853)
* kolab/issue3815: event view: dates are displayed without weekday (rt#5855)
* kolab/issue3808: Reminder: small problems (rt#5845)
* kolab/issue3816: event view: some topics miss the colon after the topic name (rt#5855)
* kolab/issue3804: Configuration of Address completion order: Missing last-used addresses (rt#5856)
* kolab/issue3821: [regression] kmail reader: cannot drag attachment icon anymore
* kolab/issue3792: Local Folder for Groupware: Type setting partly lost by restart.
* kolab/issue3822: Configuration of Address completion order: last-used-addresses by default shown one but last, though sorted last (rt#5856)
* kolab/issue3671: Calendar: To Today button doesn't display a workweek right (rt#5769)
* kolab/issue3254: printed mail cut at the left side
* kolab/issue3812: Recent addresses of addresses with comma are displayed with backslash and quote
* Fix regressions that images were not shown in the reader in KMail
* Fix regression that shift-clicking an attachment in KMail wouldn't open it anymore
Friday, August 21th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3811: Rejecting an invitation, with the event existing and writable by someone else,
Kontact will delete the event without question (rt#5803)
* kolab/issue3722: Dragging emails to an existing appointment or tasks does not work (rt#5806)
* kolab/issue3788: Calendar: A default for the reminder option should be configurable (rt#5841)
* kolab/issue3608: Lastname of an attendee is missing (rt#5802)
* kolab/issue3814: Completion order configuration for emails broken (rt#5856)
* kolab/issue3819: Calendar Birthday resource: Anniversary day handling has small problems
* kolab/issue3717: The attachment of an invitation isn't displayed
Friday, August 14th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue1536: Default to the sender as organizer when it is not set
* kolab/issue3717: Add support for attachments in invitations
* kolab/issue3802: When updating incidences, preserve the UIDs so that the update is correctly registered
* kolab/issue3808: Rename 'Dismiss' into 'Dismiss Reminder' in the reminder dialog
* kolab/issue3375: Make the attachment overview less confusing by making a difference between embedded and
normal attachments
* kolab/issue3776: Show the 'Record into my calendar' button on updated invitations when sharing
a calendar with others who have access rights
Friday, August 7th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3685: Make it possible again to enter the update mail of a moved event into the calendar
* kolab/issue3789: Show again the buttons for the 'Delegate', 'Forward' and 'Look into Calendar' actions
* kolab/issue3234: Put optional participants of events into the CC field of the invitation mails, not into
the To field, to make Outlook happy
* kolab/issue3779: Always allow an attendee to remove invitation events from his calendar
* kolab/issue3788: Make the default time and time unit for new reminders configurable
* kolab/issue3742: Allow to specify the groupware type of local folders again
* kolab/issue3375: When using 'Scroll To' on attachments, mark the scrolled-to attachment with a yellow border
* kolab/issue3776: Don't ask for the storage location on invitation updates
* kolab/issue3740: When displaying encapsulated messages in a seperate window, make deleting attachments work
* kolab/issue3722: When dragging email messages as attachments, try to use the mail subject
as the attachment name in the KOrganizer attachment editor.
* Fix a problem that attachments in encapsulated messages could not be deleted
* Don't erroneously display the text part of encapsulated messages as attachment in the quick attachment list
* Add nicer icon for the organizer, replacing the old 'tux' icon
Friday, July 31th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3722: Make dragging mails to existing appointments work
* kolab/issue3759: Don't enable the Apply button in the to-do editor when opened from KMail
* kolab/issue3719: Don't remove linebreaks from the comments on invitations
* kolab/issue3780: Allow declining an invitation without getting an error message
* kolab/issue3777: Fix crash when creating a new folder in KMail
* kolab/issue3724: Possible fix a problem that when multiple persons have write access to a folder,
things were confused for other users
* kolab/issue3725: When forwarding an encrypted mail, don't ask for the passphrase twice
* kolab/issue3781: Allow to delete an accepted appointment without notifing the organizer
Friday, July 24th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3718: Don't show the warning about too many recipients when sending invitations
* kolab/issue3769: Don't crash when reading a free/busy list that was sent as mail
* kolab/issue3771: In the attendee edit dialog, allow to edit the organizer field if it is empty
* kolab/issue3744: Also recognize invitation attachments marked as text/x-vcalendar
* kolab/issue3734: Allow to change the free/busy and active alarm setting of the default groupware
folders as well
* kolab/issue3683: Fix the webpage export in KOrganizer not showing the right events
* kolab/issue3735: Fix append-only IMAP folders leading to sync and conflict loops
* kolab/issue3725: When forwarding encrypted mails, correctly include the attachments in the mail
* kolab/issue3724: Fix various issues with invitations if you have access to a calendar of another
person that is also invited
* kolab/issue3742: Don't show the combo box that changes the folder type for online IMAP folders, since
that is not supported there
Friday, July 17th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3687: When printing from KOrganizer, make sure to include the Location
* kolab/issue3756: Fix problems with reminders not showing up with freshly configured folders
Sunday, July 12th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3722 (partly): Don't indicate that mails can be dropped to the attachment editor, that is not possible
* kolab/issue3746: Fix summary not showing in an update mail and remove empty rectangle
* kolab/issue3721: Fix incorrect translation for ical import tool
Friday, June 26th 2009
Problems addressed
* Fix problems with Free/Busy passwords that have a '!' in them.
This fix is in tdelibs, not in the enterprise branch.
