TorK – anonymity manager for TDE
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  1. Notes for anyone packaging TorK:
  2. - TorK installs a utility called torkify, which relies on and a config file
  3. tork-tsocks.conf. will get installed to the $(libdir)/tork directory, while tork-tsocks.conf will get installed to $(sysconfdir) (usually /etc). Before
  4. distributing your package you should ensure that the command 'torkify ssh' or similar
  5. works and does not return errors. You can also test this by launching an 'Anonymous SSH
  6. session' from TorK's 'Anonymize' tab. If you're having issues with it on your platform
  7. please contact me at
  8. - Ideally you should also check that torksocks (installed in $(bindir)) is referencing the
  9. correct location of for your installation. You should also check that
  10. torkify (installed in $(bindir)) is referencing the correct location of tork-tsocks.conf.
  11. - Do not use an external version of tsocks with TorK. The version packaged with TorK is
  12. specially patched for anonymous use (it ensures DNS queries from the tsocks-ified application
  13. do not bypass Tor).
  14. - You can use an external version of libgeoip if you like. By default, tork will compile the
  15. bundled GeoIP and link to it statically.