The TQt Cryptographic Architecture
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TQt Cryptographic Architecture
Version: API v1.0, Plugin v1
Author: Justin Karneges <>
Date: September 10th 2003

This library provides an easy API for the following features:

Hashing (SHA1, MD5)
Ciphers (BlowFish, 3DES, AES)

Functionality is supplied via plugins. This is useful for avoiding
dependence on a particular crypto library and makes upgrading easier,
as there is no need to recompile your application when adding or
upgrading a crypto plugin. Also, by pushing crypto functionality into
plugins, your application is free of legal issues, such as export

And of course, you get a very simple crypto API for TQt, where you can
do things like:

TQString hash = QCA::SHA1::hashToString(blockOfData);

Have fun!