* Fix incompatibility with GPGME 1.2
Friday, June 19th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3375: Fix attachment overview in the header being confusing for short mails
* kolab/issue3578: Minimize the amount of key lookups in KMail, especially when not encrypting at all
* kolab/issue3682: Fix a crash when displaying certain S/MIME messages
Friday, June 12th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3685: Fix invitation handling regression, now the update mails of moved events can be
entered into the calendar again
* kolab/issue3678: Speed up displaying of inline PGP encrypted messages
* kolab/issue3694: Fix crash when displaying an invitation mail
* kolab/issue3692: Fix crash when quickly closing the window displaying a signed message
* Add info about the invitation options in KMail's handbook
Friday, June 5th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3673: Switch to calendar component when choosing "Look into the calendar" in invitations
* kolab/issue3636: Prevent creating incorrect maildir folders when using an IMAP account
* kolab/issue3648: Syncing mails was slow and used a lot of memory
* Don't block the UI when displaying signed or encrypted mail
* Add select all and unselect all buttons to the filter importer/export in KMail
Friday, May 22th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3615 (partly): Confusing warnings when evaluating key trust in KMail
Friday, May 15th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3608: Lastname of an attendee is missing
* kolab/issue3598: Holidays are not colored correctly
* kolab/issue2972: Bogus error message when refreshing the IMAP cache
* kolab/issue3617: Kleopatra's setting dialog cannot deal with gpgconf TYPE=0
* Some spelling and whitespace fixes in the english version of the KOrganizer manual
Friday, May 8th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3605: System tray icon displayed even when there is no unread mail
* kolab/issue3606: Some common folder properties are missing
* kolab/issue2459: Don't crash when refreshing the IMAP cache
* kolab/issue3598: Public holiday description of events are missing
* kolab/issue2276: Export contacts or calendar overwrites files without a warning
* kolab/issue2150: Reply action missing in the message popup menu
Thursday, April 30th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3228: Forwarding filter action does not directly send the email
* kolab/issue3251: Fix the phone numbers of a contact in the XML, so that syncing with Toltec etc works
* kolab/issue2931: Fix an incorrect translation
* kolab/issue2963: Crash while deleting mails, in KMMoveCommand::execute
* kolab/issue3268: Changes to the reply prefix would need a restart of KMail to work
* kolab/issue2152: System tray doesn't react on the change of a folder configuration
* Some fixes for the color settings in KOrganizer
* Fix a small memory leak
Friday, April 24th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2472: (partly) Default event color is not used
* kolab/issue3576: Crash in KOrganizer when switching to the month view
* kolab/issue2501: Set the default month view color strategy to "calendar inside, category outside"
* kolab/issue2508: Don't send an invitation when it the event can't be written
* kolab/issue1819: The help link in the template configuration didn't work
* Fix crashes in KAddressbook when undo/redo is used on a deleted resource
* Implement a new (currently hidden) configuration option for making the frames of month or agenda items prettier
* Fix various memory leaks
* Correctly disable various buttons if clicking them would lead to no action or crashes
Friday, April 17th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue1894: Default width of folder name column was too small on first start
* kolab/issue2130: Displayed header type in the mail display is wrong
* kolab/issue1838: Remove the What's this icon from Kontact
* kolab/issue3303: Departement and title were not saved and restored
* Reenable dragging of folders in KMail after an error
* Fix various memory leaks
* Correctly disable various buttons if clicking them would lead to no action or crashes
* In KAddressbook, cancel saving when we didn't select a resource
Friday, April 10th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3492: Default outgoing transport changes randomly when removing any outgoing account
* kolab/issue1996: Composer text-completion: Cursor always jumps to the end of the entered text
* kolab/issue3244: Crash at KMFolder::addMsg after a second import of testmails
* In KMail, don't allow executing something when clicking on a URL in the reader
* When formatting incidences, don't add "[Accept]" to it if it can't be accepted
* In the attendee editor, disable "Response request" when the attendee is oneself
* When address completion is disabled, don't search on the LDAP server when typing
* When exporting addresses to vcard, ask before overwriting files
* Fix small memory leaks in KMail
Monday, April 6th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3051: Pressing Shift+R at a shown mail opens a composer with a reference to the mail
* kolab/issue2238: D'n'D a contact on the contact sidebar icon should not be possible.
* kolab/issue1940: Activating "unseen mails behind folder" sets the option "unread mails in own column"
* kolab/issue3512: Kontact does not detect shared seen folder capabilty anymore
* kolab/issue2687: After applying a new identity, the columns of the mail view reset
* Other small improvements in the sieve script editor
* Fix crash in the composer if the transport is empty
* Fix enable/disable action when we are in template folder
Friday, March 27th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3482: Kontact creates invitations with reminders for one week (1W) that Outlook 2003 does not understand
* kolab/issue3263: Support custom templates when forwarding with filters, and also support fixed recipients for templates
* kolab/issue3471: Copy menu entry doubled in context menu
* kolab/issue3312: Crashes if a contact is changed with the contact editor
* In KMail, fix crash when changing the configuration
* When deleting templates in KMail, make sure they are removed from the configuration file
* Remove one unnecessary sync in KNotes
* Merge the forwarding fixes from enterprise4, to prevent corrupt mails after using filters for forwarding
Friday, March 20th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3467: Frequent crash after editing notes
* Eliminate some unnecessary groupware syncs in KNotes
* Don't crash when using "Save As" in KNotes
* Fix problems with notes being randomly recreated or randomly placed
* Don't allow resizes when a note is locked
* Disable "Find Text" and "Show/Hide All Notes" actions when there are no notes
Friday, March 13th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2685: Signature not recognised with combined OpenPGP encrypted/signed email
* kolab/issue2444: Kontact sends base64 encoded password when sieve server does not advertise STARTTLS
* kolab/issue1950: gpgme config dialog broken when /etc/gnupg/gpgconf.conf not empty
* kolab/issue2628: For encrypted emails where no encryption was tried, it says "decryption impossible"
* kolab/issue3477: Kontact creates bad invitations if attendee name with umlauts is entered with double quotes
* In KNotes, disable actions when the note is locked
* In KMail, consider marginally trusted keys as trusted, too
Friday, March 6th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3367: Changing organizer's status doesn't work
* kolab/issue3119: Black notes are displayed after system start
* Don't allow selection of S/MIME certificates when we only want OpenPGP ones (and vice versa)
* Avoid some unnecessary resyncs in KNotes
* Don't enable undo/redo for locked notes
* Don't allow to rename locked notes
* Fix memory leak in the Kolab resource
* Don't save the spellcheck coloring to the notes
* Speed up folder syncing for disconnected IMAP by only uploading flags that really changed
Friday, February 27th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3436: Fix crash in extractAuditLog in KMail.
* kolab/issue3377: Issue warning when emailing to more than X recipients
* Fix enabling/disabling of the Add/Remove Quote Characters actions.
Friday, February 20th 2009
Problems addressed
* Fix memory leak in KMail when reading signed or encrypted messages
Friday, February 13th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3385 Reminder of an event doesn't work
* kolab/issue2523 Export Calendar as Web Page: Date range empty by default, no warning
* kolab/issue3065: Crash in KOAgendaItem::paintEvent
* Add a cancel button to the reoccurence editor
* Fix memory leak in KNotes
* Disable various buttons if they have no effect, in KOrganizer, Knotes, KAddressbook and KMail
Friday, February 6th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3374 Window behaviour of Kontact is undesirable sometimes if a message box comes up.
* kolab/issue3376 Make gui for option ForwardingInlineByDefault
* kolab/issue3386 Kontact requires that free/busy urls match email addresses
Friday, January 30th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3275 translation of "calendar" to "Kalendar" is wrong, should be "Kalender"
Tuesday, January 20th 2009
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3304 Pasting a contact opens an edit dialog.
