15 Commits (master)

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  Matías Fonzo 9cd1493c36
Added LibreSSL detection 3 weeks ago
  Chris 07369b58fe Replace Qt branding with TQt ones. 6 months ago
  OBATA Akio 8b1ffe85f3 Fix portability for expr(1) usage 1 year ago
  Michele Calgaro c80676841c
qt -> tqt conversion: 1 year ago
  Michele Calgaro 0c329722a5 Add support for OpenSSL 1.1 3 years ago
  Slávek Banko 68d8b7a537 Additional k => tde renaming and fixes 6 years ago
  Slávek Banko 49aac943cc Fix visibility of createProvider 6 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 0f4a1370bb Use tqmake 7 years ago
  Timothy Pearson a5dfd48109 Add lib64 to library search paths 7 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 5d65d09a86 Rename additional global TQt functions 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 370c162960 Remove spurious TQ_OBJECT instances 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 8067910c01 Fix FTBFS 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson 0c38b13efa Fix FTBFS 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson cf8e7852a9 Fix unconverted method 8 years ago
  Timothy Pearson dbc765a8f2 Initial import 8 years ago