TQt3 toolkit
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  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Please note: the latest version of this and other FAQ lists are available at:
  3. http://www.trolltech.com/faq/
  4. What is Trolltech?
  5. Trolltech is an international software company with headquarters in Oslo,
  6. the capital of Norway, and with offices in Brisbane, Australia, and Santa
  7. Clara, California. Our flagship product is Qt, the multi-platform C++ GUI
  8. toolkit.
  9. Trolltech AS was founded in 1994, although the development of Qt
  10. itself began in 1992. Since then, TQt has undergone continual expansion
  11. and improvement. TQt is currently used in thousands of software
  12. development projects world-wide.
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  14. Is there a graphical designer/dialog builder for Qt?
  15. Yes, TQt Designer.
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  17. Are there mailing lists for Qt?
  18. There are three: qt-interest, qt-announce and snapshot-users. You can find
  19. descriptions, instructions for joining them, and an archive on
  20. http://lists.trolltech.com/
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  22. I think I have found a bug in Qt. Where can I report it?
  23. Please report to qt-bugs@trolltech.com. Remember to include the version
  24. number of Qt, and the make and version of your compiler and your operating
  25. system.
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  27. Is the Reference Documentation available in printed form?
  28. No. But experimental PDF versions are available.
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  30. Is the Reference Documentation available in PDF format?
  31. Experimentally, yes.
  32. We recommend using the HTML format documentation which is included in
  33. the TQt source archive and is updated with every release, minor or
  34. major. You can browse from your local disk, you don't need to access
  35. www.trolltech.com. Open the file qt/doc/html/index.html with your
  36. favorite web browser, or run TQt Assistant. The PDF files are available
  37. from ftp://ftp.trolltech.com/qt/pdf/3.0
  38. The PDF files are large, only updated with major version releases, and
  39. their typesetting is experimental. We hope to improve the PDF
  40. typesetting in future, if there is sufficient demand for this format.
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  42. What kinds of license exist for Qt?
  43. The TQt toolkit is available under two different licenses: The Professional
  44. and Enterprise Editions for commercial use on all platforms, and the Open Source
  45. Edition for developing open source or free software for the X11 platform.
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  47. What are the differences between the Professional/Enterprise Editions and
  48. Open Source Edition of Qt?
  49. You may write commercial/proprietary/non-free software only if you
  50. have purchased the Professional or Enterprise Edition. The library
  51. itself is the same. With the commercial editions, you also get
  52. technical support and upgrades. A non-commercial edition of TQt for
  53. Microsoft Windows is available. TQt for Mac OS X is only available as
  54. Professional and Enterprise Editions.
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  56. Can we use the Open Source Edition while developing our non-free application
  57. and then purchase commercial licenses when we start to sell it?
  58. No. The Open Source Edition license applies to the development phase
  59. - anything developed without Professional or Enterprise Edition
  60. licenses must be released as free/open source software.
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  62. When will version x.y be released? Will it include so-and-so feature?
  63. We avoid specifying which features will be available in particular
  64. versions or when versions will be released. This way we never make
  65. promises that are not kept.
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  67. Are there any books about TQt programming?
  68. Yes, several. They are listed on
  69. http://www.trolltech.com/developer/documentation/literature.html
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  71. Is there an evaluation version of TQt for Windows so I can try it out
  72. before purchasing?
  73. Yes, see details on
  74. http://www.trolltech.com/products/qt/evaluate.html
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  76. I don't want to give away my source code. What do I do?
  77. Then you need a Professional or Enterprise Edition license.
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  79. What tool do you use to create the Reference Documentation? Where can I
  80. get it?
  81. The documentation generator we use is an internal tool. You might like
  82. to investigate the Doxygen program, a free tool specifically designed
  83. to be used for projects that make use of the TQt toolkit. Doxygen
  84. offers functionality very similar to our internal tool, and can link
  85. to the TQt documentation. For more information about Doxygen, visit the
  86. Doxygen home page ( http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/ ). Note that
  87. Doxygen is an independent project not supported by Trolltech.
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  89. Can I charge for my application?
  90. If you have a Professional or Enterprise Edition license: Yes, of
  91. course. If you use the Open Source Edition your software must be freely
  92. redistributable and you must include the source. The Open Source Edition
  93. is intended for open source software. We realize that CD-ROMs cost money
  94. to produce, for example, so you may charge a copying fee.
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  96. Where can I find TQt Open Source Edition?
  97. The latest version of TQt Open Source Edition can be downloaded from
  98. http://www.trolltech.com or from ftp.trolltech.com, and a whole range of
  99. ftp mirror sites around the world. Look for a mirror near you on the list
  100. available under http://www.trolltech.com/dl/ We encourage all developers
  101. of free TQt software to upload their work to ftp.trolltech.com.
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  103. I want to port TQt to a new platform. What do I do?
  104. If the new platform is POSIX-like and runs the X Window System, it's
  105. simple. Read the file PORTING for details.
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  107. Can I make a TQt shared library and distribute it with my Linux
  108. distribution?
  109. Yes.
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  111. I found this obscure bug and I need it fixed, fast!
  112. Qt Professional and Enterprise Editions includes a technical support
  113. service. We try to support the developers using the TQt Open Source Edition
  114. as well, and we take all bug reports seriously, no matter who they come
  115. from. But, of course, when there's too much to do, and our customers
  116. have highest priority.
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  118. How would you compare TQt with Java?
  119. We believe TQt to be a superiour solution for most development tasks,
  120. not least for performance and portability reasons. Ref:
  121. Qt vs. Java whitepaper by Matthias Kalle Dalheimer:
  122. ftp://ftp.trolltech.com/qt/pdf/qt-vs-java-whitepaper.pdf
  123. A Java Critique by Peter Becker, including comparisons to Qt:
  124. http://www.peterbecker.de/texts/javacritique.html
  125. Why PGS selected TQt after trying Java:
  126. http://www.trolltech.com/products/success/pgs.html
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