* kolab/issue3345 Calendar: The default status of an organizer should be accepted.
* kolab/issue2677 Misleading german translation "Die Terminordner gehören zur Identität"
* kolab/issue2908 Wrong default name when renaming IMAP ressources
* kolab/issue3219 user templates do not work, if the email has an attachment
Sunday, December 21st 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3306 "No attendees" behind the title of a new event or task not translated into German.
* kolab/issue3297 If kontact is started via knotes, knotes sometimes crashed while renaming a note
* kolab/issue2962 Composer text snippets: Add/Edit group, snippet text "GROUP" is not translated into German.
* kolab/issue3324 can delete attachments in read-only folders
* kolab/issue3316 Doubled folder lists in move-to filteraction selection dialog
* kolab/issue3314 Contact folder selection state not saved between KDE sessions
* kolab/issue3084 An organizor of an event cannot change his status
* kolab/issue1783 Invitation get lost, if no Kalender resource is activated
Friday, December 12th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3276 cannot encrypt to marginally trusted OpenPGP key, with email address not in key and key in contact entry ( part fix )
* kolab/issue3305 Double click on a distribution list in the distribution list editor should open an edit dialog
* kolab/issue2048 Distribution list: couldn't delete a contact from a dist list with pressing on "delete"
Wednesday, December 3rd 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3228 forwarding filter action does not directly send the email
* kolab/issue1950 Kontact: gpgme config dialog broken when /etc/gnupg/gpgconf.conf not empty
* kolab/issue3195 Sending a mail encrypted and signed with an expired Openpgp key shows confusing dialog
* kolab/issue3265 OpenPGP key expiry warning not emitted for signing keys) Editing
* kolab/issue2472 ("Default event color" is not used
* kolab/issue3143 (s/mime invalid keys are accepted by KMail and shown green in kleo (certmanager/lib/ui/keyselectiondialog.cpp)
* kolab/issue3249 (Strange crash while replying to an SMIME mail.
* kolab/issue3281 (Kontact does not quote CNs in iCalendar mails, which Outlook 2003 (OL 2K3) then fails to recognise
Friday, November 21st 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2627 Status line for audit log shown, even when it is not implemented.
* kolab/issue2617 Kleopatra: After importing a p7c or p12 file the user is informed, that he has imported 0 certifictes.
* kolab/issue2620 Kleopatra throws an error message, if no .gnupg exists and no agent is running.
Tuesday, November 19th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3196 large number of appointments can lead to corrupt index and loss of events.
Sunday, November 9th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2627 Status line for audit log shown, even when it is not implemented.
*Support the /vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/sharedseen annotation available in Cyrus IMAP server 2.3.9 or higher which allows to share the seen flags between all users that have access to a folder.
* Detect if the server supports shared seen flags. Also preserve the IMAP server capabilities in kmailrc so that detection also works without a prior sync.
Monday, October 27th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2230 Summary: Can select summaries of parts in the summary configuration dialog, which are deactivated in the components dialog.
* kolab/issue2947 Kontact crashes by opening an added attachment file.
Friday, October 17th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2702 (calendar: After deleting an attendee no remaining attendee is selected.
* kolab/issue3127 (Cannot open a mail d'n'ded to the desktop and then cannot restart kontact
* kolab/issue2875 (Better guide the user to find S/MIME certificate manager when trying to encrypt email
Friday, October 3rd 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2936 Document non-gui OutOfOffice settings for enterprise35.
* kolab/issue1570 Make standard identity the default in the "Select Address" dialog
* kolab/issue2501 Calendar: events in the month view are displayed in wrong colors
* kolab/issue2472 "Default event color" is not used
* kolab/issue2314 documentation of snippets missing, especially for the variable substitution
* kolab/issue2962 Composer text snippets: Add/Edit group, snippet text "GROUP" is not translated into German.
* kolab/issue2389 contact: After creating a new contact, while I have to select a contact resource the cursor is a clock.
* kolab/issue2989 normal reminder changes to advanced reminder unexpectedly
* kolab/issue1589 "Keep replies in this folder" not honored when replying with identity not matching original recipients
* kolab/issue2614 The context menu of the favorite folder view and the folder view should be more similar
Friday, September 26th 2008
Problems addressed
*kolab/issue2989 normal reminder changes to advanced reminder unexpectedly
Friday, September 19th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2830 Default identity used for invitation even if other identity is set as organizer.
* kolab/issue2577 An invitation to a recurring event should give information about the recurrance.
* kolab/issue1828 Printing event doesn't print list of attachment.
Friday, September 12th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2792 kontact sometimes doesn't display a shared folder
Monday, September 8th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue3024 Crash in KCal::Incidence::revision.
Friday, August 29th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2680 Counter proposal: A user should be notified about an accepted counter proposal.
* kolab/issue2625 Sync with the new sync button for emails stays offline without message.
* kolab/issue2514 Moving a event and pressing "Cancel" in the send mail dialog, doesn't cancel the operation.
* kolab/issue2489 Synchronize Calendar button always syncs all servers.
* kolab/issue2111 Help->Feature Request looks for a non-existing page.
* kolab/issue2655 Fast pressing "Down Arrow" Key in the address lookup of the composer selects an address in the "to" field.
Saturday, August 23rd 2008
Problems addressed
kolab/issue2927 Opened mails/composer are not reopened after a restart.
kolab/issue2675 Calendar side-by-side view: scale doesn't fit with the hours view.
Friday, August 22nd 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2954 Possible to delete a mail if just max append rights.
* kolab/issue2036 Press "cancel" at the calender folder selection deletes an updated event.
Friday, August 13th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2933 Creating folder with a old folder name can trigger a crash.
* kolab/issue2850 Crash while copying a mail to a read-only folder.
* kolab/issue2904 Calender component reloads all events, e.g. after switching to todos and back.
Friday, August 1st 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2951 The name of the event which was created by d'n'd of a todo is "BEGIN:VCALENDAR".
* kolab/issue2904 calender component reloads all events, e.g. after switching to todos and back.
Friday, July 25th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2866 In the todo summary a todo is shown which was deleted.
* kolab/issue2867 Todos: Often deleted todos reappear.
Monday, July 22nd 2008
Problems addressed
kolab/issue2801 Kontact doubles mails if a filter is used and every mail is filtered.
kolab/issue2868 The name of the todo which was created by d'n'd of an event is "BEGIN:VCALENDAR"
Friday, July 11th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2522 Pressing ESC while moving a contact, deletes the contact.
* kolab/issue2607 sync loop after deactivation of autosync.
