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TdeSudo 2.5.1
* Fixed build issue with gcc 4.3.0
Thanks to "big_gie" at archlinux for the patch
TdeSudo 2.5
* Fixed icon/name checking when starting an application by its full
* Fixed icon/name checking when using X-KDE-SubstituteUID
TdeSudo 2.4
* Deals correctly with antislashed quotes:
- Closes Launchpad #187053
* Fixed segfault due to double pclose() usage.
TdeSudo 2.3
* Fixed -u option working randomly, due to missing pclose
call when creating the Xauthority file.
TdeSudo 2.2
* A little issue with nonewdcop option has been fixed,
due to sudo removing some environment variables, causing
failure to use current dcopserver.
tdesudo 2.1
* Args parsing improved, to be compatible with gksu:
- Support now complicated command with parsed args
* Uses kprocess instead of shell process:
- tdesudo now supports processes detaching themselves
* Make -t a fake option for tdesu compatibility again:
- there is no point hiding StdOut...
* Code cleanup
tdesudo 2.0
* Args parsing mostly rewritten, fixes potential security issues.
* Connects to a PTY andc orrectly records the tty in /var/run/sudo
* "-s" option (aka -k for sudo) now works due to PTY connexion
* Option "-n" option isn't fake option for tdesu cmdline
compatibility anymore, and uses "nice" to set command priority.
* Added option "-r" for tdesu cmdline compatibility, uses
"nice" to force process priority to 50/100 (default)
* Added support for -t tdesu cmdline option, for terminal output
* Added support for -f tdesu cmdline option
* Added support for -n tdesu cmdline option, for non storing the password
* Added support for -r and -p tdesu cmdline option, for "nice" support
* TdeSudo closes correctly after 3 bad passwords given
* Fixes kcm modules support
tdesudo 1.4
* Removed debug code for -c option
tdesudo 1.3
* Change to using xauth to dynamically generate xauth-keys.
Frode M. Døving <>
* Fix vulnerability issue, as tdesudo didn't quote args
tdesudo 1.2
* Don't use the user's $HOME, potentially corrupts files
tdesudo 1.1
* Fixed code to work with a mdern version of sudo
tdesudo 1.0
* Initial public release