A small but handy stopwatch application.
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#include <tqdatetime.h>
#include <tqwidget.h>
class KTimeWidget;
class TQPushButton;
class TQListBox;
class TQListBoxItem;
class TQTimer;
class TDEStopWatch : public TQWidget {
public slots:
void slotStartStop();
void slotReset();
void slotSetTime(const TQTime& t);
void slotSetFromStep(TQListBoxItem* item);
void slotStep();
private slots:
void slotTimeout();
KTimeWidget* time;
TQPushButton* start;
TQPushButton* pause;
TQPushButton* reset;
TQPushButton* step;
TQListBox* stepl;
TQTimer* pulse;
TQTime timer;
#endif // __TDESTOPWATCH_H