* kolab/issue2666 Deactivated calendar resources are reactivated after restart.
* Enterprise branch is in sync with tdepim 3.5 branch
* Bugfixes from enterprise ported to 3.5 branch
Friday, July 4th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2512 Kmail: "Subscription" should be renamed in "Serverside subscription"
* kolab/issue2741 Button to do an ldap lookup is missing from the address selection dialog.
* kolab/issue2511 Pressing "New" in the new event attendee view should not continue to create new attendees, if the first example attendee is not changed.
* Enterprise branch is in sync with tdepim 3.5 branch
Friday, June 27th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2785 favorite folder: Two creation ways show different names.
* kolab/issue2790 Strange date/time field in the new todo dialog.
* kolab/issue2568 Button to open certificate manager is missing from encryption key dialog.
* kolab/issue1998 An invitation via a server distribution list, cannot be accepted by attendees as they cannot choose one of their own identity.
* kolab/issue2741 Button to do an ldap lookup is missing from the address selection dialog.
* kolab/issue2618 Kleopatra: the dump of smime certificates doesn't contain the email addresses.
* kolab/issue2773 Usability of "Order of Arrival" string?
* kolab/issue2740 kleopatra shows an error message, if started and the search is on "In External Certificates"
Friday, June 16th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2506 Typo in the display of a smime signed mail.
* kolab/issue2512 Kmail: "Subscription" should be renamed in "Serverside subscription"
* kolab/issue2511 Pressing "New" in the new event attendee view should not continue to create new attendees, if the first example attendee is not changed.
* kolab/issue2659 Copying and moving contacts with only one resource configured.
* kolab/issue2741 Button to do an ldap lookup is missing from the address selection dialog
* kolab/issue2619 Kleopatra: Trying to create a smime key pair with a "+" in the CN, fails without a warning.
* kolab/issue2568 Button to open certificate manager is missing from encryption key dialog
* Enterprise branch is in sync with tdepim 3.5 branch
Friday, May 30th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2717 - Composer option "Insert signatures above quoted text" doesn't work. Implemented for replytoall for consistency.
* Enterprise in sync with tdepim 3.5 branch.
Tuesday, May 20th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2667 - Kontact sometimes tries to re-create existing folders and fails. (807761)
* kolab/issue2717 - Composer option "Insert signatures above quoted text" doesn't work. (810237)
* Enterprise in sync with tdepim 3.5 branch.
Friday, May 9th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2560 Unsuccessful Sieve connection causes strange Progress Dialog.(804616)
* kolab/issue2675 Calendar side-by-side view: scale doesn't fit with the hours view.(804642)
* kolab/issue2669 (Profile does not save background color of emails.(804994)
* kolab/issue2148 (counterproposal event should be inserted into the calender
* Kolab issues 2148, 2678, 2681, 2683, 2680 - Counter proposal issues. (805191,805702)
* kolab/issue2247 (Command line switch to choose Kontact profile (W1-32) (805348)
* Enterprise in sync with tdepim 3.5 branch.
Saturday, May 3rd 2008
* Enterprise in sync with tdepim 3.5 branch.
Monday, April 28th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2585 contacts of a LDAP resource folder should be seen in the mail address text completion of a composer
* kolab/issue2443 kontact aborts sieve when imapd sends capabilities after starttls
* kolab/issue2608 Calendar: counter proposal is not sent to the organizer
* KDE bug 126025: Replying to address with umlaut and comma creates two addressees
Friday, April 18th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2630 calendar: Wrong scrolling in the side-by-side view.
* kolab/issue2629 calendar: At the headers of a week in the side-by-side view are not above the right columns
* Merges in from 3.5 branch.
Friday, April 11th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2272 - Event Attendee Editor: After "Zoom To Fit" and zoom it is possible to scroll the fb part without the attendee part. (794734)
* kolab/issue1869 (side-by-side calender view size depends on folder path length.(795745)
* kolab/issue1883 (wasting space with many time scales in side-by-side-view.(795745)
* kolab/issue1947 (calendar side-by-side view: superfluous scrollbars in the dayappointments.(795745)
* kolab/issue1948 (calendar side-by-side view: wasting space by several scrollbars? Fix one grid option.(795745)
* kolab/issue2561 (Side-By-Side view: the view of some folders are of different size.(795745)
Friday, April 4th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2577 An invitation to a recurring event should give information about the recurrance. (792202)
* kolab/issue2581 The reject counter proposal mail is send to a wrong account.(792230)
* kolab/issue2580 A user cancels a counterpropsal and the invitation mail is gone. (792231)
* kolab/issue2582 After pressing "decline" in the counter proposal dialog and sending the counter proposal the event can be found in the calendar. (792950)
* kolab/issue2578 After deletion of an event the organizer gets a mail, that some attendee accepted the event. (792957)
Saturday, March 29st 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2231 - Edit event: After adding and removing an mail address, an update mail is send to the address.
* kolab/issue2217 - "open" button/funcationality in full search window missing (Z37)
* kolab/issue2566 - Translation Error: German key
* kolab/issue2565 - appointment dialog text quirks
* kolab/issue2148 - counterproposal event should be inserted into the calender
* kolab/issue2147 - There should exist two kind of counter proposals
* kolab/issue2149 - A counterproposal should be displayed in a way, that the organizer understands.
Friday, March 21st 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue1826 - Default (New Mail) template needs 3 spaces between the top and the signature.
* kolab/issue2290 - Should warn and offer to change if there are two *.default groupware folders in one account.
* kolab/issue2272 - Event Attendee Editor: After "Zoom To Fit" and zoom it is possible to scroll the fb part without the attendee part.
Friday, March 14th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue1770 Delete attachment of a signed mail doesn't work. (783303)
* kolab/issue2533 Reproducible crash in KMail::MessageProperty::filtering when refreshing IMAP cache. (784547)
* kolab/issue2239 Addressbook extension doesn't recognise the deletion of a contact folder.(785317)
* KDE Bug 146679 Can't set negative absolute hours - fixed. (785054)
* kolab/issue2168 Email attachment overlay view, header style "enterprise" : Should be made foldable.
* kolab/issue2529 Email attachment overlay view, header style "enterprise": fold button should vanish, if the mail has no attachments.
