YaKuake – Quake-style terminal emulator
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Changes in 2.8.1:
* Added an option to control whether the Yakuake window keeps above other
* Improved experience for non-KDE users by disabling KRootPixmap-based
pseudo-translucency for them. Gets rid of rendering errors with skins
that make use of the alpha channel. Replaced by configurable skin back-
ground color.
* Fix leftover gap below the window at 100% height or in fullscreen mode.
* Added option to automatically open the Yakuake window when the pointer
touches the screen edge it lives on.
Changes in 2.8:
- Changes since 2.8-beta1:
* Made the new behavior of the Open/Retract action focussing an already
open Yakuake window optional.
* The Xinerama screen setting is now updated when the window is moved to
a different screen using facilities outside of Yakuake itself, such as
the new shortcuts provided by Lubos Lunak's Xinerama Improvements patch-
set for KWin 3.5.x. The window size and position get updated to fit the
new bounding box accordingly.
* Initial session tab label naming is now consistent with Konsole. Instead
of naively incrementing the shell number, the lowest available number is
* Swapped horizontal and vertical split actions for consistency with Kate.
* Added slotSessionName() and slotSessionName(int session_id) DCOP Calls.
* Added sessionIdList() and terminalIdList(int session_id) DCOP calls.
* Naming consistency improvements in the DCOP interface.
* Added more What's This help in the config dialog.
* Minor interface wording improvements.
* Greatly expanded translation coverage.
- Changes in 2.8-beta1:
* Added a proper config dialog. Scale and position settings are previewed in
real-time as the controls are moved.
* Added a Skins page to the config dialog, allowing to list, choose, install and
remove (given the necessary write permissions) skins. The skin format has been
slightly augmented to allow skins to ship a preview icon for the list. Skins can
be switched at runtime without a restart.
* The Plastik skin by Daniel 'suslik' D. has been added to the base package.
* Added support for splitting a session into multiple terminals. Horizontal and
vertical splits can be added and removed at will, as well as resized and
collapsed. To add a split at the active terminal's position, use the keyboard
shortcuts or the session tab context menu. To open a session preconfigred with
a certain split layout click and hold the New Session button on the tab bar,
then choose from the list, or set up keyboard shortcuts for the preconfigured
session types in the shortcut dialog.
* The main menu has been redesigned to conform more to established KDE practices
in layout and naming. Several items have been added corresponding to new Yakuake
* Added a fullscreen mode.
* Improved support for Xinerama multi-head setups.
* Added a first-run dialog to allow changing the open/close shortcut before it
is needed. Note: First-time users of this Yakuake version will be greeted by
this dialog as well.
* Added an About dialog.
* The startup notification popup can now be disabled in the config dialog.
* Activating the open/close shortcut will now bring the Yakuake window to the
foreground and focus it if it was already open but unfocussed, at popular
* Opening dialogs from Yakuake will no longer cause the window to retract.
* Tabs can now be moved. Added corresponding keyboard shortcuts.
* Tabs now have context menus containing several relevant actions, such as
moving and closing them.
* Double-clicking the tab-bar will now open a new session, consistent with
Konsole and other KDE applications.
* Renaming a tab using the in-line edit feature now requires a double-click on
the tab, consistent with established KDE behavior.
* The in-line tab renaming control can now be cancelled with ESC.
* Fixed the interaction model of the tab bar and the buttons to allow cancelling
activations by releasing the mouse button outside of them.
* Added various new keyboard shortcuts corresponding to new Yakuake features and
improved consistency with Konsole in existing shortcuts (e.g. added the
alternate new session shortcut from Konsole).
* Added keyboard shortcuts to switch to session 1 through 12.
* Added keyboard shortcuts to adjust the width and height of the window.
* Added an action and shortcut to paste the X11 selection buffer.
* Added an action to quit Yakuake.
* Made the quit warning with multiple open sessions behave consistently with
* Greatly expanded DCOP interface. Added various new calls corresponding to new
Yakuake features. Made it easier to get information about the application's
state out of it, e.g. the title text of a session or sub-terminal. Fixed bugs
that caused related calls to reply with incorrect information.
* Added What's This help and tooltips to interface elements.
* Optimized the title bar to avoid unnecessary repaints.
* Fixed crashes when using the slotRunCommandInSession DCOP call due to lack of
bounds-checking. Fixed a similar problem with slotRenameSession.
* Bugs that caused the background updating of translucent parts of the Yakuake
window to stop have been fixed.
* Adding a translucent session while the window is closed should no longer
result in a corrupted terminal background when opening the Yakuake window.
* Yakuake will now fall back to the default skin on startup if the skin stored
in the settings cannot be found, rather than crash.
* Fixed a crash when loading non-translucent button images from skins.
* Bugs that caused the quick access options in the menu to come out of sync with
the actual settings have been fixed.
* Fixed " - " postfix showing after the session title text when using skins
without their own postfix.
* Fixed a crash when a terminal in a tab other than the currently selected tab
* Ported preferences handling to KDE's TDEConfigXT framework. Aside from cleaner
code, this improves over the old preferences handling by avoiding unnecessary
disk activity (and thus spurious hard drive spin-ups on laptop computers and
other battery-bound devices).
* Disabled startup notifications (i.e. KDE's bouncing cursor) for Yakuake.
* Updated the installation colation of the .desktop menu file to conform to
modern XDG standards.
Changes in 2.7.5:
* Further translations have been added.
* Yakuake no longer spawns login shells in new sessions.
* A keyboard shortcut to rename the selected session has been added.
* The default keyboard shortcuts and their names are now consistent with
* A bug that led to the tab bar not updating after a slotSelectSession DCOP
call was issued has been fixed.
* A bug that could lead to the slotRenameSession DCOP call failing to set a
session label after an older session had been closed has been fixed.
* Upon attempting to set an all-whitespace session label, the label will now
fall back to its prior setting rather than a default label.
* Yakuake will now display a warning before quitting the application with
multiple tabs open.
Changes in 2.7.4:
* A bug in the Makefiles that led to the configure script being run twice has
been fixed.
* The source code is now localizable. First translations are included.
* A bug that could result in a crash on quit has been fixed.
* A bug that could prevent the first line in a new session from being used up to
the full width of the terminal has been fixed.
* The COLORTERM environment variable is now being set in new sessions,
triggering the color detection of Midnight Commander.
* The default session labels are now consistent with Konsole.
* Whitespace at the beginning or end of session labels will now be trimmed.
* Setting all-whitespace session labels is no longer possible.
Changes in 2.7.3:
* Inline renaming of tabs by double-clicking on the tab label
* Processes can now interact with titlebar text
* DCOP call slotToggleState to open/close Yakuake
* DCOP call slotGetSelectedSession
* DCOP call slotSetTitleText