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Konversation scripts

In this repository I will publish few of my scripts I am using in konversation.

Basic info

All scripts belong to ~/.trinity/share/apps/konversation/scripts/ and should be executable. Whole magic lies in using dcop at the end of the script with correct flags which are provided by Konversation as input parameters.

How to use scripts

Scripts can be used as /exec scriptname, there is way to assign an alias to the script or script can be called via "Quick buttons". The third option have a little nuance that you need to use /exec scriptname**%n** as button action. The %n is important to tell Konversation to press enter key after a command.


All scripts within this repository are licenced as WTFPL. It would be public domain, but in my country and I believe that it does apply for whole EU, public domain licencing is illegal.

Hope this will help someone with extending functionality of this amazing IRC client.