Friday, March 7th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2297 New event: Organisor is not attendee. (781595)
* kolab/issue1988 Deleting a event should remove the deleter from the attendee list.(782029)
* kolab/issue2443 kontact aborts sieve when imapd sends capabilities after starttls. (782672)
* Merge35 Filter source folder whitelist (from proko2 ). (783244)
Friday, February 29th 2008
Problems addressed
* Prevent crash after changing the layout and replying then. (778728)
* kolab/issue2442 kolab/issue2442 (tdeioslave crashs after closing kontact, if the vacation reminder is activated. (779694)
* "Enterprise headers" makes impossible to select text in first paragraph of body. [ kde-bug#151150 ] (779994)
* kolab/issue1700 kleopatra crashes after ldap search. (780211)
* kolab/issue2168 Email attachment overlay view, header style "enterprise" : Should be made foldable (780250)
* kolab/issue2413 Kmail: Cannot select "Mark Thread" in the popup menu if I select two or more threads. (780251)
* kolab/issue2312 Rejecting an invitation does not always work (780286)
* Merges in from 3.5 branch
Friday, February 22nd 2008
Problems addressed
* Prevent the message in the reader window from jumping back to the start of the message when the font or the font size is changed in the separate reader window.
* Merges in from 3.5 branch.
Friday, February 15th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2160 contact view: move distribution list and addressbook view menu item to "views" (775026)
* kolab/issue2477 Contacts: The Dist lists view is at the right side of the contacts list view. (775016)
* Fixed cached imap local subscription so that it works for top-level folders.(774162)
* Fixed the problem that filtering with online IMAP stopped after the first message had been processed.(773733)
* Merges in from 3.5 branch.
Friday, February 8th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue1981 Context menu entry "Paste" in kalender view
* kolab/issue2260 New resource calendar folder default colors
* Fix message status change randomly not working for non-toplevel mails
* Really apply the identity when we edit a received message
* kolab/issue2394 IMAP sync keeps calendar items which are deleted on the server
* kolab/issue2450 Kmail: D'n'D and "Move To" from a read only folder is possible
* kolab/issue2092 A latin-9 attachment is treated like a utf-8 file
* Fix reply actions being disabled when a collapsed thread is selected
* kolab/issue2390 contact: Two resources on the same server could looks like the same source in the contact view
Friday, February 1st 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2036 Press "cancel" at the calender folder selection deletes an updated event. (768070)
* kolab/issue2214 Creating a calender in local folder where the user have no rights shouldn't be possible.(768402)
* kolab/issue2433 Debug log of tdeio_sieve shows password in base64. (768539)
* kolab/issue2387 Crash when creating a subfolder of the calendar folder.(768738)
* kolab/issue1841 Changing composer wrap margin does not affect currently open composer.(769033)
* kolab/issue1843 Resized composer window snaps back if settings are changed.(769035)
* kolab/issue2166 Rename "Create Task ..." to something that resembled "resubmission" or "reminder".(769042)
* kolab/issue2159 Configure option: distribution list view and addressbook view under or left of the main list of contacts.(769058)
* kolab/issue2167 New tasks should have reminder and until time set by default.(769058)
Monday, January 28th 2008
The account password is shown in the debug output (See kolab/issue2344).
Solution is to use "kdebugdialog" and switch "tdeio_sieve" off.
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2387 Crash when creating a subfolder of the calendar folder. (767033)
* kolab/issue2269 After locally unsubscribed a shared folder, the grey "user" and the grey "ltest1" folder didn't vanish. (765237)
* kolab/issue2216 Crash in KMFolderSearch::addSerNum (764894)
* kolab/issue2403 Forwarded or Delegated event not displayed correctly.(764828)
* kolab/issue2405 Printing a encrypted mail should be possible (764404)
Merging complete with respect to 3.5 branch.
Friday, January 18th 2008
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2275 upgrade removed groupware resources.( 745813 )
* kolab/issue2306 Crash below KMReaderWin::parseMsg after fast navigation through mails (746845)
* kolab/issue2313 Crashed when subscribing new folders (e.g. in KMFolderMgr::removeFolderAux()) ( 746873 )
* kolab/issue2173 "Copy contact to" and "Move contact to" have the same icons. ( 746925 )
* kolab/issue2146 Kontact evaluates HTML tags in Contacts ( 747182 )
* kolab/issue2182 Kontact shows misleading error messages for a mail encrypted with unsupported cyphers. ( 747318 )
* kolab/issue2262 Crash below SnippetWidget::slotAdd()) (747340)
* kolab/issue2286 Crash below KMail::CachedImapJob::slotPutMessageInfoData after working with tasks. ( 747584 )
* kolab/issue2299 Sending a mail with softbreaks inserts newlines into this mail. (748016)
* kolab/issue2220 "Action Item" and "Important" flag of mails behave different, if a folder is shared with read rights. (748416)
* kolab/issue2344 Kontact crash on Deleting messages which are attachments shown in message viewer. (748425)
* kolab/issue2191 filters lose conditions. (748479)
* kolab/issue2004 Kontact, contact component: minsize of some components too wide (748501)
* kolab/issue2061 three buttons lead to too large minimum width (in contact, calender and journal view). (748501)
* kolab/issue2161 contacts view: distribution list view: Should have the usual buttons (748529)
* kolab/issue2348 Crash on "checking" ToDo in calendar view (750031)
* kolab/issue2304 Adding new attendees should be easier by clicking. (750093)
* kolab/issue2301 Contacts: Undo asks to select a folder, after cutting some contacts. (750101)
* kolab/issue2178 After inserting a text component to a mail the cursor should be at the end of this text component not at the beginning. (750499)
* kolab/issue2169 Email header style "enterprise" does not jump to all email attachments (750562)
* kolab/issue2008 Export of kontact profiles doesn't work. (750648)
* kolab/issue1870 Display of whole day events in side-by-side view shows rubbish. (750879)
* kolab/issue1952 favorite folder view: clicking on groupware folder should jump to corresponding view. (750904)
* kolab/issue2379 Favorite todo folder: If the folder is already selected, clicking on it doesn't change the view. ( 758955 )
* kolab/issue 2399 "Out of Office" reply reminder is activated althrough "Out of Office "reply is not activated. ( 762310 )
* kolab/issue 2401 D'n'D attachment of a mail to the desktop: copy lots of different files to the desktop.( 762653 )
* kolab/issue2195 German translation in kontact's Calendar box (long, Deppenapostroph). ( 762985 )
* More merges from all of tdepim.
