TDE personal information management applications
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  1. Coding Style
  2. =============
  3. Please use the coding style conventions from kdepim/kaddressbook/HACKING
  4. if you want to commit your xxport plugin into the cvs.
  5. Programming a XXPort Plugins
  6. =============================
  7. Implementing a new xxport plugin is quite easy. But for better understanding
  8. you should know what happens during the import or export.
  9. At first the modules are loaded by kaddressbook (or better said by the
  10. xxportmanager class) and an instance of every modul is created.
  11. In the constructor of a module, the methods createImportAction() and/or
  12. createExportAction() should be called to register the import and/or
  13. export gui items in the GUI menu.
  14. Now if the user selects one of the items, the xxportmanager searchs the proper
  15. plugin.
  16. If the item was a export item, the manager do the following 2 steps:
  17. 1) check if the modul requires a sorted list of addresses
  18. 2) show a dialog where the user can select, which contacts shall be exported
  19. and, if requested, which order the contacts shall have
  20. Afterwards the exportContacts() method of the module is called with the
  21. list of all contacts, the user filtered via the dialog.
  22. If the item was an import item, the importContacts() method of the proper
  23. module is called directly.
  24. To implement your own module you just need to call the createXXportAction()s
  25. in the constructor and reimplement the importContacts() and/or exportContacts()
  26. method... thats all :)
  27. <will continue>