Monday, December 4th 2007
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2260 Use better category and resource colors, make the list of default colors configurable, change the default working time color. (744677)
New functionality
* protrinity5-z Item 60: Merge of the attachments and recurrence tabs into the main one, according to the usability suggestions and additional comments from the usability team. D'n'd and c'n'p support for attachments. (revision 742613)
* protrinity5-z Item 65: Merge of the attendee and free-busy tabs into the main one, according to the usability suggestions and additional comments from the usability team (revision 744005)
* protrinity5-z Item 61: Implementation of the xfb concept (revision 744092)
* protrinity5-z Item 203: implementation of the concept for better error messages for crypto operations (audit log) (revision 743026)
* protrinity5-z Item 32: Separate the recipients editor with a splitter, so the number of visible recipients can be freely configured (revision 744676)
Friday, November 23rd 2007
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2224 (Crash: KMFolder::countUnread, after hide groupware folders and sync) (739114)
* kolab/issue1864 (Edit Categories not working when creating a new event) (739670)
New functionality
* protrinity5-z Item 36: Clearer descriptions for search/filter criteria (738629)
* protrinity5-z Item 25: "Edit" for received mails. (739063)
* protrinity5-z Item 37: Make the splitters a bit more sensible, by preventing total collapsing, where it makes sense. (739069)
* protrinity5-z Item 26: per-account identities (739135)
* protrinity5-z Item 18: more and better configurable message actions on the main reader window (739157)
* protrinity5-z Item 53: Improved coloring of agenda view items (739603)
* protrinity5-z Item 50: Default colors for calendar resources (739689)
* protrinity5-z Item 79 (part 2): Statusbar indicator for active vacation scripts (740023)
* protrinity5-z Item 60 Allow files to be dropped onto the attachment view and ask whether they should be attached by link or by value. Implement dragging out of the view.
Friday, November 16th 2007
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2200 (After editing the attendee list the old attendes gets update mails without the possibility to enter them into their calender.) (737072)
New functionality
* protrinity5-z Item 75: Aggregated reminders (737035)
* protrinity5-z Item 3: Hide no-content folders only containing groupware folders (737469)
* Merges from 3.5 branch for KMail, KAlarm, aKregator, KArm
Friday, November 9th 2007
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2123 Make sure the re-generated index is actually written out, to avoid crashes on switching out of the folder, and related unpleasantness. (732422)
* kolab/issue2142 ( part 1 ) Make sure the file selector is shown on top of the filter dialog. (732794)
* crash when there is no smime backend, and the protocol can't be determined.(733049 )
* kolab/issue2151 Fix creation of new folders when restarting KMail before the next sync. ( 733149 )
* kolab/issue2142 ( part 2 ) Provide a proper parent for the "ask to overwrite" dialog.(733495)
* kolab/issue 2176 Move transaction code into the filtermanager, from the caller and make sure filter counts are written to and read from the right section. ( 733511 )
* kolab/issue2175 Show an error message if the to-be-imported filters file can't be read. (733519 )
* kolab/issue2181 Fix crash when opening a message without a parent, cleanup initialization order.(734247)
New functionality
* Protrinity5-z Item 69 Allow comments to be given when reacting to invitations (733159)
* Protrinity5-z Item 68 (part 1) Make it configurable whether invitation emails are move to the trash once the reply to them has been sent and add gui for that to the groupware section of the main configuration dialog. (733883)
* Protrinity5-z Item 73: Show changes made by the organizer when showing invitation updates. (734580)
* Merges from 3.5 branch for KMail and KAlarm.
Friday, November 2nd 2007
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue2151 Creating a subfolder doesn't work correctly
New functionality
* Protrinity5-z Item 49: "Store Contact In" -> "Copy Contact To" and "Move Contact To" (729611)
* Protrinity5-z Item 201: Allow dragging of attachments from composer windows (729661)
* Protrinity5-z Item 203 (part 1): Port KMail from cryptplug to kleo (731701)
* Add the ability to associate keyboard shortcuts with snippets. (731716)
* Add a GUI option for syncing groupware changes immediately (731653)
Friday, October 26th 2007
Problems addressed
* ensure that tooltips also work on the main folder tree
and show quota info properly (729284)
* kolab/issue2108 (Kontact sends broken invitation email.) Explicitely disable
word wrapping, instead of toggeling, where appropriate.
New functionality
* Protrinity5-z Item 16: Filter import/export (728541)
* Protrinity5-z Item 37: Open search results in standalone reader,
when preview pane is hidden (729306)
Friday, October 12th 2007
Problems addressed
* kolab/issue1941 (slow LDAP server lookup clears the To: field)
Don't overwrite the user selection if LDAP search results come in delayed.
* kolab/issue2035 (Manage Sieve Script: Couldn't activate a script.) Allow
activation of sieve scripts when none are currently active
* kolab/issue2042 (Not possible to create a new contact) Fix creation of
new contacts in kolab resources
* kolab/issue2045 (Sending unencrypted, unsigned mail to myself throws warning)
Fix problems with ecnryption to untrusted keys
* kolab/issue2046 (Crash: Try to copy an attachment to the konqueror)
Fix crash on drag
* kolab/issue2067 (Kontact doubles mails when filter is used.) Make sure
to persist the list of deleted uids
New functionality
* Protrinity5-Z Item 55d: Immediately sync groupware changes (revision 723653)
* Protrinity5-z Item 27: Softbreaking in the kmail editor when no hardbreak limit is set (724153)
* Protrinity5-z Item 19: Raise hardbreak limit from 78 to 255 (724155)
* Change the default for what to select on entering a folder to "last selected" from "jump to new".
* kolab/issue1904 don't crash on shutdown if the kernel is already deleted
* kolab/issue1942 Allow not fully trusted keys to be used for encryption, but ask the user to confirm their use.
Wednesday, September 26st 2007
* kolab/issue1983 Fix encoding issue in SMIME encryption message.
* kolab/issue1924 Retain state of the crypto state indicators across drafts.
* KDE bug 132938 Avoid asking the user to go online spuriously/
* kolab/issue1743 Fix upload of out-of-office scripts (716765)
* kolab/issue2023 Missing accelarators in text snippet context menu (716933)
* kolab/issue2009 Fix new/unread flag handling during DIMAP sync (717162)
* kolab/issue2029 Allow to hide signature details again (717191)
* protrinity5-z item 70: Check calendar link in invitations (714358)
* protrinity5-z item 30: Text snippet support in the kmail composer window (715206)
* protrinity5-z item 47: Support for read only contacts folders (715588)
* protrinity5-z item 67: Support for invitation counter proposals (716376)
* protrinity5-z item 21: D'n'D out of the folder view, removal of the "save encoded" menu entry (716393)
* protrinity5-z item 7: Close application despite presence of a system tray icon, configurably (716415)
* protrinity5-z item 40: Details on demand for pgp/smime signature status (716476)
* protrinity5-z item 79: Warn about active out-of-office scripts on startup (716765)
* protrinity5-z item 17: Better error reporting for quota errors (716771)
* protrinity5-z item 24: New attachment view in mail viewer (717292)
Friday, September 21st 2007
* kolab/issue1983 Fix encoding issue in SMIME encryption message.
* kolab/issue1924 Retain state of the crypto state indicators across drafts.
* KDE bug 132938 Avoid asking the user to go online spuriously/
* protrinity5-z item 70: Check calendar link in invitations (714358)
* protrinity5-z item 30: Text snippet support in the kmail composer window (715206)
Friday, September 14th 2007
* Make the maximum attachment size configurable by a non-gui (kioskable) option
and change the wording of the warning dialog to refer folks to their admin,
rather than blaming KMail for the limitation.
* protrinity5 W1-32 fixes for global profiling handling
* kolab/issue896 Change the summary view title to "To-Do" from "To-do List" for consistency with the side bar.
* Bump the kontact plugin version to reflect the profile loading changes and
update the version in those plugins we ship. Fixed crashes from basket on
startup in kubuntu, for example.
* Make favourite folder area work with multiple main windows
* kolab/issue1955 Fix crash when closing KMail.
* kolab/issue1963, 1964 Make the create task action available in separate reader windows and the toolbar.
* kolab/issue1984 fill distribution list listview delayed to avoid crash
* kolab/issue1983 Make on-demand decrytion also work with SMIME.
* Merge kalarm from 3.5 r708803-709812
Friday, September 7th 2007
* protrinity5-z item 58: Rename "time associated" to "add-day event" and invert logic (706869)
* Limit attachment size to a sensible value (upstreaming old SUSE patches, this one originally by Waldo Bastian). (706920)
* protrinity5-z feature 46: Rework distribution list integration in KAddressBook, add support for multiple active extensions (708034)
* protrinity5-z item 41: Decrypt messages only if requested (some prettification still pending) (708741)
* protrinity5-z item 9: third part: allow to disable local flags in read-only folders (708749)
* protrinity5-z item 2: Better and shorter resource folder names, showing the folder's owner (709038)
* protrinity5-z item 11: Message flags can be toggled by clicking into the corresponding header view columns (709066)
* protrinity5-z item 48: Allow adding LDAP entries to distribution lists from the LDAP search dialog. Add the ability to import LDAP contacts into the addressbook. (709092)
* protrinity5-z itme 42: Show colored indicators of signature and encryption state above the editor area (709142)
* kolab/issue1376: fix \Seen flag handling on initial folder download (708706)
* kolab/issue1924: encryption type is not stored if mail is saved to draft (709084)
* Merge of kpilot fixed in 3.5 trunk (707923)
* Merge of changes that help with folder open/close reference counting debugging (mostly from the SuSE team) (707659)
Friday, August 31st 2007
* Scalix support for Kontact.
* kolab/issue1868: Crash after reply on a mail using search function (705173, merge issue 38)
* BUG: 93436 - Always encrypt to self function was always on.
* kolab/issue1923 Crash after pressing copy and paste in the composer. (706484)
* kolab/issue1713 @ (at) sign in realname confuses kontact when creating appointments (704180)
* kolab/issue/1894 Default width of the folder name column at first contact start is too small
* kolab/issue1918 favorite folder view migration default size could be better (706063)
* Merged kpilot, karm and kalarm changes from 3.5 branch into enterprise.
Friday, 24th August 2007
- protrinity5-z item 44: keep state of signing and encryption actions across drafts (fully implemented, ported to 3.5, trunk and proko2) (702320)
- protrinity5-z item 35: consistent behavior of pasting URLs via keyboard shortcut, d'n'd and menu (fully implemented, ported to trunk) (702342)
- protrinity5-z item 1: favourite folders view in KMail (fully implemented, port to trunk pending, merge 36) (702804)
- protrinity5-z item 9: first part of this item, concerning sync of SEEN flags in read only folders (issue1376) (703473)
protrinity5-z item 9: second part, ability to store custom flags on the server (704199) merges
- protrinity5 w1-20 (665722)
- protrinity5 w1-11: Let the navigator toolbar be always the last one, if it's in the top dockwindow ( 666073)
- protrinity5 W1-19 / kolab/issue1749 Since mail folders are not groupware folders, do a full sync, when
the mail part is already active. (668988)
- protrinity5 It's now possible to resize the magenta rectangle that represents the event in the freebusy
view, to change its start time, end time and duration (not only move it around, which preserved
- protrinity5 w1-6 Implement a size column in the shared folder tree class and in kmail. Add the ability
to use a configurable color for the folder name and size when it is close to a configurable quota
threshold (provided the folder has quota info in the first place). Implement size retrieval for mbox
and maildir storage.
- protrinity5 w1-23 Add a font family and size selector to the standalone readerwindow, which
overrides the usual font for display and printing for that particular mail.
- protrinity5 w1-30 Add an option to show two agenda views (669438)
- protrinity5 W1-30 Start of a gantt-based view for korganizer (669557)
- protrinity5 W22: prepare printing of notes from Kontact, move existing KNotes printing code to a library
shared by KNotes and the Notes plugin ( 670739)
- protrinity5 W1-32: add profile support for kontact, with global/user-specific profiles, and profile
import/export (671800)
- protrinity5 w1-15 Show the delegator and delegate in the even preview.
( related to kolab/issue1773 kolab/issue1774 kolab/issue1776) (670673).
- protrinity5 w1-10 Show plugins which failed to load their part as disabled,
and make them not selectable.(670822)
- protrinity5 W1-19 (sync buttons): Add submenu with "All" and the single accounts, similar as in
the check mail action
- Drag and drop notes - (662503)
- Implemented the ability to drag the current meeting time in the freebusy view, in order to visually
move the meeting to a spot where the attendees are free.(668059)
- Merge (mostly) hidden config options and their uses from proko2
- kolab/issue896 naming inconsistencies in Kontact, enterprise only so far (703752)
- kolab/issue1318 potential fix for crashes during filtering (703867)
- kolab/issue1743 retain the vacation file name through account editing (703997)
- kolab/issue1894 better initial name column width in the kmail folder tree (704165)
- kolab/issue1713 @ (at) sign in realname confuses kontact when creating appointments (704180)
- kolab/issue1882 Crash after reply to a revoked mail(700851)
- kolab/issue1815 convert KMHeaders::applyFiltersOnMsg to using serial numbers instead of message pointers [in the case not using action scheduler]. Speculative fix to Intevation issue #1815 (Filtering 1450 mails crashes kontact). ( 703867 )
- More comprehensible documentation of KMFolder and friends ( 703507 )
- kolab/issue1640 - Minimum sync-interval for kontact ( 703384 )
- - 77223, 85630, 111419 ( 700059 )
- - 144303 - When sending an encrypted message, with an empty body, and the
encryption key selection or encryption prefs selection dialogs were cancelled, mNewBodyPart was
deleted without ever having been initialised. Also init some other vars ASAP. (700035)
- kolab/issue1712 Update revision when adding new attendees.(663228)
- kolab/issue1672 Make sure to open the folder when saving a single message as well.(664661)
- Fix lack of double-quotes around folder name, making GETQUOTAROOT fail on folders with a space in the
- Port the ability to add and remove subfolders from korganizer's resource view from proko2. (665274)
- kolab/issue1721 Don't exit when the popup menu is canceled.(665679)
- Allow to edit attachments of already existing messages.(668156)
- kolab/issue1642 kontact crashed after moving some events (670485)
- kolab/issue1738 (Kontact escapes part of content type of text/calendar messages, makes Outlook fail
to directly recognise invitations)
- kolab/issue864 protrinity5 freebusy display takes internal or does not honor "nobody" annotation(
- kolab/issue1759 (Dragging emails onto tasks does not enable reminders by default.)
- kolab/issue1766 protrinity5 Kontact crashes after moving event in a free/busy list (TQListViewItem)
- kolab/issue1784 protrinity5 Kontact sometimes crashes by creating a new event.
- kolab/issue1780 i18n of "Agenda View Calender Display" missing
- kolab/issue1773 (Delegate an event back to the organizator shows strange effects.)
- kolab/issue1769 (editing attachment of a new mail stops with couldn't write error)
- protrinity5 issue1768 - Percentage symbol missing
- kolab/issue1529, start date is set correctly when recurrence date is set
- kolab/issue1792 (email duplication occurs when using client-side filters and disconnected imap)
- kolab/issue1786 (moving folder shows error message)
- kolab/issue1794 (kontact mail composer is missing a combobox to choose the encryption type)
- kolab/issue1760 (Cannot make reminders for emails if left icon bar is disabled.)
- kolab/issue1569 (Kontact sometimes doesn't allow dragging of encrypted messages)
- kolab/issue1763 (Kontact still believes imap quota is set after quota is removed)
- kolab/issue1803 crash after unsharing a folder.
- kolab/issue1844 ("Copy To" on a mail doesn't work for online IMAP to same server)
- kolab/issue1839 (Kontact crashes after opening two composer dialogs and switching between summary and notes)
- kolab/issue1715 (Other disconnected Imap folders good as sources for client filters.)
- kolab/issue1303 (Inform user when a folder gets unshared and move new items (prevent data loss))
- kolab/issue1846 (Kontact crashes by moving many folders)
- Make sure the crypto state is not restored from headers if there are no headers. (703234)
- b.k.o 118060 - Ensure that there is a KMMainWidget before showing the config dialog, as parts of the config
(identitydialog) depend on its existence. (668075)
- b.k.o 121863 - Prevent crash if folder can't be found.(668092)
- Fixes from 3.5 merges - b.k.o 131176, 102001, 143511, 143866, 144166, 48461, 93199, 128435,50462,
Current release is "Enterprise - Snapshot-06"
- proko35 W-15 forwarding and delegation of iCal invitations
- proko35 W1-29 "attaching mails directly to events as either the full message or just the message body"
- aegypten/issue 370 - Add scrollbar so that the dialog doesn't become too big when gpgconf gives us many options to configure.
- aegypten/issue 735 - Support for the NO_CHANGE flag from gpgconf 2.0.3 (readonly widgets)
- kolab/issue 1698 -Ignore denied invitations from not invited attendees.
- kolab/issue1706 (addressbook: real adress type is broken) - introducing bugs in the GUI due to outlook compatibility,
- prokde W1-16: when exporting a secret key to a .p12 file, allow the user to select the encoding (charset) of the passphrase in the p12 file.
- proko35 W1-8 Fix for usability issues with changes to the currently selected item when LDAP results come in delayed.
- kolab/35- W1-10 Add the possibility to have disabled plugins shown grayed out in the sidebar.
Configurable by non-gui option.
"Enterprise - Snapshot-05"
- proko35 W1-7 (cyclic section changes on tab and backtab keys in the addressee selection completion popup)
- Better unit test and automated packaging infrastructure.
- Honor default forwarding settings for the toolbar button, the search window RMB and the keyboard shortcuts (issue 1530)
- Fix documentation related to issue 1530
- Also change the font of cut messages in case the inactive color is to similar to the normal color.(issue 1180)
"Enterprise - Snapshot-04"
- proko35 W1-14 (automatic moving of not yet synced mails from folders with insufficient access rights to a lost+found folder)
- Unit tests fixed.
- Kolab/issue1530 - make preferred form of forwarding configurable
- Fixes related to opening of *mbox files.
- Aegypten/issue734 - Moving email in dimap breaks signature, because lines removed
- proko35 W1-9 icon alignment was improved.
Additional Fixes
- Rebranched libkcal and kitchensync.
"Enterprise - Snapshot-03"
- Kolab/Merge14/issue1095 -Add local subscription
- Kolab/issue1206 - kolabziward quirks
- Kolab/issue1207 - groupware folders only as local subscription still shows mails in inbox
- proko35 W1-5: selectable scope when reindexing a dimap cache
- Kolab/issue1583 - Fixing OL compatibility with attachments that have umlauts in the filename.
- Kolab/issue 1658 - Adding a warning for empty To : field
- proko35 W1-1 - kontact discards signature settings when signature is deactivated
"Enterprise - Snapshot-02"
- Kolab/issue1385 - add/insert signature
- kolab/issue1216 - porting semicolon as separator to enterprise.
- kolab/issue1367 : Made ".mbox" as a default extension/filter while saving messages.
- kolab/issue 1632 - kontact sometimes crashs by moving mails from the message find dialog to a folder
- kolab/issue1384 - Don't allow base64 or qp encoding for message attachements, such
as when forwarding.
"Enterprise - Snapshot-01"
- proko35 Task - W1-24, Kolab/issue 1180 - Copy/move folders ( related kolab/issues 1294 and 1317 )
- proko35 Task - W1-2 , Ktnef
- proko35 Task - W1-28, Search result DnD
- Kolab/issue 1222 - Reduce the memory consumption. Improve speed.
- IMAP Quota feature - Forward ports of r503566, r504908, r504943, r544380, r550654, r573761, r573797, r573829, and r503568 from proko2
- Kolab/issue 1362 - PO Box in kolab format.
- Apply fix for KMAcctCachedImap::processNewMail's crash (r631934)